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Cheap ethnic food in the DC area?

Oh my god guys, it is spelled "El Pollo RICO' not Ricco or Rice, learn some spanish!!!

Second, crossing the potomac is a very rewarding experience for ethnic food. If you can measure an ethnic food's quality and authenticity by the make-up of its clientele then NOVA and the MD suburbs are where the action is. If you want chinese frequented by chinese then chinatown may not be the best bet. If you want indian eaten by indians go to fairfax or moco. the list goes on. don't be afraid to get in a car leave DC and explore!

bubble tea shops in northern VA, DC ?

I had good green tea, boba tea at Shilla, I'd rec.

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

Pupuseria My Family's is gone, it didn't last too long. It does seem like something else is comming in that spot though.

In search of Portuguese cheese

Have you tried Euro-Latino Market in Arlington?

European Foods Import-Export
2700 N Pershing Dr, Arlington, VA