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kid friendly restaurant in Banff

I agree with the others here that pretty much every restaurant is kid-friendly. We have a two year old and have been very warmly welcomed everywhere we have gone.

Both the Elk & Oarsman (pub) and the Juniper Bistro (mid range, with beautiful views of the valley) have kids menus as well as crayons and colouring pages. Suginoya Japanese Restaurant was also great. I don't know if they have crayons (I actually brought my own that time!), but they had lots of colourful plastic cups and plates for my daughter to share our adult meals.

May 14, 2013
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Seeking Sausage YYC

Thanks! I'll have to try the ketchup and curry powder "recipe" too.

Nov 09, 2012
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Seeking Sausage YYC

josey124 - What brand of curry ketchup is the most common? Edelweiss often carries a couple brands and I find the flavours range quite a bit. "Gloria's Goudie" is the closest to what I remember currywurst tasting like, but it has been over 15 years since I was in Germany, so my memory is a bit shaky!

Nov 02, 2012
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Croatian food/grocer

Cu placere! They have been in the city for several years and have even expanded the store, so I hope their business is going strong. I like to stock up on their cheese buns and frozen mititei meat from time to time. I'm sure you will have some favourites to check out too.

Feb 27, 2012
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Croatian food/grocer

I like Maria's Market in the NE. It is Romanian, which is relatively close to Croatia geographically, although I'm not sure how close the food would be. In any case, their website has a very thorough list of products (all in Romanian, but with pictures) so you could take a look before making a trip.

Feb 17, 2012
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Where to buy good Kielbasa in Calgary?

A new Polish deli just opened and I have been really impressed with their kielbasa selection. Cracovia Deli -

We barbequed their farmers sausage last night and it was fantastic. Their "guralska" sausage is another new favourite. It already has a strong smokey flavour and is quite lean, so probably not the best for grilling. In any case, they have about 6-8 different types and seemed happy to hand out samples, so I'm sure you will find something that suits you.

Have fun camping and eating!!

Jul 21, 2010
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Wedding reception for 12-22 people in Calgary, Canmore, or Banff

They are more inns than restaurants, but in Canmore, the Bear & Bison Lodge - - and the Georgetown Inn - - would fit the bill.

I've been in both and they are boutique style places with a dining room space that fits your group size perfectly and both cater to small weddings.The Bear & Bison is especially beautiful, with large windows, high ceilings and a private balcony. You might end up having to book some accommodation with these places though.

It has been about 2 years since I ate at the Georgetown, so I don't remember much except being surprised by how much I liked it. I haven't eaten at the Bear & Bison, but the owner is also the chef, so hopefully that means some extra care and attention to the food!

May 27, 2010
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Sushi Pizza in Calgary?

Sadly, Sushi Man closed last July.

Dec 18, 2009
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

vietwest now in Calgary North Centre

Thanks clibbob! That might have been me you heard gushing at the restaurant! I went and tried it last week and was thrilled to find out it is the same owners. They have vastly improved on the menu selection and decor, while still keeping the same quick, friendly service and still having, in my opinion, the best vietnamese food in the city.

Had the #7 appetizer platter you mentioned above, with a BBQ pork bun bowl. Their BBQ pork is so thick and always cooked perfectly! My husband had a vermicelli bowl as well, with sate beef, shrimp and spring rolls. Finished our meal by sharing the deep fried banana and ice cream. The whole meal for 2 was only $30 + tip. I know this place will become a regular stop for me once again.

Thanks so much for your post that made me find them again!

Aug 07, 2009
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Fernie, Cranbrook and Sparwood

Fernie has some real gems for food! My favourites there are the Yamagoya Japanese Restaurant and the Curry Bowl. Both are easy to find, right along the main highway through town. They are both in small buildings that were houses in a previous lifetime, so you forget that you are so close to a road.

Yamagoya has sushi that compares to the best you would find in Calgary - very creative and fresh. There are a few other items on the menu - tempura, udon, etc., but sushi seems to be the main attraction here.

The Curry Bowl does a variety of Indian, Thai and Indonesian style curries. Their curry (obviously) lentil dip is amazing and their chicken apricot curry had me wanting to lick the bowl!

Jul 24, 2009
jenn_g in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

vietwest now in Calgary North Centre

There used to be a great family-run vietnamese restaurant called Viet-West on the corner of 12 Avenue and 2 Street SW. It was our office favourite until the building management forced them to close due to area redevelopment over a year ago. I know you mentioned 2 Ave, but is there any chance this might be the same place? I'd be overjoyed to find out they moved near my home!

Jul 15, 2009
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Polish delis in Calgary?

From what I have noticed, prices are pretty much the same. I've sometimes noticed a difference of 25 cents or less on the same item. I haven't noticed prices changing any more here (in fact probably a bit less) than they have at my usual grocery store though. That said, Jans doesn't always have their prices marked very clearly, so sometimes I just don't pay attention to the price.

Jan 07, 2009
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Polish delis in Calgary?

My husband is from Poland, so every couple of weeks we find ourselves at a deli to stock up. Both Jan's Meats and Polcan are excellent. Jan's is our more common stop because of its location and I would give it a slight edge over Polcan for the quality of their sausages and deli meats. I also love their sweet cheese buns and we regularly order sides of pork from them. It is truly incredible how much they fit in such a small space.

Polcan offers a larger selection of packaged items - sauce & seasoning packages, candies, cake mixes, etc. Both stores have a large selection of all of our favourites - herring, barsz, Wedel chocolate, horseradish, pretzel sticks, zurek soup mix, and the list goes on....

Heritage Deli is probably the best place to go for lunch. (Jans doesn't serve lunch items and Polcan's offerings get picked over fairly early.) My mother-in-law keeps us well stocked with bigos and other treats, so we usually don't stop to eat. I find the selection of grocery items at Heritage Deli to be a bit sparse and not always Polish. (They also have a lot of German items.)

I also recently discovered Maria Market in the NE (#42, 2770-32 Avenue NE). It is largely a Romanian deli, although they carry a variety of central/eastern european food products. There is a small amount of crossover between Romanian and Polish cuisines - such as their vanilla slice (cremschnitt) and their traditional baked bread. Both amazing, with the vanilla slice being even better than what I had on a recent trip to Poland.

Jan 05, 2009
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Looking for good Brunch buffet

I'm a big fan of the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis for a special brunch. They have the option of a breakfast buffet or a full brunch buffet. I always go for the latter, as the selection is much broader - lots of salads, cheese, candied trout, smoked fish, the usual breakfast items, waffles with warm berry sauce, omeletes made to order, a carving station, a variety of mains and plenty of dessert options too. Cost is around $30 for full menu. Not sure on the breakfast only portion.

The restaurant has lots of windows and is surrounded by forest, so the view is beautiful, - especially in the winter. There are some paved trails behind the property which offer some spectacular views of the valley. Perfect for a little exercise after feasting!

Dec 04, 2008
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Calgary grocery/butcher complaint/help

I'd suggest taking a look at Jan's Meats - a small Polish deli/butcher/import store on 5th Ave and Crowchild Trail NW. I order pork by the side from them and it always comes with a couple packages of trotters. They have beef as well, but I am not sure if they have veal.

Their prices are low for the quality their products are sourced locally. I'm not sure on the exact source - I asked Jan about it one time, but made the mistake of mentioning Cargill (as in," your meat doesn't come from there, I hope"). He was so insulted at the mere mention that I didn't ask any further...

Dec 03, 2008
jenn_g in Prairie Provinces

Chinese North of Downtown Calgary

Little City on Centre, just south of 20th Ave is a tasty, reliable option. It isn't fancy or exceptional, but it always satisfied me on those I can't-bear-the-thought-of-cooking nights. Their wor won ton was a favourite - a large feeds two. They have had a"pick-up noodle" special on for about the past 5 years, but I find that dish to be a bit greasy. They only do take out.

Pre-hockey game on the Red Mile, Calgary

I was at the Hose & Hound just before Christmas and I agree that the wings are meaty and fantastic. The waitress raved about the "greek" sauce, which isn't on the menu, so I gave it a try. The sauce turned out to be just ceasar salad dressing. The wings were still good, but I enjoyed them much more before I figured out the "secret" ingredient.