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Restaurants you despise, but continue to dine at anyway.........

I went to Clancy's Tavern in Neptune a few times after bad experiences but after our last visit I haven't stepped foot back in there.
I can only take so much for convenience

Mar 02, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

What to get at Gallatoire's and where to get crawfish

My friends bar, Redds, uptown on Maple boils crawfish on Fridays

Mar 02, 2015
roro1831 in New Orleans

Food Trucks Coming To Asbury...

The crappy restaurants on the boardwalk should be concerned.
But as these can't sell booze, people will still go to the brick and mortar places to drink and eat

Feb 20, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

Pho 99 - Eatontown

Just drive by, bare studs so it doesn't look like any time soon

Feb 14, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

A death in the business

I spent many days and nights at the Chimes, lived a couple of blocks away for a while and am still friend with many that worked there.
They did it well

Feb 10, 2015
roro1831 in New Orleans


Yes, didn't think I needed to put the name as it's the only one in Hoboken

Feb 08, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey


The place is printing money right now, drove by Wednesday and it was packed.
The roof deck has a capacity for 450 people so summer will be crazy there.

Same owners as the one in Hoboken, food is good not great there but it's all about the beer anyway.

Feb 08, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

Bolognese sauce

Might want to post this on the home cooking board or recipe board

Jan 09, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

Monmouth County - Best of Last Year?

My wife seconds the burger

Jan 07, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

NY day brunch?

That was correct, we were there Tuesday night for dinner and returned yesterday for the brunch. I believe they ran the brunch menu from noon until 10 pm

Jan 02, 2015
roro1831 in New Jersey

Galatoire's or Antoine's for a family lunch in December?

Exactly, especially sine it is this persons one and only post

Willie Mae's Dooky Chase fried chicken smack down

Was your cabbie named Alex?

Dec 08, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans

Cleo's...what a pleasant surprise

165 University Place for those curious

Dec 04, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans

NYT Thanksgiving Recipes Across the United States

They got Louisiana right, stuffed mirlitons were a staple when I was growing up

Nov 22, 2014
roro1831 in Food Media & News

Absolute don't miss

American Sector is no longer run by Besh. The group that runs is also does the concessions in the some from what I hear, so it may not be as good as it once was

Nov 21, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans

16 things you didn’t know about Jägermeister

My grandfather used to sip in that years ago. I sadly drank more than my fair share in college

Nov 17, 2014
roro1831 in Spirits

Fried Chicken

Wife and I stopped at Jamison's today, she really liked the fried chicken and she's pretty picky about it.

Nov 09, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

just on this side of the river?

I would pick them up and drive over to Jersey City and go to either the Liberty House or Maritime Parc, both in Liberty State Park.
Fantastic views of NYC and the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island as well

Nov 09, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

Toast - Asbury Park

We go to Toast on the rare occasion we have more than four people in our party. Normally would hit Franks or Porta or Pascale and Sabine.
The service at Toast has never impressed me

Oct 29, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

Wayne, New Jersey

I went there once, it wasn't bad but I wouldn't say it was great.
I see by te sign that it's now a diner so it looks like they may have gotten away from all burgers

Oct 28, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

La tapatiare Asbury Park?

And a shorter walk for me

Oct 24, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

Kelly's and Clancy's Tavern in Neptune are twins!

About a month and half ago my wife and I went to Clancy's. We have been there many times as we live a few minutes away.
My wife had had knee surgery about a week prior and it was not comfortable at all for her to sit at the two tops around the bar. I looked around at the booths and there were about four open ones.
I went and asked if we could move into a booth and explained why so my wife could have her leg up on the seat. They asked how many were in our party and when I said two, they simply said no, the booths were for parties of four.
I again tried to explain and they would not listen. So we took our business elsewhere.
My wife sent them an email that night and we have never heard from them.

Oct 13, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

"Only in New Orleans" info request

Hansen's is open for 5 more days

Sep 24, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans

Fuel to Fried Chicken Fights

Barring a time machine that would allow me to go to Jim's fried chicken I stay out of these types of fights and just get it from where I like it

Sep 20, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans

Why You Should Never, Ever Go to a Food Festival

I tend to agree, they just had an oyster festival a couple of blocks from my house. We went Friday night and it wasn't bad, we were able to walk around and there really wasn't any lines. Didn't go out Saturday but walked over Sunday and tere were two lines of people waiting to get in and pay the entry fee, which wasn't charged on Friday.
People said they had been waiting 20 minutes to get in and I could see how crowded it was inside.

We opted to walk up to the boardwalk and get food there without waiting in line.

Jazz Fest in NOLA is just as much about the food and the lines there can be unbearable as well

Sep 08, 2014
roro1831 in Food Media & News

Coming down 8/27

You have a point about you bring there for a few hours, but most sporting events aren't about the actual game anymore, it's more of showing face at the venue and the corporate presence.
Hockey made reference to the Trenton Sound baseball games, I think baseball stadium food is much better then football, although I have been to far more baseball stadiums than football. Lots more games so the draw has to be there

Football to me has always meant tailgating at LSU games so I have no need for food inside the stadium, but Saints games never had much of a tailgating presence and most of my games were viewed as a child at Tulane Stadium

Sep 03, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans

Moe's Tavern

Snake and Jakes in New Orleans let's you drink for free if you are naked, I've seen many people do it

Aug 30, 2014
roro1831 in Food Media & News

Moe's Tavern

I've been in bars that make Moe's look like the nicest place in the world

Chengdu 1 palace. Green brook

Aug 21, 2014
roro1831 in New Jersey

Outskirts of NOLA Recs? Looking for a cajun destination lunch 45min-1.5hr away

I do

Aug 17, 2014
roro1831 in New Orleans