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Any weekday lunch good eats near 51st and 11th?

Tulcingo Del Valle on 46th and 10th (double check) - great little bodega
Tezulingo - 47th and 10th - super hole in the wall mexican place

Jun 05, 2008
Xtreambar in Manhattan

Recs? - Dinner w/Dad near 31 & Park

My father is coming in from way out of town for a meeting and we want to meet up for dinner. He will be here only for today and has somewhat small time window of ~3:30 til his Amtrak leaves Penn at 8:15, so an early dinner would be necessary. His meeting will be near 31st and & Park, so I'm looking for something within a reasonable distance of there and Penn Station. It should not be too loud as we will want to catch up and not overly expensive. We are both adventurous eaters. Any recommendations?

Please help! I rarely eat in that vicinity except for Shake Shack and Kalustyan's.

Jun 05, 2008
Xtreambar in Manhattan

Adventurous Lunch for One?

Well, my girlfriend is out of town; so, I am without my usual dining partner with whom I can split multiple dishes. But, I am not deterred and am up for a trek to satisfy my foodie urges. If you could have anything for lunch in New York and you were by yourself where would you go? Today seems like a good day for an adventure. (I work in Midtown, west 50th, so I've done Hell's Kitchen to death on weekdays)

Feb 02, 2008
Xtreambar in Manhattan

Best Tomatoes... In January?

Where in NY would I find great tomatoes in January (preferably, big beefsteak)? There must be somewhere those top-of-the-line restaurants get them!

Jan 18, 2008
Xtreambar in Manhattan

Vender Halaal Chicken & Rice Recipe? [Moved from Manhattan board]

Does anyone have an idea where one would find a recipe that remotely resembles the ubiquitous halaal chicken and rice with white sauce and hot sauce platters found everywhere in Manhattan? I am dieing to make it at home, but I've been unsuccessful in finding a recipe that remotely resembles it.

Jan 05, 2008
Xtreambar in Home Cooking