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The owner of the winery in the photo I posted says that the bungs held for most of the barrels and he's only lost a few.

And here's a 20-second video of a fermentation tank spraying wine through a crack at Sebastiani. They're saying 19 of their tanks were damaged.


Aug 24, 2014
ernie in berkeley in Wine


Very sad photo from a Napa winery:


Aug 24, 2014
ernie in berkeley in Wine

China Village (Albany) is open!

I don't know, since that's the Great China lunch menu. I don't see the China Village lunch menu online.

China Village (Albany) is open!

I think it started this week. The lunch specials menu was reprinted and consolidated from the separate pages last week.

China Village (Albany) is open!

They raised the prices on the lunch specials by a dollar for most items, and taken a few favorites off the menu. This cracks the $10 limit I like to keep for lunch.

Prices seem to be going up everywhere recently.

Suggestions for lunch w/ a kid near Dolores Park? [San Francisco]

A whole burrito might be too much for a little one, though. Maybe a quesadilla (with or without meat)?

Grocery Outlet August, 2014

Berkeleyside is picking up the story that the Berkeley GO will be replaced by apartments.


And apparently, the whole chain is being sold as well.

Berkeley: Casa Latina - nice nacatamales - tamal-rific

Casa Latina has expanded into the space next door, giving them lots of seating. They also installed a stage in the back, maybe for live music. Tamales and tacos, especially the carnitas taco, were great as always.

Biscuits and Gravy: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2014

Having been shamed in the voting topic, I decided to try the B&G at Sam's Log Cabin in Albany. This version is pretty much what I remember about this dish (and why I don't seek it out): while the biscuits were flaky and tasty, the gravy was bland, with only a few bits of ham (not sausage or bacon) to liven it up. It was also thickened with a lot of flour, so it was kind of gloppy. Two scrambled eggs were oddly cold.

I'd like to try that Front Porch version sometime--it looks like it has some flavor.

Restaurant with Private Room for 15 (Financial District) [San Francisco]

Kokkari has a private room.

SF Dish of the Month (July 2014) - Nominations/Voting

Good question, and I don't have an answer. It might have been a mistake.

SF Dish of the Month (July 2014) - Nominations/Voting

I'm not seeking out B&G because I don't particularly care for that dish.

A Clean Well Lighted Place For Birds [San Francisco]

I'm curious, what distinguishes Guinea fowl meat?

Help picking Wine?

I can also confirm that Navarro is available at Kensington. I just picked up the gewertz. I was hoping for the rose, but they were sold out, more to come next week. And they accept credit cards via a tablet-based point-of-sale system. The receipt was in my email box when I got home.

Taking kid to visit Stanford next week, where's a good lunch place in

Fair enough. My experience is from quite a few years ago, when I wasn't too discriminating.

Taking kid to visit Stanford next week, where's a good lunch place in

As I recall, there are a couple of places in Tressidor Hall (the student union on campus) that have decent enough food, and it's a great place to mingle with students.

Unique to SF or Cal - Must eats for out-of towners

They've been happy to cook mine to a perfect medium-rare on request.

Eastbay Mediterranean Deli with takeout salads (besides Oasis)

Zand's on Solano in Albany might work.

Favorite Fish and Chips for F and C Friday?

Pyramid Alehouse in Berkeley does a nice version.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?


Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

You had lunch there? What time of day? Last Thursday they told me they had no current plans for lunch.

Four Days in San Francisco-- Please Critique (apologies for the long intro)

The last time I was at YS, as soon as we sat down a waiter came over with one of their "specials"--a glazed Chilean sea bass. One of our party ordered it without thinking, and I think it was in the $20 range, just for that dish. So, yes, be careful what you order.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

New arrival today: Fivetenburger's opened up their brick-and-mortar place, Handlebar, at the old Temple Bar site on University in Berkeley.


Grocery Outlet (June 2014)

Berkeleyside.com links to a report that GO is looking for a buyer.


Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

And now I've tried them. Troy's falafels are probably the best I've had in the East Bay (Berkeley and north). They were crisp and moist as Gencora says above, and the wrap was big enough to save some for dinner.

Restaurant and wine recommendation for a vertical tasting

I once organized a tasting at One Market, and their corkage policy for these events was $20 per person, not per bottle. You might call to ask them whether this is still the case. They might have a different policy for small groups, though--there were about 20 of us.

And the tasting was one of the best for our group. The restaurant set out very good stemware, five glasses per seat, and stayed out of our way (the staff didn't do any pouring--they left it to us).

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

First time back to Grazzy in over a year today. They still have problems with getting medium-rare right, but good flavor. Order rare if you want medium-rare.

The biggest change is that they're including a small serving of fries with the burgers, lunchtime until 3 PM, so, you don't have to plow through a big basket of fries and pay extra for them. At $8.50 for their plain burger, with fries, this is now a good lunch deal.

The taproom, like everywhere else this week, was packed with World Cup fans.

World Cup 2014 Viewing and Eats

Westbrae Biergarten was packed yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon.

Falafel: SFBA Dish of the Month June 2014

No particular reason other than that falafel isn't a Greek dish. They do sound good, though, so I'll give them a chance.

Berkeley beer & food truck garden

I think this week will be the first for RoliRoti. I don't know the hours, but I hope they're there for lunch.