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Looking for a good corned beef on rye sandwich ?

anyone know where i can find a good old fashioned corned beef on rye sandwich (with pickle) in Manalapan?

Blue Geek

Jan 10, 2008
blue geek in New Jersey

IS there any Good Sushi?

stay away from mahzu. the place was awful. they were mopping the floor to get out of there early (8pm) and didn't care if the floor was slippery. We ordered sushi and hibachi. Even thought the place was half empty, the sushi came out 1 minute before the hibachi, and they wouldn't wait for us to finish our appetizers before starting the cooking. The worst part was when they started shoveling the fresh hibachi dish on top of my already eaten edamame pieces. They wouldn't even bring out a fresh dish! WE'll never go back there. Management didn't care.

Jan 08, 2008
blue geek in New Jersey