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Best restaurant between Burlington VT and Boston

I think you might be talking about Crossroads diner. The tip top cafe doesn't have burgers:( great food but no burgers, Crossroads does a nice diner style Breakfast, lunch and dinner. but it is diner food.

Upper Valley VT/NH Gems

Hi Professor, I second your choices. We eat at the same places.
I think both the Tip Top and the Parker House are Chef owned and operated. it shows.
my dinning dollar is getting smaller each day, so I will choose those smaller chef owned places to spend it on. on a diffrent note, these smaller Chef owned restaurants are all
buying local produce this time of year, so we are really helping two birds with one dollar (farmers and restaurants)

A few days in Hanover, NH!

There are a few my husband and I go to that always are worth the money and time
Pene Salute in Woodstock VT. Mangowood Woodstock for dinner. For lunch or dinner try simon pearce in Quechee, Tip top cafe in White river junction, For coffee stay away from the chains we have two great places Umplebys in Hanover(try the almond toast) or the Tuckerbox White river junction (peanut butter and bacon sandwich & Blts)

White River Junction/Coffee

the name of the coffee place in white river junction down by poka dot is called
the tuckerbox......I had a very nice chilled gazpacho(?) this week, my husbands
new fav. place.

White River Junction/Coffee

just stopped by the new coffee shop today, it looks really nice, you can tell they just opened due to staff trying to figure out the computer. very nice cashier & staff, very small menu. just had a muffin and a "bold brew" which it was. All the seats were taken when I was there so had to take mine togo. from the laptops I saw open it seems they have wifi. very up beat music. the poka dot was open and busy too....glad to see white river doing so well

White River Junction/Coffee

did I hear that a coffee shop might open up in WRJ? any idea who? where? when? I am also
sad to hear about Middle Earth in Bradford closeing, not a food place I know, but a great music hall. I hear a few Chefs have moved around cant wait to hear more, I feel so out of touch these days

Hanover, New Hampshire

We love Carpenter and Main, but here are a few other suggestion Mangowood cafe in the lincoln Inn loved the soy reduction, we just tried the Parker House under the new owners younger couple female chef, great! Tip Top cafe in White river junction pork and ginger meatloaf was a nice surprise, and down the street Elixirs
for great cocktails and some music

Elixir WRJ ... what happened ?

I havent heard anything about a coffee shop? but I think that would be a great
addition to White River Junction, I'm excited!