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Any review for Szechuan Garden in woburn?

Damn! I like this place so much I jumped at the chance to review it twice.

Any review for Szechuan Garden in woburn?

My Chinese business partner and I stayed at a nearby motel about five years ago. We like to vary our cuisine when we travel, but that week, we ate there all but one evening. My favorite dish was the twice cooked pork - thee fat of the pork belly was exquisite mitigation for the searingly hot peppers. I might have reviewed this place before. It was the first time I was inspired with what has become my favorite compliment to a chef - "If my mother could cook like this, I'd still be living at home."

Stroganoff - What's in a name?

I learned mine from an old Russian lady who escaped the Civil War to San Francisco.

Her ingredients were the same as Caroline1's, but without the nutmeg. My own personal heresy is a pinch of thyme, and a bit of white wine.

The trick she taught me that helps most is to do the cutting and browning the day before, one ingredient at a time, set it all aside in a bowl with the sour cream and a little flour stirred in, and leave in the refrigerator pver night. To serve, heat in a skillet, with white wine, and add more sour cream, salt and pepper to taste.

Another trick I have used is ground, powdered dried mushrooms of your choice added to the mix in the bowl.

PS: If you ever want a laugh, look at Escoffier's recipe. Boeuf Bourgignon with some sour cream added. Anybody want to guess about his recipe for gulyash?

Oct 15, 2010
barefootdoc in General Topics

Sassafras root in Chicago?

Dear EL,

I don't know about Chicago, but there is a place in LA that will ship it too you.

Compared to prices in health food stores, this place is like shopping wholesale.

Dave Zimmerman

Aug 27, 2008
barefootdoc in Chicago Area

Any review for Szechuan Garden in woburn?

I stayed at the hotel next to SG for four nights last September and ate there three of the four nights. My travelling partner is from China, and I confirmed his opinion of my good taste in Chinese food by insisting on the place. The standout dish for me was Twice Cooked Bacon - not too fiery, but damned savory - can't get that taste out of my memory. As I told the owner on our last night, "If my mother could cook this well, I'd still be living at home."

PS: Don't waste your time on the Thai place further down Main Street - it's not suited for THai taste or felang taste. I embarassed the staff on the way out when I said thank you in Thai.