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Craft Beer Pubs or Food Specialty Stores in Charlotte

For a good selection of beer at a restaurant / pub try out "The Lodge" @ Colony & Rea - they have 100 beers. Pretty good selection for a small sports bar. And have some food while you are there - yummy stuff!

Apr 30, 2010
kleischner in Southeast

Mini Review: The Penguin, Charlotte, NC

I strongly disagree! I love the penguin! I think you might have had a bad experience. But we have been to the peguin many times! And it's delicious! I love the Small Block which isn't anywhere close to being small. Granted I don't get a plain burger. I get all the good stuff on it and it's yummy! The onion rings rock the party and are a must! They are thinly sliced and battered and are soooo GOOD! I think the best in Charlotte. But I enjoy the thin sliced so they are right up my alley. The banana pudding is great too! I love the ribeye sandwich too. Needless to say I am a fan of the Penguin!