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San Juan PR - Jose Enrique with toddler??

thank you, guttillamail!

San Juan PR - Jose Enrique with toddler??

My husband, our two hear old daughter and I will be traveling to San Juan for a 5 night trip the first week of April. I have read previous posts and am getting familiar with the restaurants commonly recommended here, however there isn't much info about child friendly places. We'd like to check out Jose Enrique while we're there. Our toddler is as well behaved as a toddler can be expected to be, but does get impatient sitting at the table for long periods of time. Would a lunch or very early dinner be possible at Jose Enrique? Do you kind folks have any other recommendations for places with great food that will tolerate/be tolerated by a toddler? Thanks!

San Juan with Toddler

Sad to see you got no answers. We are traveling to San Juan with our toddler in a month. I'd love to hear about your experience and if you have any tips.

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

I seem to be the only one still paying attention to this post, but here's one more menu for those looking for an inexpensive, yet upscale restaurant option for NYE. I don't know anything about the restaurant - Bestiari - other than this one review (, but the menu looks pretty good for 57E. Here it is:

Dec 09, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Menu from Hisop:
New years eve 2012

langoustines, early green peas

sea urchin, potatoes "tortilla"

black truffle duxelle and free range egg

lobster suquet

artichoke creamy rice with caviar

grilled turbot, pistachio, chive sprouts

venison roast beef, pumpkin

apple frozen mojito

hazelnut, butter and black truffle

coffee sweets

huguet gran reserva ’07 (d.o. cava)

godelia '10 (d.o. Bierzo)

mazizo ’10 (d.o. catalunya)

cruor ’06 (d.o. priorat)

delamotte (champagne, france)

(water and coffee)


Dec 09, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

No response from Gresca. . .but I'm already having trouble deciding, so maybe that's a good thing.

Dec 07, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Menu from PLA:

2011 New Year’s Eve Menu
Two infusions and two vegetables
Lukewarm salad with... Sardine, anemone and rucula
First Course
Three fish, three continents:
Europe: Oyster, ratatouille and bacon
Asia: Tuna tartar, chives and caviar
America: Guacamole and mackerel
A classic consommé ...
A fish
Monkfish cooked at 60ºC with a cockle risotto ...
A meat
Braised and confit suckling pig with quinoa, ecarole and pomegranate
Two desserts
Bloody Mary .... Raspberry and green apple
Flour free chocolate biscuit, Earl Grey foam and mandarin sorbet
The dinner will be paired with cava, white wine, red wine and sweet wine
Coffee, truffle ... 12 grapes at 12 o’clock ... and Happy New Year
Price ..................124,00 € vat included

Dec 07, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Alkimia New Year's Eve Menu:

Appetizer of the day
Glass Coca aubergine eggplant and truffle

Sea inside with seafood
Game terrine with artichokes and orange
Brandade of cod with aubergine pimento
Eastern infusion Cigala
Fish with peas and lemon coast
12 special truffle chickpeas
fillet rossini

Carrot with licorice and tea
"Palet d'or" creamy chocolate

Petits Fours

The menu cost is € 150 including VAT and drink apart
It is very important that if you want to book for the night of December 31
We provide an account number with the date of issue and the card holder. thank you very much

Dec 07, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Well, I heard back from Gelonch and they are offering a 95 euro tasting menu, 135 with wine pairing. The menu looks pretty good, I'll paste it at the end of this post. We are seriously considering booking there, but I'm a bit apprehensive. I know that we will pay a premium to eat on New Years Eve, but I just don't want to be too much of a sucker. It's difficult to pay this much for a meal when I know we could eat at the same place for 50 euro any other night. Does the menu look like the typical Gelonch menu, or has it been stepped up to reflect the increased price? I'm also a bit nervous about the 50 euro deposit.
Here's the menu:
Chef Robert Gelonch invites you to celebrate New Year's Eve at Gelonch
Restaurant to have an unforgetable experience with an exclusive Saint
Sylvester's menu consisting of the following 7 courses , assorted cheese and
two desserts :
Fine oyster with grapefruit gin tonic and mint.
Mi-cuit cracker with marinated vegetables in "escabeche" ( acidic marinade ).
Capuccino : creamy potatoe, egg sous vide, sea orchin.
Escudella broth with spider crab raviloi and iberian ham d.o. extremadura.
Red prawn with pisco, in a baked garlic sauce, with chard and hibiscus.
Red mullet with squash gnocchi, baby carrots and veal sweetbreads.
Suckling pig 24h sous vide, sunchoke sauce, croissant and cashew vinaigrette.
Assorted cheese with honey-banana cream, caramelized endive, bakked
eggplant sorbée.
Black truffle and white chocolate ganache, matcha tea spongecake, cocoa
Olive oil cake, apple sorbée, coconut foam, mint granita, black olives.
Price of the menu : 95 € /person.
You can have a wine pairing for the menu :
135€/peson menu + wine pairing.
If you are interested please contact us, with every menu booking we ask for
50€ since we need to plan the night.
At midnight everyone is done with the food and gets the traditional 12 grapes
and the classical bag with new year's eve disguise staff.

Dec 05, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal


I believe that Tickets and 41 are closed the entire time during your visit. I am also planning a trip to BCN during this week and have resigned myself to not being able to go to either restaurant. I noticed in one of your earlier itineraries that you were thinking of going to the Picasso museum on Jan 1, they are closed that day according to their website. Also, can you tell me more about your New Years Eve dinner at Hisop? That date is blacked out on so I didn't think they were open. And their website keeps crashing my computer. How much is their tasting menu and how did you arrange the reservation? Thanks!

Dec 04, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

Thanks for your insight Aleta! I have emailed a couple other places to see if they are open and if their set menu is within our budget. I'll update this post with any good deals that I find. Pjd123, I don't know anything about the party at Hotel Espana, their website is pretty bare bones and there was no mention of it on when I made my reservation. . . Dinersaurus - I did see that Paco Meralgo was open and taking reservations for the 31st.

Dec 01, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

New Years Eve in Barcelona - dining suggestions?

My husband and I are also going to be in Barcelona over NYE and have the same problem. We are not looking for a crazy party, just a nice evening. So far I have made reservations at Fonda Espana. Their menu is 75E and looks pretty good. I've seen the restaurant mentioned positively on these boards, but certainly not discussed at length, so I'm not sure if this is a good choice or not. I'm still looking for other options, but tasting menus way over 100E are not in our budget.

Nov 28, 2011
mle17 in Spain/Portugal

Dinner next Wednesday

edible complex, you are awesome! these are great suggestions. i had completely missed la meritage, but it looks perfect. right up our alley. we'll have to check out some happy hours as well. thank you!
i just realized another problem with our plans - central grocery is closed on sunday. is there anywhere we can get a good muffulleta for the trip home on sunday? we can't get it on saturday b/c we'll still be in mississippi.

Dec 03, 2009
mle17 in New Orleans

Dinner next Wednesday

Hello All,
My husband and I are coming in to New Orleans next week for a quick visit . We are actually traveling for wedding on the Mississippi coast over the weekend, so we only have Wednesday, Thursday morning and Sunday afternoon to spend in New Orleans. I thought I had our meals all plotted out (Wednesday - Lunch at August, Dinner at Green Goddess, Thrusday Lunch at Emeril's, Sunday - Brunch at Commander's Palace), but I just discovered that Green Goddess is closed on Wednesday night. We are on a budget, so Green Goddess was a perfect match for the wallet, in addition to the great reviews. I had been considering Boucherie for dinner, but after mapping everything out, we weren't sure if we wanted the hassle of driving across town, parking, etc for dinner (we are staying in the Quarter) since it is such a short visit. Do you have any recommendations that are in the same price range as Green Goddess and don't involve driving? I'm looking for the best possible food at a reasonable price (not a Po' boy), and something unique to New Orleans (but not necessarily classic). Should we just suck it up and drive to Boucherie? Alternately, it looks like we could take the St. Charles street car all the way there. How long would that take? What is the price range of Herbsaint? Is it or Cochon walkable from the Quarter? Would I feel comfortable making that walk? While we're at it, do you have recommendations in the Pass Christian/Gulfport area for dinner on Friday? Thanks in advance for your help!

Dec 03, 2009
mle17 in New Orleans

Charleston SC Group Dinner

Meritage is closed.

Jun 15, 2009
mle17 in General South Archive

Charleston SC Group Dinner

Raval, Chai's, Pearlz all have nice small plates and good atmosphere. The happy hours at Chai's and Pearlz are really good. Are you thinking sit down dinner or tapas?

I recently tried the new bar menu at Cypress. That was good and well priced. Not many large tables in the bar area though.

Social might be a good option too. It is pretty trendy and full of young, beautiful people. I have not eaten there myself, so I cannot comment on the quality of the food.

Jun 11, 2009
mle17 in General South Archive

Taco Boy in Downtown Charleston?

The Digitel just posted an article today saying they will be open next week (exact date yet to be determined. . .)

May 20, 2009
mle17 in General South Archive

Charleston - best birthday dinner for 2? ($100)

I had a wonderful birthday at La Fourchette this year. I swear almost all the staff wished me a happy birthday at some point during the night. The owner kept coming over to make sure I was happy. My husband had asked for there to be champagne right when we were seated and a special dessert and both were done with a smile. Oh, and the food and atmosphere were great too. :) I'd definitely recommend it for a reasonably priced special meal.

Nov 13, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Voting in Indiana? Put that Drink Down

I can tell you from personal experience that this law is not enforced in SC - At least not in Charleston, although our blue laws are a bit more lax than other places in the state.

Nov 07, 2008
mle17 in Features

Fez -- Charleston, SC

I tried out Zia Taqueria last weekend. It wasn't bad, but could use some improvement. Apparently the owner used to work at Taco Boy and he has borrowed heavily from their concept. The margaritas are better than Taco Boy's though, and cheaper. The salsa and chips were tasty, but the main menu food needs some work - salad was underdressed and a bit bland, carnitas was dry, catfish in baja taco had fishy belly meat. . . .They're apparently still tweaking the menu, so things could get better. I hope they can succeed, it's nice to have a cheap place to eat next to the theater, and some Mexican food closer to home that isn't smothered in nacho cheese.

Oct 17, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Need help finding real vegetarian dining in Charleston, SC

Daily Dose is great and it fits your criteria well. They have local Coast beers on tap - yum! - and many other microbrews in bottles. Other options could be Three Little Birds, although they have no beer, or Five Loaves Cafe.

Sep 04, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Visiting Charleston, SC in September

Save yourself a huge disappointment and don't go to Poogan's Porch, the food is overprice, tourist crap. Sure, the biscuits are good, but they don't make up for the awfulness of everything else. Our first and last time eating there a few months ago (for brunch), I sent everything I ordered, including my beverage, back. As for the endorsement by the local below, I'm skeptical. Our waiter remarked to us at one point - "Oh, your locals!? I never wait on locals!" Unfortunately we were too far in to walk out at that point.

Aug 27, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Visiting Charleston, SC in September

I had a wonderful meal at La Fourchette last week for my birthday. The food, service and wine were all wonderful. One of the best restaurant experiences I've had in Charleston. Definitely add it to your list.

Aug 22, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Moore's BBQ, Kenly, NC

I LOVE this place, I try to stop every time we pass by on frequent trips between SC and Maryland. And tell all our relatives to stop there when they're driving to see us. Once my husband and I were running early when we passed through Kenly, so we sat in the parking lot until they opened at 10:00 - it was the best breakfast ever. I do lament the move to the fancy former Wendy's. I miss the little shack. . . much more authentic.

Aug 11, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Slow Food in Charleston SC?

Having been to many of the restaurants on the SSI lists, they continue to serve many species of fish (grouper and snapper are simply examples I have seen on their menus) that are well know to be unsustainable. I agree that is is up to the consumer to make wise choices, and I encourage everyone I know to carry around the Seafood Watch guides (which are specialized for each region of the country), but if SSI is going to promote itself as making things easier for the consumer by taking the guesswork out of finding sustainable seafood, they should really have stricter guidelines. . .

Aug 06, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Slow Food in Charleston SC?

FYI - the standards of the Sustainable Seafood Initiative are ridiculously lax. To be on that restaurant list chefs only need to avoid three species of fish (orange roughy, Chilean sea bass, and imported shark). Anyone calling grouper or snapper "sustainable" is delusional. If you want valid information on sustainable seafood choices check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch - - you can print out a wallet card use it to decide what to order.

Aug 04, 2008
mle17 in General South Archive

Trader Joe's Frozen Fish [Moved from Home Cooking board]

Please, Please, Please don't buy the frozen tiger shrimp from any Asian country - it is better for your health and the health of the world to buy un-farmed, preferably local, shrimp from the United States. There are a multitude of reasons - Destruction of mangroves, huge loads of antibiotics that end up in waterways and you, excessive nutrients flushed into waterways, pesticides to deal with the "mites" captive shrimp get, cheap farmed shrimp shipped cheaply from Asia is wasteful and puts our own fishermen out of business. . . .to name a few. Please, before you buy any seafood, research the most sustainable options (there are many others it is wise to avoid), the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch is a good source for this information.

Aug 02, 2008
mle17 in Chains

Charleston SC: Okay, so where's the GOOD low country food?

Oh, I went to Alluette's on Thursday, and it was very good. However, don't go too hungry b/c it takes a while to get your food - she's the only one in the kitchen.

Jul 26, 2008
mle17 in Southeast

Charleston SC: Okay, so where's the GOOD low country food?

Good call on avoiding Poogan's Porch. Had the worst meal ever there at brunch a few weeks ago. Sent every single thing I ordered back including the "hot" tea. The biscuits are good, but that is not nearly enough to save and excruciatingly long meal of poorly cooked, bland food. Our waiter actually said "Oh, your locals? I never wait on locals!" Unfortunately we were too far in at that point to walk out. . .

Jul 26, 2008
mle17 in Southeast


Stay away from Poogans Porch!! I was there two weeks ago and sent every item I ordered back. Food was poorly cooked and freezing cold. Service was ridiculously slow. It is a horrible tourist trap. Our server actually said, after asking where we were from - "Oh your locals? I never wait on locals!" Very bad sign, unfortunately we were too far in at that point to just get up and walk out. The biscuits are good, but that cannot save the restaurant.

Jul 02, 2008
mle17 in Southeast