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Dominion Smokehouse - Name changeover for the Cherry st diner

Yes, the Cherry St Restaurant (not diner as I posted originally) at Cherry and Commissioner's (kitty corner to the T&T)

Cherry St. Restaurant
275 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 3L3, CA

Dominion Smokehouse - Name changeover for the Cherry st diner

I was at the Cherry st diner (Commissioners and Cherry) having a burger and was chatting with one of the managers there.

Apparently they will be known as the "Dominion Smokehouse" in a week or two, and they will have an entire menu of cold smoked meats (they already smoke their own salmon, which is absolutely delicious, ribs and pork).

Judging from what they serve now, I have pretty high hopes for their new menu.

There was no definitive date for the name and menu changeover, but will happen for sure before July 23rd from what I gather.

Hopefully they'll keep their $6/pint beer selections (Smash Bomb Atomic IPA is served amongst other things)

Swatow and the Bright Pearl- what's all the fuss about?

Swatow is great for wonton and other noodles. Their 'pan fried beef rice noodles' dish is one of the better ones I've tasted.... the rest of the stuff is average.

Deep fried egg rolls at Bright Pearl? If you're eating North Americanized Chinese food then I can't imagine you've had anything better in China...

Dim Sum restaurants are hit and miss depending on when you go... they tend to be better when there is less of a crowd in the place as the crowd leads to more volume being pumped out of the kitchen which leads to under or over cooked dishes (especially those that need to be steamed)

Best Beijing Duck in Beijing

I would definitely have to say Dadong... the Beijing Duck is just absolutely sublime (And I've had a lot of Beijing Duck!). I've only been to their new location, but I'd imagine they use the same recipe at both places. The rest of their menu is good as well!