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Italian in San Francisco for 8 +1 toddler

we went to Trattoria Contidina in North Beach with a large group plus a 1.5 year old and it was perfect and delicious!

Quick Report - The Golden Glass – 2009 - San Francisco

pizza sauce was good but the crust was soggy in the middle and most of the edges were burnt, but not in a good way. too charred. Gialina's is still my favorite.

Best ramen between SFO and Berkeley?'s the best. a tiny unassuming little place with amazing pork ramen.

Best Croque Monsieur in SF?

Tartine's is the best, but Cafe La Presse has a pretty good one too.

Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza

GIALINA's (in Glen Park) for sure! their crust is amazing....a little sweet and little salty. perfectly cooked and paper thin. i was in Italy earlier this year and it's the only pizza that comes close.

Looking for a San Francisco local crab lunch...

i also really like Anchor & Hope. they have a dungesess crab paella that is delish!

Bar/Club to host an event near Moscone Convention Center?

do not go to Roe. we hosted an event there and the food was terrible. our CEO almost spit out his food on the server because it was so bad.

Best Pizza in Chicago?

Burt's Pizza in Morton Grove, IL. Anthony Bourdain just went on his show No Reservations and it was on the cover of Saveur magazine. Try it.

Feb 05, 2009
pumakat in Chicago Area

The best almond croissant in SF?

Tartine bakery for sure! They stuff it with almond paste and it's so flaky and delicious!

Eating in Noe Valley & the Castro

Savor has excellent brunch and an outdoor area for seating if the weather permits.

Where to eat around the AON center in the city?

try Cafe Classico, it's in the Prudential building. They have amazing soups! I used to work in the IL Center. There's also Jaffa Bagels inside the IL Center that serves fresh roasted turkey sandwiches every. I mean, they literally roast a whole bird and carve them to order. You must try it! Alumni Club has decent food. I also really liked Soprafina for their sandwiches.

Feb 02, 2009
pumakat in Chicago Area

Need to Eat 2009

I went to Alinea in December and while it was GOOD, it was not amazing like I was expecting. The service was excellent, but some of the dishes were just ok and some were just too out there. Be prepared to spend over $600 for dinner for 2 with wine and coffee.

Feb 02, 2009
pumakat in Chicago Area

Need to Eat 2009

i liked Mercat a lot. I've been to Spain and the tapas were pretty authentic, however, I felt that it was slightly overpriced and the portions were small. Yes I know it's a tapas restaurant, but I frequent tapas places, and the portions here seemed to be a lot smaller. The mariscos croquettes were filled with 1/2 a shrimp each and cost $10 for an order of 6. $14 for the coca of porcini & catalan sausage, roasted garlic and manchego is the price of a small deep dish pizza and it was TINY.

We were a group of 6 and the bill was just over $400 before tip and we were still hungry (we are not big eaters). They charged us for extra bread, which I thought was a little ridiculous. I would not go back. I think Emilio's has better tapas for more reasonable cost.

Feb 02, 2009
pumakat in Chicago Area

Best Bay Area Morning Buns??

I second Tartine! They always sell out very early, so get em when you can!

48 hours in San Fran

go to Jack Falstaff, Aqua or Tadich Grill for a nice lunch


If you like Filipino empanadas, then get them from Red Ribbon Bakery (the only in Daly City is better than the one in SF inside Jollibe). They have chicken or beef and they are the best empanadas I've had. I even bring some home to my family in Chicago because they love them too. The pastry is doughy (in a good way) and the filling is not made wit fatty meat, just yummy shredded chicken or beef in a tasty sauce.

Best places to eat in downtown San Mateo

Saigon City for sure! Get #42 with pork. Also good pho and bahn mi

Looking for great/inexpensive food to try in SF/!

Indian food - Indian Oven is the BEST
Vietnamese - Sunflower in the mission (super cheap)

Middle Eastern food or Greek Food (from what I've read there may not be much in SF) - Ali Baba's Cafe (very hole in the wall, but good falafel's)

Authentic Mexican food (I hear mission district is good? any specific places?) -Yes this is very true! I've lived in the Mission for 5 year and i've found these places to be the best: Farolito for the BEST quesadillas, La Taqueria for the BEST carnitas tacos, Chava's for sit down Mexican food (only takes cash)

South American food (I don't know if there's much of this, i haven't read much) - Limon Rotisserie (very cheap and good Peruvian food)

Mediterranean food - Nopa (not exactly cheap, but worth every penny!)

African Food: bissap baobob for sure

Best New York Style pizza that's not Arinell?

toto's is the closest thing I've had. i work with several NY transplants and that's the only place they will get the pizza from for all our meetings. cheese or pepperoni is all you need.

Top Ten Tastes - 2007

i only have 1 to offer right now, but it's so good that I had to take the time to post: the porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti on Saturday mornings at the Ferry Building farmer's market. It's located outside near the Prather Rach stand. AMAZING!!!! crispy bits of pork with micro greens and lots of savory, juicy rotisserie meat that drips on the ciabatta bread topped. SO GOOD. they sell out pretty early.

Top Ten Tastes - 2007

Falafel's Drive Inn is the BEST! Best falafel's I've ever had anywhere. So crispy and flavorful...mmmmmm, now I want some! my husband and I take the road trip from SF every few months just to have a yummy falafel sandwich and banana shake combo.

Best Sit Down Hamburger with a Full Bar

Street on Polk Street is exactly what you are looking for. Try it you will not be disappointed!

The Big Eat SF: 100 things to try before you die

The open faced pork belly sandwich at Bar Tartine. It's served on top of homemade egg salad - AMAZING!

Cheez Whiz Cheesesteaks?

Phat Philly's just opened on 24th and Valencia. They import the Amorosa rolls from Philly and do them up "wit whiz" gotta get it!!! VERY Authentic!! Tell Sam that Kathy sent you.

Crispy Carnitas??

Taqueria Guadalajara is the only place that I know that does true authentic fried carnitas.

I've lived on 24th and Valencia for 5 years and this is the only place I've found that does it the best. Delicious!

Can I score my three must-eats in SF?

for Ramen go to Sapporo Ya in Japantown. R&G Lounge does a DELICIOUS salt & pepper dungeness crab dish. it's to die for and you can get there easily from downtown.

Foody Date Place in SF?

I think you will like Incanto. I had date night there with my husband a while ago and it was a perfect evening with great food. We got a special home made butternut squash gnocci dish that was excellent. I also would look into Range, but keeping it to $100 is hard in SF.

My SF Itinerary (need advice)

For French Bistro, go to Chez Maman in Potrero. they make the most delicious french style burgers with brie and caramelized onoins and it's much less expensive than most of the places mentioned above. very casual and barstools for seats. yummmmm there's also Cafe Le Presse in Union Square if you don't have a car.

my favorite restaurant right now is Range in the Mission. excellent food and great vibe - I've always enjoyed every meal there. Limon is also another great option for Peruvian food. you can also try to go to Zuni Cafe which is an SF institution and serves damn good food. Try the famous roasted chicken, it's divine.

for brunch i LOVE Just For you Cafe in Dog Patch (great scrambles). I also like Pres A Vie for a great location in the Predisio and Beterra (the Old Last Supper Club) in the Mission. DO NOT go to Boogaloos - terrible food and just ok service.

Farolito is the place to go for a late night snack. Make sure you get the carne asada quesadilla - it's the best thing on the menu. expect to wait in line if it's after 1AM.

Bourbon & Branch is good, but be prepared to pay $12 for 1 drink. I like it, but the neighborhood is a bit off-putting as it's in the heart of the Tenderloin. Make a reservation if you want a table or else you will have to go to the Library where people without a rez must go.

for lunch spots, if you like Vietnamese go to Turtle Tower. Every Vietnamese cab driver I've ever had has recommended that place. They have the BEST chicken soup you will ever find and it's pretty cheap. if you want good Thai, try Suriya - I'm not sure if they are open for lunch, but I've been to Thailand and Suriya is the only place where the food comes close to what I had in Thailand.

I've never been to Canteen, but if I hear great things about it.

SF Wedding Caterer who does fried chicken?

try Hard Knox Cafe in Dog Patch. They have THE BEST fried chicken i the city!

Best corned beef hash?

the BEST is at Toast in Noe Valley - I get it well done with eggs over medium. My second favorite is at Savor also in Noe Valley, but it's a little greasier than I like. Great for hangovers!