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Visiting SF ~ Slanted Door?

Hi again,

We spent a day in the wine country this trip
and what we heard may amuse you:
French Laundry is closed in January to make repairs,
give the kitchen staff a vacation and
(if you believe pouring room hype)
have the wait staff brush up on ballet lessons
to tighten up the choreography on synchronized plating.

For something French and very SF, consider this:
After 3 miles of walking the Presidio & Crissy Field
we stopped at Buena Vista for a couple Irish Coffees.
After that we walked up Polk to avoid the worst of the steepness.
Some bit after Lombard we came across a two block section
filled with a variety of little French Bistros.
They all looked cute and worth investigating.

If you attempt a Bistro Crawl with Cassoulet tasting
let me know how it goes.

Visiting SF ~ Slanted Door?

We ate at Jardiniere on our last visit (7 years ago).
We ate in the wine vault with my wife's company on expense account.
If you like to start with foie gras & champagne
and finish with a cheese array & sauterne... it's the bomb.
(Don't expect to want to be sexy after this meal).

We were at the Ferry Plaza Market last Saturday
and by chance snuck into the Slanted Door at @ 11:30.
By 12:15, it was a zoo.
Once something is this trendy... it's not the bomb.

best place to buy dungeness crab

You're hurting me.

What about my other inquiry?
Something to do while waiting
around Pillar Point Harbor.

best place to buy dungeness crab

Yeah, this is the way to go.
I'm getting excited!
We get off the plane midmorning tomorrow.
Finally some calm weather is forecast.
First stop, Pillar Point Harbor.
We may have to wait around for the early boats to get in.
Any suggestions for a diversion while we
wait around to buy our 4 pound beauties?

best place to buy dungeness crab

Is this "Sun Fat" similar to a "99 Ranch Market"?
(*Posters above, I'm pretty sure this is the actual name.)
$2.99/Lb. is half the price that the 3 + pounders
will fetch in San Diego's, Asian, live-tank markets
(if you can find them that size).
Once you've had a 4 pounder, it's hard to go back to the 2 pounders!
I guess my real question is:
Which place am I most likely to find a freshly caught, live
Dungeness Crab that weighs around 4 pounds?
I'll gladly pay more for the "Oh my Gawd... that's Huuuge" kind of experience.