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Helping a sweet tooth discover the Bay Area... (Oakland/ Berkeley/ SF)

More trivia: the copyright is owned by Bill Cosby, from his comedy routines about a character named Fat Albert.

Tamales East Bay

Casa Latina in Berkeley on San Pablo, convenient to the freeway.

$5.89 deli sandwich at Lucca Ravioli Co. (Mission District, San Francisco)

What do you mean by "rippled"?

Crab season is upon us

Email from Hudson Fish today says that the crab season will probably be short this year because of high water temperatures. He raised his price to $8.95/lb.

Bakesale Betty's - Temescal [Oakland]

+1 on Smoke.

Cozy & quiet near(ish) 7th and Brannan SF [San Francisco]

The last few times I was there, the street window wasn't opened and we ordered in Victory Hall. It probably fits the quiet and cozy request. Parking, on the other hand, isn't easy.

French Fries: SFBA Dish of the Month December 2014

When the fries at Berkeley Bowl West are good, they're some of the best around. Today they were good--steaming hot, crisp outside and creamy inside. Other days, not so much.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

Independent fisherman Hudson Fish sells at the Kensington Farmers Market on Sunday mornings, but you should call first or get on their mailing list because they don't always have them.


Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

My first time there, the owner of the place wasn't happy with my medium rare request (because of the thinness of the patty), but it did come out medium rare, sort of. The second time, I didn't specify but again there was some pink in the patty. The burgers are not cooked in advance.

(BTW, I responded soon after your question, but my response seems to have gotten lost in cyberspace).

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

Boss Burger opened a couple of weeks ago on lower Solano in Albany. Their concept is different from most recent openings: the burgers are thin, 3.5 oz per patty, and I'm afraid (after two tries) that they're a little short on flavor. In fact, they remind me of In-and-Out (but without the huge spread of sauce). Potatoes (and a chicken sandwich) are fried in beef tallow, which gives them a good texture, but are kind of oversalted with big crystals. The place was jumping with families enjoying lunch, lots of small kids.

Cafe Karla in Berkeley: Burmese food purveyor

Google streetview shows it as the apartment building next door to the garage. Come to think of it, I think this location was a stuffed potato takeout place at one point ("Spuds").

Cafe Karla in Berkeley: Burmese food purveyor

Odd, I live a couple of blocks away, and that address seems to be an ugly apartment building. There are no signs about the cafe.

Beaujolais Nouveau Arrives 2014

Kermit Lynch is having a tasting this Saturday, 11/22 3:30-5:30, in their parking lot.

Chinese Chili Garlic Crab (not Singapore Style) - East Bay

I believe I've had that at Saigon Seafood Harbor in Richmond. I was expecting the saucy version and was surprised that it was dry.

Week in San Francisco – Montrealer and first time visitor needs help with itinerary

Best salt-and-pepper calamari in town!

China Village (Albany) is open!

I eat lunch there once a week, and haven't noticed any degradation in quality. I often do find that there's a lot of food and just take leftovers home.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

If you're still in the area (or maybe next time), try the burger at Zut!, down the street from Rouge. They haven't let me down yet.

Anyone know a great East Bay Burger joint?

The new burger place on Gilman in Berkeley, FarmBurger, opened today. A burger was ok, "smashburger" style with a good crust. Fries were overcooked and way oversalted. Odd hipster vibe, plaid flannel shirts and beards on the male staff. Parking was very difficult, and on a non-holiday would have added $1.25 to the cost of lunch (the parking lot is totally inadequate). I live nearby and will probably walk over next time.

La Fisheria truck in San Francisco

Thanks for the report. The truck has been there every time I've driven through the area recently.

Sweet 16 dinner in SF ideas?

ZeroZero might work. Great pizzas, fun atmosphere.

Who carries vacuum sealer bags?

Target has them.

Comal - Berkeley

Today's Chron says that Comal will start a no-tipping policy soon. They'll be joined by Camino and Duende in Oakland, and Bar Agricole and Trou Normand in the city.


Jodie's in Albany needs local support

More information: According to a source, Mr C is a member of the Eagles Hall in El Cerrito and put on dances there from time to time. Mr C also apparently owns the beauty salon in that building and may own the whole building. Finally, the source says Mr C makes awesome fried chicken.

Who are the best food/restaurant bloggers in SF, and where do they eat?

One of the best writers here on CH was rworange. Has she turned up anywhere else, maybe in a blog of her own?

Jodie's in Albany needs local support

There are flyers on the door at Jodie's old place: Coming Soon Lizzie & Mr. C's Cajun Cafe. I can't find anything about it on the Goog, except it may be related to a Mr. C who runs "Zydeco Nights", with food, in El Cerrito (http://mrcszydeconights.com/).

2014 Best Indian Buffet Oakland/Berkeley Area?

I followed my own advice and had lunch at Priya today. The goat curry had lots of depth, but the meat was a little gelatinous in an osso-bucco kind of way. Excellent chicken curry, mushroom palak, a mixed vegetable fry and of course the dal. Tandoori chicken legs were very large, so I skipped this time, but they're typically good.

There was no mango chutney this time, but they did have the spicy pickle and a subtly-flavored peanut sauce with chilis.

2014 Best Indian Buffet Oakland/Berkeley Area?

As I recall, they have two kinds of chutney, mango and pickle.

2014 Best Indian Buffet Oakland/Berkeley Area?

My favorite is still Priya, on San Pablo Ave in the first block south of University. They have a big selection of dishes you don't find at the others (such as the Khana Peena on Solano), including a goat curry. I'm really fond of their dhal.

Table of 12 Needed (Casual & Good) in SF

Kokkari is definitely lively.

Pizza for Breakfast!

Rotten City in Emeryville now has their egg pizza every day. It's a thicker crust, rectangular pie, and the egg whites fill up the whole slice, with a nice semi-soft yolk. This is quite a substantial slice of pizza.