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great spicy noodles without soup

The noodle dishes on the China Village lunch menu (upper right corner) are spicy and non-soupy.

SFBA Dish of the Month Nominations (June to December 2015)

I don't think I've ever seen it outside of a sandwich.

SFBA Dish of the Month Nominations (June to December 2015)

The sandwich, or otherwise prepared?

Another terrific dinner at Paisan in Berkeley

Do they still have the Wednesday night "family style" deal?

Where to buy a large cutting board/butcher block?

Rocket Restaurant, near 7th and Ashby in Berkeley, seems to have a few.


Where to go out in Berkeley?

Hotsy Totsy has an excellent taco truck in its parking lot, every day except Tuesday.

Café V (V for Venezuela) in Berkeley

I got a shredded chicken arepo with avocado for lunch, and it was very good. The arepo was crisp and chewy with lots of corn flavor. I asked whether they made them to order, and they do.

For orientation: this is on the block of San Pablo just south of University. Open until 2, but I arrived just after 2 and there wasn't a problem. The owner's exceedingly cute daughter, about 4 years old, kept flitting up to the table and answering my incomprehensible Spanish with her own incomprehensible Spanish.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Oh yes, the handpulled noodle with braised duck at CV is a masterpiece. But not roasted, I think.

Burger Depot closing after 35 years (Albany)

I'm glad they're retiring and not forced out of business because of the Boss Burger competition.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Eating lunch solo at China Village, I asked how the duck in Bean Sprouts with Shredded Duck was prepared. Roast, they said, so I ordered it. Unfortunately, it was not very good. The duck was tough, with no fat to speak of, and the entire dish was salty nearly to the point of being inedible.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015


My Great China duck story: I snagged a seat at the bar and ordered something, I don't remember what. The people next to me were served the largest plate of Peking duck I'd ever seen, heaps and heaps of meat and skin, and I was too shy to interrupt a stranger for a taste. Then I couldn't flag down a server to get my check, but the woman in front of the duck got up and fetched it for me--she worked there and I'm sure would have been happy to give me some duck.

Roast Duck: SFBA Dish of the Month July 2015

Any recs for Berkeley and points north?

Trip Report: San Francisco with my Foodie Son...


King Tsin Under New New Management - CV Chef - Berkeley

I asked about why they'd left, and he said it was just because this place became available and they wanted to have a place of their own. They opened last month, and I haven't noticed any lowering of quality at CV with this chef at KT now.

King Tsin Under New New Management - CV Chef - Berkeley

Him, yes.

King Tsin Under New New Management - CV Chef - Berkeley

I stopped in for lunch today and was greeted by a former China Village waiter, the short balding guy. He's one of the partners, together with the chef and another CV veteran.

The lunch specials menu is quite a bit like CV's, now, with my old favorite cumin lamb included (it was great). Lots of noodle dishes, and they've kept the extensive dim sum list (though like so many places now, it's gotten expensive--I can't see paying $7.00+ for one order of dumplings).

Bay Area Wine Bargains [split from Kermit Lynch bargain bin thread]

Ah, so it is.

Bay Area Wine Bargains [split from Kermit Lynch bargain bin thread]

Reviving this topic to mention that Kermit Lynch is having a 30% off sale on wines from Southern France, June 23-27 only. The wines are from the Rhone valley, Provence and Corsica (no mention of Languedoc).

King Tsin Under New New Management - CV Chef - Berkeley

Didn't this happen quite a while ago, maybe last year? I know I saw the Sichuan dishes on the menu then.

Best Authentic Chinese in Richmond, CA

Chowhound Hyperbowler maintains a comprehensive list of regional Chinese restaurants:


That said, you're probably thinking of the restaurants in and around the Pacific East Mall off of Center Street, which is in Richmond only because of a geographical quirk (it's surrounded by Albany and El Cerrito). Lots of good places to choose from.


Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

Their web page says "The little window, still beckons the neighborhood with scents of fresh waffles and hot fried chicken, and the SoMa locals loyally line up at lunch to get their fix." Also, the lunch menu says "LUNCH
served daily starting at 10:30am at the window and at 12:00 inside Victory Hall & Parlor". On the other hand, both times I went recently the street window was closed.


Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

I was going to suggest a visit to the ballpark with a lunch in the alleyway at Little Skillet a couple of blocks away. Great fried chicken and waffles, and grits (I don't think they have much of that in Toronto).

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

Hudson Fish has them regularly, but I don't know if it's seasonal. I think they get them from the Santa Barbara area. They sell at East Bay farmers markets.


Unbelievable low price meals back in the 70' early 80's in SF Bay area!

In 1977 I hitched out here from upstate NY. The Bell Market in Noe Valley had two of my favorite things, avocados and artichokes, at around five and ten cents each, respectively. So, I ate a lot of avocados and artichokes.

Kobani: Kurdish kebab place on University in Berkeley

Berkeleyside Nosh alerted me to Kobani, the new Kurdish restaurant at MLK and University. I had a feeling it would be good when I saw the vertical spits roasting actual stacked meat (lamb and beef on one, chicken on the other), not a Kronos cone. The lamb and beef came wrapped in a delicately flaky lavosh, slightly crisp from the grill, with greens and tahini. I got a spanokopita to go, and it's one of the best around.

Other grilled proteins include lamb, beef and chicken shish-kebabs, minced lamb and minced beef and salmon. $7.95 for most wraps, around $12 for platters with salad and rice. Difficult parking.

The name is from the Kurdish city that was nearly destroyed in battles with ISIS last year.

It's good to have a great sort-of-replacement for the lamented Zaki's.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

Recommendations For San Fran Restos? - bringing my "foodie" son....

+1 on Yuet Lee and their salt-and-pepper squid. Good wonton soup and whole steamed fish as well.

Persian / Afghan in Berkeley area? Or head to city?

I seem to recall that the food at the Afghan place in the Emery Public Market is decent, but the Market isn't quite a pleasant place to hang out and eat.

Sicilian Pizza anywhere?

It's cooked in pans like both Grandma and Sicilian, but it predates Grandma pies by at least 10 years. I first had that clam slice in the early '80s, while the Grandma wasn't developed in NY until the '90s. I will agree that the Golden Boy crust is much thinner than typical NY Sicilian.

Grocery Outlet May 2015

Berkeley today: 2013 Cline California zinfandel, $3.99. Cline makes decent, inexpensive zins and this one is just fine for the price. Oddly, though, they wouldn't give me a case discount--they said I'd have to buy more than one case.