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Private Dining for marriage proposal

Not much in the way of a view, but the booths at Burritt Room have heavy velvet curtains for privacy. Very cosy and romantic. The menu has really changed in the last year. I wouldn't have recommended it before but my most meal there was terrific.

Grocery Outlet--November 2014

That's a great deal! California Olive Ranch calls their olio nuovo "limited reserve." The mild & buttery at GO is also a first cold press.

Grocery Outlet--November 2014

I was at the Geary Street store on Sunday and picked up some great stuff:

Yarra Valley marinated feta-- $1.99, 6.35 ounces
This is amazing stuff, super creamy

Galbani mozzarella fresca--$2.49, 8 ounces
This is about half price, it's the fresh pack ball

California Olive Ranch Mild & Buttery extra virgin olive oil $7.99
Goes for about $12 normally, and is from the 2014 harvest

Aidells spinach feta smoked chicken sausage $3.99 for 12ounces
I haven't tried this yet but it was a good price

I have wine picks and a gift card giveaway on my blog, but I won't post the link unless requested.

[NOTE: I have developed recipes for Grocery Outlet, and have received free gift cards from them to give away on my blog, but I have no financial relationship with them.]

Wine Sale at Grocery Outlet

I got some great recommendations from Cameron Wilson the wine buyer. Every wine is 20% off from Nov 5-9. His picks as well as my finds and a gift certificate giveaway here

[NOTE: I have developed recipes for Grocery Outlet, and have received free gift cards from them to give away on my blog, but I have no financial relationship with them.]

South San Fran Dinner Reccs

Right off of Grand Ave in South San Francisco both Mom's Tofu House and Empire Dumpling are terrific.

Local source for Monte Pollino Contadino olive oil

Currently $6.99 a bottle at Grocery Outlet on Geary, expiration not until 2015

Grocery Outlet April 2013

I bought some great stoneware pieces for $4.99 each at the Berkeley store. Some were branded Bialetti others Cuisinart. They had pie plates, casseroles and ramekins with lids. Some larger pieces were more expensive. All are freezer, microwave and oven safe.

I'm also giving away a $30 gift card on my blog, for anyone who's interested.

Where to find ya cai (preserved mustard green leaves and stems)?

I have been to Sunset Supermarket, New May Wah and various spots in Chinatown but cannot find it anywhere. It's an ingredient used in Fuschia Dunlop's latest cookbook. I can find lots of other preserved vegetables including zha cai and Tianjin. No one in any of the stores has been able to help, at New May Wah they said restaurants request it but they haven't carried it in years. Has anyone bought it or seen it locally?

The 7 Worst Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Beano is not a diet pill! Unless you are cutting back on farts.

Dec 06, 2010
AmySherman in Features

Interview With Nora Ephron

Yeah, I linked to the Chow blog, but frankly, I'm not sure if that's what she meant or not. Because it was an email interview I didn't get a chance to get her to clarify.

Aug 11, 2009
AmySherman in Food Media & News

Interview With Nora Ephron

I dunno. She thinks Chowhound is a blog!

Aug 11, 2009
AmySherman in Food Media & News

Charred Eggplant Salad

Because you are charring the skin you DO NOT want to use it! It is basically burnt, but lends a smoky flavor to the eggplant flesh.

Jun 26, 2009
AmySherman in Recipes

Pa Rum Pa Pom Pom

In a weird way, I would say the company Pom Wonderful is responsible. To claim the phenomenon comes out of nowhere is ridiculous. It is almost completely fueled by Pom Wonderful. Here are some facts about the company according to articles in Business Week and the Guardian:

POM owns more than half the raw product available
Has spent $10m on pomegranate health research with another $8m committed
Owns the proprietary process to extract and process the juice
Has gone directly to CEO's for distribution commitment, supplanting brokers and grocery people
Has virtually unlimited capital (the owners also lay claim to the Franklin Mint and Fiji water) and have no stockholders to answer to

Now that is what it takes to create a market out of a product that has been around forever...

Dec 11, 2006
AmySherman in Features

Supperclub SF--anything I need to know?

Actually the whole point at Supperclub is to be surprised with the experience and to not know what is coming next. Knowing too much ahead of time will take the fun out of it.

It is a fairly long evening, you will eat in "bed". I think there are about 5 courses. Wear comfy clothes and socks you don't mind showing off. This week has an aphrodisiac theme to the meal and performance elements.

What's Quince like?

Sorry to hear that, but I'm not surprised. Our food was oversalted and mediocre and service was not good. The pasta which everyone supposedly loves was particularly poor. I love the food at Antica and Delfina and generally speaking at A16, but I would not return to Quince. It's amazing to me how many people rave about the place.

Help on entertaining a difficult Boss to please in San Francisco

If you are looking for "unpretentious and reasonably priced with generous portions" that is NOT Quince!

How about Buckeye Roadhouse in Mill Valley? Or in the city Alamo Square?

Fried Chicken in SF

What local restaurants am I missing for Southern style fried chicken? (real restaurants, not chains like Popeye's or KFC)

Foreign CInema
Farmer Brown
Hard Knox
BlueJay Cafe
Chenery Park
Jack Falstaff


napa restaurants with decent portions-please review my choices

I prefer Mustard's Grill to Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, and the portions are ENORMOUS! Don't miss the pork chop with mustard sauce and the lemon-lime meringue pie. Makes me hungry just thinking about it....

Aziza: flashes of brilliance, some disappointments.

Nice detailed review. It's funny because I have had what I consider poor service at Aziza on two occasions but the food has always been terrific. Basteeya is typically a bit dry everywhere, and I've had the lamb shank and never found it bland.

One note, in California gift certificates never expire, despite what your gift certificate said, they must honor it.

Early Breakfast for Six - Sunday Morning

Not many places are open that early. Hotel restaurants like The Garden Court at the Sheraton or the Grill restaurant at the Meridien (used to be Park Hyatt). Sears is also a good bet.

SF pasta carbo load PRE-marathon meal

Believe it or not, Caffe Puccini has really great pasta. Not at all fussy, but very good quality. I loved the papardelle with rabbit. It got a good review in the Chronicle's pasta round-up a few years ago, it ranked in the "best overall" category.

Caffe Puccini: The Tuscan-born owner of this popular espresso bar added a pasta menu a few years ago and makes all the hearty sauces himself, including a delicious marinara. 411 Columbus Ave. (near Vallejo), (415) 989-7033.

I know I am being a pest but I desperately need some feedback on upcoming trip to SF

Americano is close by and very good. Just ate there about two weeks ago.

Hangtown Fry at Tadich Grill?

I think Tadich Grill serves the best hangtown fry I've ever had. Very generous portion, well-seasoned with big juicy oysters and plenty 'o bacon. Love it!


I found the pupusas at Panchitas little tough. The ones at El Patio are more tender and tastier.

"Cooking Class party" caterer

Another one to check out is SF Culinary Adventures

Foreign Cinema report

I really like Foreign Cinema for brunch. They menu is diverse and the staff is attentive and accomodating. I went recently with a group and they did a particularly good job with kids.

Wedding Gift - dinner for around $50-$75

Are you wanting the $50 - 75 to cover the whole thing? I think ISA might be a good pick. Or maybe Plouf? Good food, hip, romantic and under $75 is asking a lot...


Yes! Loroco is very common in El Salvador, it's used in pupusas and with scrambled eggs.

Nopa, Canteen, Aziza, or ? (another bday query)

If you do choose Aziza, be forewarned that in order to have the tasting menu everyone at your table must order it. If everyone wants it, great, if not you migtht want to consider somewhere else.


El Patio has amazing specialties from El Salvador including terrific pupusas. They come in two different styles, one which is made from rice flour. The filling are cheese, pork, zucchini or loroco. Their black beans, platanos fritos and crema are also outstanding.

El Patio
3193 Mission St about a block or so past Army
(415) 641-5056

menu available here: