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18 Person Bachelorette Dinner - Toronto - Saturday night in May

You can have the Daisho menu too, so you can also you can do a set menu (which I've done) for $55 a head, and then just go all out.

18 Person Bachelorette Dinner - Toronto - Saturday night in May

Nikai. Hands down.

Dinner on Easter Sunday

Momofuku Daisho would be a good option ,and they are open.

Canada's Top 100?

Buca is on the list because the judges included the likes of Peter Tseblis.

Places singles can go for dinner in downtown Toronto?

I'm with you. Everyone likes something different; I love sitting at the bar because I can talk to the person next to me (i.e. my date …) without shouting across a table. You get to know your "server", they are basically standing there just to serve you!

But, I assume we both work in the industry. Those who do not, I have found, aren't immediately drawn to wanting to sit at the bar.

Super Bowl 2015

fried chicken or bo ssam from momofuku?

Going to Jacobs and Co tomorrow - Learn Me On Steak!

You are paying a premium at Jacobs because their staff is well trained to answer all these questions. Be honest with them with what you want, and they'll be the best ones to direct you.

And tip the hostess, they don't get tip out there.

Looking for a Restaurant in Toronto for Christmas day

7 West is open, and I'd assume at least some if not all hotel restaurants/bars.

Great Restaurant for Group of 16-20

Daisho or Nikai

small plates/ tapas spot with veg options?

That's what I was going to suggest! I was just there and we mostly ate vegetarian

Downtown lunch suggestions?

Momofuku Daisho does a great lunch. Great space too.

Lots of high profile new restaurant closings, anyone know why?

probably "stuck in vancouver"

Best bets for Thanksgiving dinner 2014?

The Daisho Thanksgiving dinner is $65/person.

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

good points!

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

Shoto does corkage.


The Keg is the best chain restaurant in Canada….

Please review my agenda. Thank you!

You could go to Momofuku Daisho for lunch on weekdays, then you'd get your momofuku fix in....they have a gorgeous glass cubed room, and you could have a really great meal there. But not open for lunch on weekends.

TO Chowhounders: favorite brunch places?

I love it there. Just don't go hungry because the wait is almost unbearable. Also, use the secret restroom UPstairs, not the scary one DOWNstairs.

Where are you still eating that you were 20 years ago and is still good?

It blows my mind that Pizza Pizza charges $3.75 for their delivery.

Jacobs & Co.

My boyfriend got a promotion and wanted to celebrate at H60 - we've never been, but have both been to Jacobs, Barbarians, Mortons - what should we order? Which place is it most similar to? I hate questions like this. Sorry…it's been a long week...


Yup! BEST THING EVER I'VE EVER HAD. But - I would say maybe split it, or else you'll fall into a food coma at your desk (a wonderful, well-deserved food coma)

Momofuku restaurants at ShangriLa - why no prices on on line menus?

This is a strange argument. All food at restaurants costs more than what it would cost to buy the ingredients and make it at home -- it's the experience of going out as well as the expertise of the chef that you go for. If you don't like Noodle Bar…which you clearly don't…don't go there?

Momofuku restaurants at ShangriLa - why no prices on on line menus?

They'll happily send you a menu with prices if you call and ask. They change their menu daily, so I assume it's because of how often the menu changes.

Bad Service - Libretto's on Ossington

Besides it being slow, what was "bad" about the service? Just that everyone was helping out with bringing you food, and a management decision to have 17% be the default on the handheld?

Anyone been to Cluny in the Distillery yet?

So you think everyone on Yelp is a friend or family, but that Chowhounders are unbiased reviews? So many of us on here are in the business, etc….

Instant Breakfast Cereal

Tim Horton's oatmeal is surprisingly good. I get it plain (you can get it with fruit or brown sugar/maple topping, but I like the nutty taste of plain oatmeal) and then chop up a banana in it that I bring on my own. When you put the banana slices in right away, they warm up and melt in a delightful way.

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

Got a chance to go tonight. No line up (we had no reservations), were seated right away. Service was friendly, informative and helpful (we asked for recommendations, etc). We had the green curry in the coconut (and scraped up the coconut, thanks for the tip!), the pad thai and pad graw pow. Perfect amount of food to share for two of us. No liquor license, but after the weekend I had, that was okay by me ;) Total cost was $50 after tax, but before tip. Oh and the decor was great! I'll definitely be back!!

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

Thank you!! So excited to report back!

has anyone eaten at Pai Northern Thai Kitchen?

Will they be open tomorrow?

If anybody is still interested in Summerlicious 2014, menus posted at...

Definitely book online for Momofuku, for Winterlicious that was way easier. Their reservations open at 9 am on the 19th, so standard business day hours.