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What's chow-worthy in Clayton, NC?

I would recommend SKYLINES CAFE located in Southern Village S/C on Rt.70 in Clayton.
Open for both lunch and dinner. Seasonal menu, great food , pleasant atmosphere. Nice people.
Michael Ord

May 17, 2013
Chard3 in Southeast

Raleigh/Cary area

Noticed that you live in Clayton. This reply is way too late to solve your problem, but I just moved here recently and wanted you to know that I was delighted to find a great little restaurant right in Clayton and have made it one of my regular destinations. It's called Skylines Cafe and it is located on Rt. 70 in the Southern Village S/C. Not even opened for a year yet and it just keeps getting better and better. Thought that you might like to try it if you haven't already. Enjoy!

Jan 08, 2008
Chard3 in General South Archive