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Cassoulet Recipe

Ariane has a nice recipe on her web site but it is Gascony based not Toulouse.

Jul 22, 2008
Docsknotinn in Home Cooking

Bouchon Warning -- horrible latte!

I have to agree at least in this case. I expect fresh coffee not instant. I know some might argue the pods not being instant but really it's an issue of fast food Vs real food from my perspective.
Converting a machine to pods in an establishment like this no matter how much it costs was not a wise move. If they wanted to upgrade then they should be using illy whole beans but then they would actually have to pay some one that knows how to make coffee.
I expect this is a lot more about profit than consistency or quality.

places around luna pier michigan

That's a pretty desolate area. You could always head up to Monroe for some muskrat!

Traverse City, MI - good eats?

I had recently had a Cherry pie from The Grand Traverse pie co. They are just frozen pies. The entire inside was raw flour while the top crust was perfectly cooked. Completly inedible and they obviously did not bother to thaw the pie before baking. I sent them an email and they didn't even respond.
While it is north of TC Friske's has excellent pie.

Jul 22, 2008
Docsknotinn in Great Lakes

ISO Good Food in Traverse City,MI area

Here is a link for some of those wineries.

Professional Reviews of Ranges

It's silly to come to the conclusion that it won't do a "normal" simmer temp

BS doesn't recommend the 22k burner for simmering. If they did the simmer burner really would be wasted space. Why pay 4k+ for a range with one or more burners at 9-10k (depending on model) when you can get that on a standard consumer range for 1/2 the price?
IIR BS defines simmer as maintaining a temp under 200 degrees on a standard size pot. Naturally it will simmer a 22 quart stock pot. The same is true of the even higher BTU commercial burners. That's probably not what the average home owner buying has in mind when they ask about simmer. Obviously BS recognizes that and that's why they disclose that on their web site.
You make a solid point about the BS oven. If you want the capacity for a full size sheet pan even the 30" BS range oven has that capacity as does Five Star. Viking does not. However the Viking and Five Star offer self cleaning which BS does not. It's all personal choice. Many of the commercial brands in AG models are mechanicly simple, no mother boards etc. The BS broiler is also very nice. 1850 degree Vs Vikings 1500 and 1800 for Five Star.
Five star, Viking and others feature full range burners not High out put and dedicated simmer burners. Five Star utilizes burners that run from 350 BTU to 21,000 BTU on every burner!
There is no one perfect brand. Choosing one is simply a matter of choosing which will fit your needs better.
The star burner Vs circle burner debate has existed a lot longer than CH has and will probably continue for many years in the future.

Jul 22, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

Surf, Wine, and Money

Excellent write up. I completly agree the Lahaina Grill is not to be missed. The Maui onion seared Ahi was the highlight of our trip. The owner (Jurge munch) is a really pleasant guy. We were there after some major storms (no power for threee days and the police had the roads closed) so I was unable to make a reservation. They have a call box out side the restaurant so I gave it a shot and after speaking to Jurge was lucky enough to score a table for the evening. He came and spoke to us at our table that evening as well. I find it very hard to describe the vibe but you did a great job of it. It really is like heaven or at least what I hope heaven will be like.

Jul 22, 2008
Docsknotinn in Features

Bouchon Warning -- horrible latte!

Nothing ruins my morning faster than paying top dollar for instant coffee. When I walk in an establishment like this I expect a skilled barista making real coffee not pseudo service ala Mcdonalds.

How clean is your stove hood ?

Even commercial hoods wind up with grease on the front exterior of the hood. That's perfectly normal. Most do not draw air around the bulbs however the heat from the bulb draws the grease and oil particles. Some bulbs can be removed from the hood and the neck of the bulb will be pretty nasty. A weekly clean with grease remover goes a long ways.

Jul 22, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

Chowhounds Don't Bribe!

Tips are given for a job well done.
Bribes are incentive for unethical behavior. I'm not sure paying for a table would always be a bribe but in some cases it could be. I surely do not see it as tipping.
BTW No state Taxes in Florida, lots of good chow and I never had difficulty with a reservation at TMOTC.
To me this smacks more of elitism or the I'm special" mentality than "pay to play".
It sure seems a lot easier and more cost effective to make a reservation.

Jul 22, 2008
Docsknotinn in Not About Food

What do you think fried chicken is?

I agree. For me the key is soaking in buttermilk then dredging in flour. Kinda sad that people would consider chicken tenders real fried chicken.

Jul 21, 2008
Docsknotinn in General Topics

Warpproof Pans

Many companies that produce half sheep pans market them as jelly roll pans including Chigcago metallic.

Jul 21, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

New Member

Welcome and congrats on the new tools! I have not used a Spyderco but I see no reason why that wouldn't work. I assume it's one of the systems that holds different files at the correct angle. You may want to get a steel in the future. Playing with your knives and sharpening them is half the fun. :)

Jul 21, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

Chowhounds Don't Bribe!

I guess I don't see the relevance to the point the OP is making. This sort of thing stands in contrast to the CH manifesto. Not because of the tipping or a service received for it but because this is what a foodie would do. (spits up hairball...gak!)
You don't exactly have to "blaze a trail" or "comb through neighborhoods" to find a place so popular you need to tip for a table.

Jul 21, 2008
Docsknotinn in Not About Food

SE Michigan summer fruit markets

The vendor at the market was not from Williams so no they were not involved with making some of the products they are selling. They also had Amish roll butter which is a nice product but IMO it has no place at this market. They are just buying other peoples products then re-selling them as far as I know but I did not speak to them. It is wise to question the origin of the produce as well. At markets, I question every thing. ;)
Williams cheese in Pinconning is a popular Michigan product. If you ever drive up to Birch Run to shop the outlet mall (the Chef's outlet is great for calphalon deals) or go to Frankenmuth then it's well worth the drive to go a little further north to Pinconning and pick up some cheese.
The Give Thanks Bakery is a little hard to find because it does not face Main street but rather an alley behind Main street. When you are at the market head uphill towards main. Cross main. If you are walking turn left at the alley. If driving cross main, turn left at the first stop sign and park at the first lot on the left.
On the subject of tunneling tomatos my wife was reading an article yesterday and it mentioned a farm in MI that begins tunneling tomatos in February!

Professional Reviews of Ranges

In some lines they will rate multiple models of a brand.
They do list multiple sub-model numbers under some headings. For example under the 36" gas & dual fuel if you look at Viking they have three model numbers. All three are for the same model with or with out a grill/griddle. CR is simply telling you the variations available of the model they tested.
Every Viking range tested was a VGSC (self cleaning) with sealed burners. The results could be dramaticly different for a VGIC or VGRC model with open burners in the same category.
It's an interesting read but not of much real value unless you are shopping one of the exact models tested.
Consider the swings in Bosch who is the top rated choice in a 30" DF range while it is nearly at the bottom of the 36" AG cooktops. If you are looking at a Bosch 30" AG range then theese results would be of little use as CR did not test a 30" AG Bosch range and there is no consistency between the other results for Bosch.
The best part was the laugh I got from CR telling me to trim the char off my steak. Oddly enough I now have a craving for a nice steak.....Pittsburg rare!

Jul 20, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

Professional Reviews of Ranges

And no, Viking didn't rate particularly well.
That's subject to interpretation. CR did not rate the products in a lump by brand. They grouped them by class. 30" gas, 30" dual-fuel etc. Nothing over 36" was rated.
In 30" DF ranges Bosch received the highest rating of 71. Wolf received a 67.
In 30" AG The highest rating was a 64 with Viking receiving a 62.
For 36" AG & DF (they put theese two groups together for some reason) Thermador was the winner with a score of 68. Viking received a 56.
Kitchen Aid bombed.
In 36' AG cooktops Viking was the winner with an over all rating of 84 while Bosch bombed. In most cases the spread from brand to brand is really pretty minimal. This seems to suggest that you can not judge any brand over all but must judge each individual model. Something that CR does not do.
Here is the exact statement from CR regarding brand repair history;
"We lacked enough data to include Viking gas ranges or any dual-fuel brands".

Jul 20, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

Most recommended kitchen appliances for kitchen remodel

Consumer reports recent (8-2008) top three wall ovens are Thermador, Viking and Bosch. In that order. I'm not a great fan of wall ovens but have always liked gaggenau. CR did not test or rate many of the higher end brands so this top three could be very subject to interpretation.

Jul 20, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

SE Michigan summer fruit markets

I never buy bread there. The Give thanks bakery is less than two blocks away and has incredible artisinal bread. I also noticed there is a vendor re-selling Williams cheese and other items that I thought was rather odd.
I was always under the impression in the past that wasn't allowed but the market seems to have changed it's rules.

SE Michigan summer fruit markets

The vendor I bought the tomatos from said they were grown by tunneling as well. I buy often from the other fendor to the West. The Romeo peach fest is over the holiday at the end of August. I would think it's still a little early still. I agree I have my doubts about the big guy. It seems like they are "supplimenting" to some degree. Their prices are high as well.
The organic stand by the bakery was mobbed when I was there so I skipped it. I'll check them out next time.
I know the people you are talking about that come later in the season that occupy the empty spot. Good stuff there.

best apple orchards in or near Rochester, MI?

Wow this is an old thread but I hope I can still will help you find some good cider in the future. I have always liked the cider at Westview Orchards. They are on old VanDyke just South of Romeo. A little further South is Verellen Orchards. Right next to the Ford dealer on the East side of VD.
If you take the VD (M-53) highway north of Romeo to 37 mile and turn left (West) A few miles down the road is Hy's cider mill. You will reach a curve with a dirt road that goes straight and the pavement curves right. Take the dirt road. That's about 1 mile from the HWY.
If you drive further up Van Dyke you will run into Blakes or what's left of it.
From Downtown Romeo if you go West at the main intersection (32 mile & old VD) you can find Millers Big Red. Stay on 32 until you pass Mound road (5 miles?). You will makes some curves by a small lake and then Millers will be on your left. This is a very popular spot and one of the better farms remaining for a true farm feel while still having enough there to make the trip. They have haunted hay rides in the fall as well.
If you want to drive to Armada for a nice ride there are a few Orchards there as well. Blakes Big Apple is on North Ave just South of town and they have another VERY busy farm on Armada Center road. If you are looking for one off the beaten path then coon Creek Farms on Coon Creek road may fit the bill.
Achatz pie is on North Ave just a few blocks north of the main interstion in Armada. They have awesome pie but they are not open Saturdays.

The Golden Buddha--great Thai in Romeo, Michigan

IG thanks for the tip. I will have to try that.

SE Michigan summer fruit markets

Are you talking about the vendor on the end near the hot dog truck? Or the largest vendor with the physically rotund guy That was kind of in the middle? That's where I got the berries. They are from up near Capac. I bought maters there as well but very $$$ although I had to have them yesterday. They claim to start their tomatos a month earlier than many others using a visqueen (sp?) tenting system. Yesterday they had smaller beef Steaks and early girls. The tomatos were indeed beef steaks and not hot house tomatos although it did catch my eye that they were working out of older commercial boxes.
The bundt cake was wicked good. I wonder if they are going into the purple building on the corner of Main that used to be Bellisima (?). It's all gutted right now down to the walls and windows. I wish them well. It sounds like a great concept but things come and go so fast in rochester.
The market did seem slower yesterday but I was pleased with the quality of what was there.
Is Sharkar farms the one tucked in the SE corner?

help me register for the best food processor

No idea which is best. I suspect that depends on what you personally like. I've had a cuisinart for around 12 years. I've taken it to work many times so it's seem some serious use. It's been dropped and abused but like a timex it just keeps on ticking.

Jul 19, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

SE Michigan summer fruit markets

Did any one happen to make it back to the market this week to find out where Otto's will be in the future?
The Rochester market was full of goodies today. Fresh berries and I even copped a home made sour cream pound cake. :)

Morel Mushrooms

With fresh morels I always split them length wise as bugs get inside. I brine them in salt water to kill any small critters I can not see. Drain, dry, sautee in butter. Yum :)

Jul 19, 2008
Docsknotinn in Home Cooking

Trip Report - French Laundry, Redd, Cyrus, Ubuntu, Peony (long)

Wow what a great report. You must have had a fantastic vacation. :)

What ingredients make your heart go pitter pat?

Venison hanging in my garage that smells of pepper as it ages.
Fresh picked morels especially those I find on a dark rainy day.
Fish so fresh it still smells of the sea.
Anything I don't have to make on my day off! :)
Fresh picked lettuce or maters from my garden.
Sausage from Salumi.
Smoked bacon
Smoked Salmon
Chocolate chip cookies
Pulled pig

Jul 19, 2008
Docsknotinn in General Topics

Appliance Reviews: Does anyone like anything?

That's an interesting conclusion. My take is that many on the internet seem bent on convincing the world that the brand they bought is THE best and only brand to buy.
The biggest issue I see with a lot of help from the internet is that we all have different ideas about what's ideal. Some don't care for the commercial style ranges because they don't feel they are more reliable than a standard range while other focus only on BTU. The next person wants one with a fit finish and name that will fit in an up scale home. I don't ultimatly see any right or wrong choices only personal choices that fit your budget, needs and wants.
The only appliance I would absolutley avoid is GE dish machines. The new models have pumps that are not attached to the machine but rather hang underneath and they cavitate to beat the band. Pretty much the polar opposite of Bosch on sound level and the one I had was over $1,000 with the super quiet sound package. I had a Bosch for five years and I liked it but I did need repairs. The top of the Bosch is hard plastic so if your machine is near a work area in your kitchen consider that. Any citric acid that gets on it will discolor the control panal that sticks out to the counter top lip or pretty close. I have an Asko dish machine now and I love it. Just as quiet as the Bosch plus it has a fan for drying.
I have a kitchen aid mixer that is around 15 years old I love. I love the Viking hood sysytem. I like all of my other appliances and I don't recal one I ever had I hated except the GE dish machine that went back. I've had a Viking range for seven years that I like very much. I have had repairs and have not found them to be any more expensive than any other brand. The beauty of it is simplicity. Most repairs I can do myself and they are easy which I really like.
In the end beauty is in the eye of the one writing the check. I hope you find a kitchen that works well for you.

Jul 19, 2008
Docsknotinn in Cookware

Where to eat near CoPa in Detroit?

Slows BBQ or I'll second Pizza Papalis in Greektown. The Old Shillelagh pub is in Greektown as well.