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PISTOLA Italian Steakhouse

You know it pains me to write this because I actually like Gusto quite a bit and I've known co-owner Seth from his IDG days but both of my Pistola experiences were subpar at best. The food was overcooked and overseasoned and the desserts were horrible. I don't think I'll give it another chance. I was hoping for so much more.

How's Mo-Chica now that Chef Ricardo Zarate is Gone?

I find this Eater post highly suspicious especially if you look at the comments where someone from Picca disputes that the Chef was "kicked out" or that the concept was changing. Even if Zarate was leaving his restaurants, I hardly think that someone of his stature who just disappear from the national or LA food scene.

Hitt up the Palm before it movies, i haven't even been yet myself.

I rather do Mastro's or Cut or even BOA before I spend a dime at the Palm. It's basically one notch above mall food. Nothing special and crazily over priced.

CNN's best 10 US restaurants for dim sum (hint: not one in the SGV)

I wasn't impressed by the Church Key at all, both times that I went.

Ink - Republique - Perch - Riva Bella?

No to Rivabella. Gorgeous space but the food is just not good. Ink is just meh and overhyped. Haven't been to Perch so I don't know. Republique was good but not mind-blowingly great as I expected but the best choice of the four.

All About the Bread

I used to live around the corner from All About the Bread so I was regular. It's not Bay Cities but it's very close. Try the Pastrami as well but the Meatball and the Godfather are must tries.

best restaurant for lunch at the Grove

Umami is my favorite place there. Great decor and always good food. I would avoid Fat cow. Overpriced and subpar food.

Restaurants around London Hotel (West Hollywood) with toddler

The last few times I was at Everleigh, there were tons of kids everywhere. Not that it's a good or bad thing but just an observation. It's less than a block east of the London.


It's pretty subpar unfortunately. A total misfire.

Is food at The Pikey any good?

Went there for a birthday party a couple of weeks ago. Had very low expectations but was pleasantly surprised. Food was great. Loved the fries. More like obsessed. Had three portions -- one as appetizer and two with the burger and the fish and chips. LOL. The burrata was good as well. And our server who's name I did not get was amazing. Highly recommend. And the bar scene was really happening too but I'm too old for it. LOL.

Bazaar - Been Lately

I've been to Bazaar three times in the last 14 months or so and each time, I have left hungry. That said, the food is amazing but it's tiny and concentrated. As long as you know that going in, you'll be fine. It's a scene and the "beautiful" people of LA go there.

Sotto is currently my favorite place although I need to abstain a bit because all that homemade bread and lardo and burrata is making me fat. LOL.

Brunch with Good Champagne

Was just at the Sunset Marquis yesterday for Sunday brunch with the folks. Food was just OK, service was atrocious but the champagne they served was excellent and included in the price of $55 per person. Shocking.

Sunday Brunch Faceoff: Four Seasons versus Scarpetta

I'm hosting a friend's 40th birthday brunch next month and she wants it either at the Four Seasons or Scarpetta. I prefer Scarpetta myself because I love the porchetta and the famous spaghetti but I love the Four Seasons brunch as well.

Just wondering the Chowhounders' thoughts on this wonderful dilemma.

Loved the food at Hatfields, BUT....

Leave the snark for Yelp and focus on the food. I wasn't there so I'm not going to pass judgment one way or the other on the waiter's behavior but it does sound a bit nick picky to me. I think there's a world of difference between Hatfields and Animal and both certainly co-exist nicely in my world. I love the ambiance of Hatfields over Animal and I love the food more at Animal (because I'm a carnivore). That said, I have had at least five great meals at Hatfields (both places combined) and I will certainly go back expecting a sixth.

Bludso's BBQ is coming to Hollywood at old Tar Pit location!

Wow, that just made my week. No more trekking to Compton when I'm craving Bludso's.

Canned jackfruit?

I would try the 99 Ranch grocery stores. The one I go to is on Sepulveda and Victory in Van Nuys (next to Sam Woo BBQ -- YUM!) but I believe there are others as well.

Osaka Restaurant in Hollywood

Wow, that's really sad news. The place was gorgeous and I know they spent a ton of money on the buildout. I ate there once and was quite impressed and have been meaning to go back but I live close to Picca Peru and when I want Peruvian sushi, I go there.

Maximiliano is Pretty Darned Good

We had a great time there too. Andre is a great chef and I think his niche is elevating comfort food to a higher level. Can't wait to try out his new Little Bear soon. I just never head downtown much.

Need a nice lunch spot between miracle mile and santa monica

On their website, if you click on where it says to download to see "full color version here", that gives you the prices. It looks on the same prices as Houston's or Gulfstream or Rock Sugar in the mall. I went the first month it opened when it still had the Angelo Sosa Pub-Asian fusion menu and had the Bone Marrow Burger and it was good if a bit salty. The cheesecake in a jar was delicious. It looks like both items are now gone. It's not a destination restaurant but it's not a bad lunch spot.

10250 Santa Monica Blvd 656, Los Angeles, CA

Rock Sugar
10250 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 654, Los Angeles, CA 90067

need to hire a food truck for a party

I think the Greasy Weiner Truck has the best sliders of any trucks out there. I'm pretty sure they do private events.

Review Fukuburger Hollywood

Not to go off tangent, but I always find metered parking on Cole (between Wilcox and Cahuenga) south of Sunset next to the CNN building. Shhhh, it's a secret.

Chef Che’s Argentine Cuisine Truck (LA)

I'm sorry to tell you but the truck went out of business :-( in early September.

Where to buy bagels and lox for a large party?

Bagel Broker on Beverly just one block east of Fairfax is my all time fav LA bagel joint. If you do go there, make sure to get extra Jalapeno Cheddar bagels. Delish.

Bagel Broker
7825 Beverly Blvd 5, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Truck Stop (New corner of food trucks)

That's just down the street from me. Hmm, gotta check it out. Was it busy last night? That's my pet peeve about food trucks. I hate standing in line for an hour for anything, much less food. Never understood the people standing in line for hours for a grilled cheese sandwich. But hey, that's just me.

Better Sports Bar Food Downtown?? Big Wangs or Dublin's or ???

I've had great fun at Capitol City in Hollywood. Very clean and slick with a lot of TVs and a huge projection TV in one of the rooms. I like their back patio which has it's own bar area. The food is hit and miss for us. The wings have been awesome everytime but the other stuff like burgers, sandwiches, nachos have been hit and miss (burnt, undercooked, etc.) They are always packed for game days so call for reservations.

Oops, I didn't read the DOWNTOWN part. Sorry. I go with Dublins. I rather do the bamboo shoots under the nails bit that go to Big Wangs but if you like crappy food and horrendous service in a smelly frathouse setting, by all means go to Wangs.

Capitol City Sports Grill
1615 North Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028

ISO of Korean Caterers

After meeting her and her food truck, Ahnjoo, a couple of weeks back in Pasadena, I am actually having Chef Debbie Lee cater my father's 60th birthday party in a week for about 200 people. My father is Korean and I thought it would be fun. We had the tastings today and the options she gave me were amazing. We are going to have a cold noodle station, a grilled station, lots of passed trays and desserts. She's going to bring the truck and everything. Check out their site and see if that's something you may be interested. Good luck!

Hollywood Friday night vegetarian friendly

I think the best vegetarian place in Hollywood is Paru's Indian Restaurant. It's on the south side of Sunset a little east of Normandie. The area is sort of sketchy at night but the food and service are amazing. I go there at least once a month and I'm not a vegetarian.

Paru's - 5140 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA

5140 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Any truck recs for a school movie night in Pasadena?

I was at Jones Coffee on Raymond a couple of weeks ago for a friend's debut at Open Mic night. They had two trucks there, The Sweets Truck (yum) and the AhnJoo Truck which is Chef Debbie Lee from the Next Food Network Star. Chef Lee's food is Southern meets Korean. Had some really good salmon skewers and a buckwheat noodle salad. The food was fresh and good and fairly priced. Their website is Chef Debbie said they were making stops in Pasadena so check it. out.

Places to buy fish?

I don't know how you feel about driving down to Orange County but I have found that any of the larger Vietnamese supermarkets on Westminster or Brookhurst like Saigon City at Brookhurst and McFadden have incredible prices not on fresh fish but on most meats, poultry and produce.

Favorite Bun Cha in L.A.?

What I wouldn't give for a Vien Dong in the West Hollywood/Hollywood area. Their grilled catfish dish is just my idea of heaven. Nothing bad on the menu including the bun cha dishes.