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Try Lebanese Butcher Shop in N VA.

Cheesesteaks in DC? Any suggestions?

The best Cheesesteak in the Area is Al's in Del Rey. It is the real deal.

Need Sushi Rec for Tonight (NOVA)

The last time I went to Tachibana it was unfortunataely one of the worst sushi meals I have ever had, was a huge shock. If you want great sushi go to the imporved Sushi Taro. For creative rolls there are a lot of choices, but for VA Momo and Yamazato are fine, you could alos go to Blue Ocean or Yama.

A 'real' salad place?

Chop't has opened at 7th and H NW. Try that. Quality ingredients and consistant.

Weekend in DC

Also try Montmarte in Eastern Market.

Enchilada House in Frederick MD

This place has the best Mexican food I have had in a long long time. Being originally from S. California, I havent been able to find anything even close to authentic high quality Mexican until this place opened. I now try to get there once a week, and it just keeps getting better. Everything is made from scratch in house, and I think the owner said they were getting a homemade tortilla machine. Great tacos, great salsas, and a overall great find and addition to the region.

Question Two: Sushi

Best sushi in DC is from Murasaki. I have read some of the reviews and nothing stands out. However from Uni to toro to Ama ebi to yellowtail...absolutely everything including the best soft shell crab I have ever had anywhere.

This includes all the local locals

Sushi Taro

Murasaki is the best I have had, the best rolls and the best fish that I have had anywhere close, including Sushi Sono in Columbia. Try it yourself, if it is anything close to what I have had I am sure you wont be disappointed. Better than my last $200 pp meal at Nobu in NYC for a 1/4 of the price.