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Cream-filled Doughnut Cake in MSP?

Sorry, I've been busy! The doughnut cakes they make at the Donut Hole (a few locations in ND and possibly MT) are about 14" in diameter (with a hole in the middle), a cross between a raised and cake doughnut (according to the dude I spoke with yesterday), cut in half, filled with bavarian cream, and frosted with chocolate. So, it's like a giant bavarian cream doughnut with a 6" diameter hole in the middle. Mmmmmmm.

Jan 04, 2011
Nicola in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Cream-filled Doughnut Cake in MSP?

Does anyone know where I can find a Bavarian cream-type filled doughnut cake in the area? I don't want a cake made up of a bunch of stacked regular-sized doughnuts, nor do I want "just" a large raised doughnut...I want cream in the middle. Preferably western suburbs, but may be willing to drive. Thanks very much! I

Jan 02, 2011
Nicola in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Edina / Minnetonka/ south Minneapolis dinner...good food and atmosphere???

After considering everyone's suggestions, we decided on Heidi's. We were thrilled with every aspect of the dining experience! Katie was a fabulous server, the manager (?, I think that's who he was) was friendly and very helpful, and the food was spectacular. I chose the trout, and the sauce was quite tasted a bit like sugar cookie frosting, which sounds odd but was delicious. My husband's red-wine poached filet was excellent also...he got the sauce on the side and didn't use it because the filet was perfect without it. I would expect to pay much for for entrees of this caliber (all entrees on the menu are <$20!!)
Could not have asked for a better night out--thanks for the recommendations!

2903 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Feb 01, 2010
Nicola in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Edina / Minnetonka/ south Minneapolis dinner...good food and atmosphere???

New to the area and looking for a busy place with good food, with entrees <$30. Tried Crave in the Galleria, and liked the atmosphere but thought my seabass was way to greasy...ick. Don't get to go out often, so when we do, we like to see people, and dress up a bit. Most types of food are fine, just not sushi. Any ideas appreciated!!

Jan 28, 2010
Nicola in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Newport, Irvine Area Steak/Chicken/Seafood Recs Under $30 entree

Looking for a place in Newport Beach, Tustin, Irvine, Laguna Beach area for a seafood/chicken (for me) and steak (for husband) restaurant that can't be missed. Preferably under $30 per entree, although for a good steak can go a bit above. We've been to the Bungalow, Oysters, Landmark...that's all I can think of now. Also wouldn't mind a good crabcake...
Birthday is this weekend so any help I can get before then is greatly appreciated!

Jan 07, 2008
Nicola in Los Angeles Area