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Trevor Kitchen and Bar (bad review)

just to let you know, krats, when a sommelier or service professional opens a bottle of wine, they really should have the bottle on the table or some sort of flat surface. it's considered bad form to do it otherwise. - - a server not welcoming or messing up an order is definitely offside, but having worked in the industry myself, I can say from experience that small mistakes like "wabbly" tables or wrong cutlery tend to happen when it's busy, especially at a time like summerlicious. if you went out for a summerlicious meal and had good food and wine that was to die for, I'd consider yourself in a good spot.

What to have at Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar?

the charcuterie and the cheese are the best things to order at the wine bar. the charcuterie is great if only for the chicken liver pate that is usually on it. what great is you can buy the chicken liver to go from hanks now, $3.50, a huge bargain


Sidecar, Harlem or Globe?

haven't been to harlem, but have been to the other two. sidecar is good and has a very reasonable prix fixe menu. I've been to globe a few times and always had excellent food without being gouged.


Swish by Han?

the guys at swish are waiting on a liquor license and have been screwed by th city strike.


Best pulled pork

best pulled pork in toronto is at beerbistro.


The Citizen - Great Winterlicious Experience

I usually don't do winterlicious, but I've had a couple great winterlicious experiences at the citizen. the food and service is solid, great prices on beers, too.