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Staying at Broadway and Kearny; affordable, unique places to eat?

My boyfriend and I, cook and writing student respectively, are staying at the green tortoise hostel on Broadway at Kearney, and are looking for suggestions for really neat places to eat. We are open to trying something new, I love french bistro and low maintenance food, any must see's in the area? Also, i'm sure there are lots of options in such a city, but any really fine places to catch quality live music while we eat? Thanks!

Whistler for Valentine's Day?

Had a horrible service experience at Araxi before. Bear foot Bistro is great, they no longer run the casual side i think though, which was better, but they are great for champagne and oysters after skiing. Also Rim Rock Cafe, Trattoria di Umberto and Fifty Two 80 are all great!

Coffee Shops Victoria

2% Jazz has very impressive espresso, I went in for a quick shot before work and had zero expectations, but I would reccomend it to anybody after that tasty shot! Also, Habit has a great atmosphere and decent magazine selection to go along with it; I have never been disapointed.