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Asheville HomeGrown on Merrimon (Former Picnic's location)

Went to Homegrown again last week and had a pretty good meal. First time had the philly cheesesteak and a gratin (it's been a while). Both were pretty good. I like the concept. Local, reasonably priced, etc.

But, this time had the fried chicken sandwich and the sweet potato hash. Sandwich was great, once I asked for some mayo, the hash was just okay. The real standout was the dessert. I split the hot salted caramel brownie with salted caramel ice cream with a friend. OUTSTANDING. DELICIOUS. Will go back just for that! The ice cream is from The Hop and they get their salted caramel from Creme, so you know it's good.

Mar 08, 2011
evbecker in Southeast

Thin Crust Pizza Asheville

I second the West First recommendation. It's delicious! IMO, the best pizza in AVL is Asheville Pizza and Brewing. It's not terribly thin crust but it's good and their lunch buffet is reasonably priced.

Dec 03, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Good, Not Expensive in Hendersonville,NC?

Grew up in H'ville. Here are my rec's/thoughts:

Skip El Paso go to Papa's and Beer on US 25 (papa's and beer does have 2 Asheville locations, so I guess it's technically a chain, but good, fast and inexpensive).
Three Chopt is pretty good, but Alley Kat (Spartanburg Hwy) is better, imo.
West First is terrific, but you can also go to their original location (Flat Rock Bakery) just down the road on US 25 for lunch. Great outdoor seating under the shade.
Right next to Flat Rock Bakery is Hubba Hubba Smokehouse for good barbecue.
If they like hiking the Carl Sanburg house in Flat Rock has some beautiful and easy trails.
Dixie Diner does do a pretty good breakfast.

Hope your sister & nieces/nephews enjoy H'ville!

PS-Hubert's is long gone

Dixie Diner
1724 Brevard Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28791

El Paso
505 US Highway 70 SW, Hickory, NC 28602

Jul 20, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Best fries in Asheville?

If you don't mind the drive, Flight Wood Grill ( has the best fries in WNC. They serve them with a rib-eye as steak-frites. It's in Hendersonville. They're hand cut, crunchy & delcious.

Jul 12, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Kid-friendly, but GOOD in Ashville

Since you'll be headed to Zirconia on Saturday, I'd suggest the Flat Rock Bakery ( or Hubba Hubba Smokehouse ( in Flat Rock for lunch. Great food at either restaurant. And other rec's for Asheville (you are staying right downtown) are Zambra's for tapas, Salsa's for "traditional Caribbean and Mexican cuisines", or the aforementioned Early Girl for more traditional fare. Salsa's & Early Girl may be more kid-friendly than Zambra's. For brunch on Sunday I would highly recommend Sunny Point in West Asheville.

Enjoy & please post where you end up eating & what you thought!

Jul 12, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Great bakery in Asheville?

We love Creme for their bread and their pastries. My favorite breads are their poppy seed challah and sea salt foccacia. And, yes ditto pilches recommendation of the pretzel rolls. They make the very best ham and cheese sandwiches...

Jun 23, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

February Honeymoon In Asheville NC

I'd go with Fig for your special romantic meal. They always have some interesting food combinations that nobody else is doing. I would also second the 12 Bones and Mela recommendations. And for good beer downtown just do some bar hopping (Thirsty Monk although they can occasionally be pretentious, Jack of the Woods, Barley's). It will give you a good glimpse of the Asheville scene.

Feb 23, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Asheville, NC- Steak and Wine

pclotus, thanks for the review. I definitely won't be taking my hard-earned money there! And, yes, Jeff C. it is a shame because it's a beautiful space.

Feb 18, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Pita Express in Flat Rock, NC

Not a first hand account, but my mom and sister ate here yesterday (partially because I bugged them to try it). They both had gyros and said they were delicious, "the best in the area". They also said it was packed, so I think it's very promising. I'll definitely give it a try next time I'm in H'ville.

Feb 04, 2010
evbecker in Southeast

Special Occasion Asheville Restaurant Recommendation

I would recommend Fig over Zambra's. IMO you will have a better food/dining experience. The other option is Rezaz, which is just around the corner from Fig. Wonderful food in a nice setting (prettier than Fig and the tables are a little less crowded). Let us know where you go and how it is!

Nov 09, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

Good quick food near Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville?

It's called Thai Cuisine Express. It has good food!

Thai Cuisine Express
1438 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806

Nov 04, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

Stoney Knob- Asheville

Little Bee Thai ( is authentic thai in an Exxon on Sweeten Creek Rd. Amazing food!

Nov 03, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

Good quick food near Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville?

There's lots of generic fast food in that area, but I would recommend Nona Mia's Italian Kitchen. It's right around the corner, does to-go orders and has many vegetarian options. It's tasty food too!

Nov 03, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

New Soul Food Place Opening in Asheville

Just saw this on somebody's post on Facebook. It looks promising. And, as a friend was just saying the other day, where do you get really good fried chicken in Asheville? This might just be the place... Opens August 29th right near Picnics.

Asheville Sunday/ Monday- regional

I second bbqdawg's suggestion of 12 Bones. And, although their brisket is good, the blueberry chipotle ribs are incredible. For sides stick to collards and the potatoes or grits. They do have some misses where sides are concerned (mac and cheese and some of their slaws/salads). Tupelo is good, but so is Early Girl which is just the next street over.

Inspired Cupcake in Asheville

So, I needed bread for dinner tonight so I swung by Creme Patisserie and Confectionery on Merrimon Ave. I got a baguette and just wanted a little bit of something sweet so I decided to get a salted caramel, but that's when I saw it.

It's essentially a s'mores cupcake (I think they call it something else). And, I had to have it. It is sweet, but it's also complex. It's a dense, moist chocolaty cupcake with a graham cracker crust (on the bottom & a dusting on top of the cupcake). Then they do a beautiful homemade marshmallow cream on top, that they then brulee it for some color and added flavor. It's really extraordinary.

I don't think they have it everyday so you might want to call. I've loved all of their desserts so you can't go wrong, but this cupcake... you've got to try it.

Nona Mia (Asheville) - inexpensive Italian

I've been several times, but only for lunch. I've always been pleased with what I get (especially for the price). My favorite is the grilled salmon salad. Nice piece of fish served over an interesting and fresh salad. Service has always been prompt, but I can only imagine how it might be with 20 people waiting for a table! Yikes! I have had a bite of other peoples food. The chicken parmesan was good, the pasta that was served with it was al dente. And, I also had a bite of the pasta with grandma's gravy (I think that's what it was called), it was really complex and wonderful. I definitely recommend giving Nona Mia a try.

Jul 22, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

Driving from Charlotte, NC to Asheville, NC

Check out this posting:

Red Stag Grill, Asheville

That's too bad since their menu looked promising. Have others tried it? Maybe, it's just opening growing pains!?!

Asheville FYI

You all know that the original Papas and Beer is in Hendersonville. It's on 25 across the street from Ingles. Just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that it was the first, then the Brevard Road, and now Tunnel Rd.

Asheville FYI

Great news! I kept checking to see if it was open yet. Thanks for letting us know. I'll be headed there this week for sure.

Asheville for Easter Weekend

I'll second Table. I ate there last night, and as usual it was a lovely meal. Eclectic menu, nice wine list, fun setting. My other favorite standbys are Fig and Rezaz, but I haven't been to either this spring... been watching every dollar.

Hendersonville, NC recs?

Where did you end up eating, carolinadawg? I'm sure we'd all like to hear!

Smiley's Update-Asheville/Fletcher

I didn't see any hot chocolate at the churros stand, but I was a little preoccupied!

Mar 31, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

Smiley's Update-Asheville/Fletcher

There were some recent posts about the food at Smiley's Flea Market and I wanted to give an update since I was there yesterday. Lots of great mini taqerias at the market, my friends and I went to Don Tacos. We were there around 2:00 pm on a Sunday so they were out of several items (carnitas, tortas, etc.). We had all eaten, but wanted to try a taco since we had heard they were so good. My friend and I each had a steak taco and my husband had the beef cheek taco. All were delicious. Handmade tortilla's, perfectly cooked and seasoned beef, and minimally dressed (little bit of onion and cilantro with a lime wedge on the side). I'd recommend this place, but we're talking about going back to try all of the taco stands. Don Tacos had indoor and outdoor seating.

The highlight of the flea market, though, were the freshly made churros. This stand is near the rear of the buildings portion of the market. They extrude the dough, fry it before your eyes and offer several different fillings. Hot, delicious, and I'd recommend it to EVERYONE.

Mar 30, 2009
evbecker in Southeast

Asheville Anniversary

I looked at the usual fine dining restaurants menus and very few had more than one vegetarian option. I think Fig's sounded the best of them all. It's a nice restaurant and would make a good anniversary spot. Although, if you were up for Indian food, Mela has a huge vegetarian selection, is a beautiful restaurant and would also make for a nice romantic meal. The only downside is there wine list is lacking somewhat. Also, other chowhounders are not fond of Mela, but I have always found it to be a delicious meal...

Enjoy wherever you end up going and let us all know about your experience!

Christmas Eve in Asheville

The Boathouse has been closed for months.

Best Chinese Food in Asheville?

Thanks, I'll check it out!

Best Chinese Food in Asheville?

yes, I'm a big fan of the Noodle Shop. I just wondered if there was a spot I had been missing. Like, Thai Express is for Thai cuisine...

Best Chinese Food in Asheville?

I'm still searching for that go-to place that has the best in the area. Any recommendations?