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starbucks green tea latte is really gross

I'm currently experimenting with making the green tea latte at home as I find there is no consistency at the stores - either too sweet, not hot enough, or not enough matcha and after paying $4 each time, it gets to be a bit frustrating. The last time I went, the guy was trying to put whip cream in it. I've never had any one do that before! I like the starbucks green tea latte but with half the syrup (2 pumps) and with an extra scoop of matcha in a grande and even with these instructions they sometimes double the syrup instead of halving it! I bought some of the melon syrup to make at home but it still tastes too bitter so I am guessing they must put sugar in their matcha powder or my melon syrup is fake. They could always grind up the sugar to a fine powder as well so you may not be able to tell... Anyways... still in the experimentation process of getting it exactly the way I like it... getting closer every day!

Jan 16, 2008
g7a4ld in Chains

Steamed milk without an espresso machine?

Can you tell if the Mukka Express can be used just to steam the milk without the coffee? I usually only drink green tea lattes or chai tea lattes but wasn't sure if this would work and how much milk you can actually heat up in one go. If you can let me know your thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it before making the purchase.


Jan 05, 2008
g7a4ld in Cookware