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Just moved to San Lorenzo from SF, any recs?

Just moved to San Lorenzo from SF and wanted to get some recommendations. We eat all foods. Besides restaurants, how about coffee, ice cream, desert, bakeries, etc. etc.

Only places we know of so far are international blvd., downtown Davis Street. Have yet to venture out to Hayward. Guess there's probably "better" places in Fremont and Oakland, but don't really want to go that far since we have newborns.

Homebound: Need delivery and take out options

Wife and I will be home bound for the next 3-4 months taking care of newborn triplets. Can anyone recommend some good delivery options in San Francisco, and/or take out places close to Japantown, Hayes Valley, Civic Center, Richmond, etc. Thanks so much.

Delivery would be the first choice, then take out. All types of foods.

Dim sum items you'd never eat...or never thought you'd eat, but liked?

I started seeing this a few years ago too in the Bay Area. Flaky, custard-y, gooey, chessy, smelly, all in a good way.

Jul 15, 2011
badbatzmaru in General Topics

Xiao Long Bao Kitchen [South San Francisco]

Great place! Initially, drove my parents over to try Hung To Seafood for dim sum, but my parents weren't impressed by the looks of Hung To and didn't want to wait. I guess they compared it Koi Palace, Hong Kong Lounge in SF, etc. So, we went to Xian Long Bao Kitchen. We've never heard of the place, but saw it as we passed by Grand Avenue getting to Hung To. Arrived around 12:30 Sunday, and place was half empty, no wait.

We had a party of 6: 5 adults, and one 12 year old. Ordered 2 orders Xiao Long Bao Dumplings, order of Chive Dumplings, Green Onion Pancake, Fried Buns (w/condensed milk), Sesame Rice Dumplings w/crushed peanut, Mu Shu Chicken, and Dan Dan Noodles (Noodle w/Sesame Sauce in Soup). We didn't order meat or seafood dishes since we were at a Chinese banquet the night before. Everything was finished and we didn't have to pack anything to go.

I was thoroughly surprised, everything was tasty, fresh, and overall very good. The onion pancake came out hot, crispy, thin, and tasty. XLB came out steaming hot with a good amount of broth inside, and skin texture was just right. Never had mu shu chicken, but liked the fact the veggies were not overcooked, and the chicken was lean.

Noodles w/Sesame Sauce (Dan Dan Mian). I've tried many versions of this, and everyone seems to make it differently. The version here does NOT have any sesame sauce (unlike the version at Little Beijing (Noriega, San Francisco)) and their "sauce" is more soupy than saucy. I liked the version nonetheless. Can't say much about the sauce, other than it's a mildly spicy red colored sauce with some ground meat (pork?). The sauce was average, but enough to drench and flavor the excellent noodles.

Did not taste the sesame balls since I was already full, but can say they were double the size of regular sesame balls, almost the size of a small egg. My mom said the fried buns were more "chewy" than how she had it at another place before, but I thought they were just right.

Total cost was around $70 and worth every penny. Can't wait to come here again and try the pig feet, stomach, drunken chicken, hot and spicy beef, and maybe the spicy pork intestine clay pot and combination bean jelly (fen pi).

Dim sum items you'd never eat...or never thought you'd eat, but liked?

This year, I had 3 different co-workers come to San Francisco to work for a few weeks. They were all 25 to 30 year old, and from the Sacramento area. For lunch, I brought them each to a dim sum restaurant. Two of them had tried dim sum once or twice before, but one never even heard of dim sum. They all liked the basics such as shrimp and pork dumpling, baked pork buns, rice rolls, fried items, etc.

For two coworkers, I ordered a few "exotic" items, including tripe and mochi, and both hated it, especially the tripe. Thus, when I went out with the third coworker who never had dim sum before, I stuck with "safe" items. One coworker said he had tried fried calamari before, so I ordered the dim sum version But he did not like the dim sum version because the calamari pieces were too big. He was used to small calamari circles. I assume that if the dish came with the tentacles (which it did not), all three would have been disgusted...

Wanted to ask Chowhounders whether there's dim sum items you or someone you know would never eat or items you have eaten but would not eat again. Conversely, are there items you thought you wouldn't like, but ended up liking it?

Jul 03, 2011
badbatzmaru in General Topics

Langers was good but............

I'll jump in, adding to the hundreds of all valid opinions. A bit conflicted, but after thinking hard, the sandwich was not worth $14. It was worth it when I ate it, a very tasty sandwich, the pastrami was really good (portion wise just enough, though could have been more), fresh rye bread, and a great package.

But...would I go there again? No, only if money was not an issue or I wanted to splurge. Although I would rate the #19 an "A-" for taste/package, I would rate it a "B/B-" for value.

In San Francisco, I tasted Miller's East Coast Deli's pastrami sandwich, and although it's not as good, it's still a very good Pastrami sandwich for only (B+) for only $7.99 for the small and $9.99 for the large. Value wise: A+.

Jun 12, 2011
badbatzmaru in Los Angeles Area

HIghway 1 open again Fri June 10--Big Sur Bakery here we come!

We are going camping in June, first time. Will be driving from San Francisco after work. After places between past San Jose and to Monterrey that worth going for dinner?

Jun 11, 2011
badbatzmaru in California

Chowhound worthy Restauarants in San Gabriel/Monterey Park that open before 11 a.m.

I removed the automatic link to "koi" in LA. The Dim Sum restaurant I was referring was Koi Palace in the San Francisco Bay Area:

May 31, 2011
badbatzmaru in Los Angeles Area

Chowhound worthy Restauarants in San Gabriel/Monterey Park that open before 11 a.m.

Yeah, said non Cantonese, but "maybe" dim sum. I am sort of dim summed out since coming back from a three week trip to Hong Kong and Beijing. Since there's 3 of us, probably will check out either Sea Harbour or Elite, will be good to see how it compares to Hong Kong Lounge and Koi Palace in San Francisco and /Daly City, respectively.

Dont think I've had the hot sesame bread, gonna try it. .

May 31, 2011
badbatzmaru in Los Angeles Area

Chowhound worthy Restauarants in San Gabriel/Monterey Park that open before 11 a.m.

Thanks. Got a spot reserved for the sand dunes. They ask for too much private info imho: driver's license, date of birth, address, phone, etc.

Looking forward to trying out the Taiwanese places.

May 31, 2011
badbatzmaru in Los Angeles Area

Chowhound worthy Restauarants in San Gabriel/Monterey Park that open before 11 a.m.

Three of us are driving from SF to Pasadena, and staying in Pasadena for 5 days, Wed-Sunday. My bro is going to the bot con (transformers) convention in Pasadena while my wife and I are going to explore LA.

Wife and I will go to: Santa Monica (biking the strand) and Malibu or Manhattan Beach (sand dune park), hollywood walk fame, griffin observatory, Geffen Moca, Getty, Holocaust Museum or Museum of Tolerance, and two farmer's market: Hollywood, and Pasadena or South Pasadena, maybe if time permits, we'll also go to LA Farmer's market.

We would like to have a late breakfast/early early lunch with my bro before he goes to his convention, and we go to our places. Many of the restaurants recommended by Chowhounders open at around 11:00 am.

We're looking for Asian, non Cantonese, maybe dim sum. Preferably noodles, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Ramen, and any others. Any res for places that open lets say between 9 to 10:30 am?

Recommendations for places we will be going would be fabulous too. Price wise, up to $25 per person, though for Japanese (sushi/sashimi) we could go up to $50 pp.


May 30, 2011
badbatzmaru in Los Angeles Area

King of Noodles

I had the beef tendon noodle soup, pork feet, and pork and chives dumplings. They were all ok. The pork feet was only $3.95; you get around 5 to 6 good chunky pieces. Not as flavorful as those I had in Beijing, but not bad at all.

The real standout is the noodles in the tendon soup. Noodles were al dente, slightly thickish, more doughy than chewy, and just a tad undercooked but good texture. The texture and taste of those noodles were very similar to knife cut noodles I had in Beijing recently.

The only reason I "may" not go back is because the place was too dirty--floor was black, lots of dust, chair legs were all black with dirt, scuff marks, etc.

Rockfish at Costco

Don't know what type, but I have bought Costco's Rockfish and other filets once or twice, and it's not the most fresh. I buy it because it's all boned and skinned, but the few times that I did buy their fish, there was already a strong fishy smell. Maybe it has to do with the type of fish, because I know the wild salmon lasted is not as smelly. If you don't cook the rockfish in a day, or two, the smell is so strong that your whole refrigerator smells of rotten fish; your whole house will smell too when you cook it.

Recipes for Spicy boiled and roasted peanuts

I followed a recipe online which called for boiling peanuts for a minimum of 4 hours, but to me it came out too soft/mushy. I think your cooking time of 2 to 3 hours would have been better. I should have tasted them at hour 2, 3, etc.

Oct 17, 2010
badbatzmaru in Home Cooking

hyphenated chinese restaurants?

When I was in Miami this past January, there were a few Chinese Jamaican hole in the wall places serving mainly Jamaican dishes, with some hint of "Chinese." Too bad, I never got a chance to try. Wanted to really try some of the curry and ox tail....

For example:

what NOT to get at Lers Ros Thai

I tried the boar yesterday night. While the flavor was good, and I agree the meat was on the tough side, but the "meat" was still edible and not jaw breaking jaw aching tough.

The problem is they included what I think is the skin. Now that was tough, like chewing rubber, more chewy that stomach, or tripe. Kind of like uncooked tendon.

If they added more boar meat, and cut out what I think is the boar skin, this dish will be much better. Also, the skin and meat, contained alot some fat.

Abbaye Ste Mere cheese from Trader Joe's

I've not a cheese expert, and never wrote a review of cheese before, but I bought some Abbaye Ste. Mere cheese from Trader Joe's, and at first I thought it has this faint/weird fishy bitter/sharp taste to it. Then as I slowly ate more and more, I knew what the flavor tasted like--chinese salted fish!

I discerned salted fish taste/flavor in this cheese, in a good way.

Abbaye de Ste. Mère
This Trappist cheese, made by the Sisters of the Abbaye de Belval, is for those who are not faint-of-heart, but who are also not expecting a washed-rind cheese to overwhelm. The happy medium - sweet, vegetal, zingy, pungent, and aromatic. Solid, smooth, semi-soft paste, the color of straw; the rind has the hue of light brown sugar. Made of raw cow's milk, aged for at least 60 days. From Normandie, France.

Need recommendations - Aventura area of Florida

Is Goyo El Pollo really closed? Saw a blurb on chowhound (Top Dishes in Forida) which mentioned this restaurant.

South Beach or no for foodie/Chowhounder

Thanks to all the great suggestions. I usually do listen to the "locals," but I think for the hotel I'm going to stick with it. Have car, will travel. Two nights at the Summersuites, and two nights at a Residence Inn, both hotels averaging $150 per night including parking +wifi.

Onto the restaurants, thanks for all the South, Central American, Latin, recommendations. My wife and I do not go out for these types of food here in San Francisco, though there are many fine choices in SF's Mission district. Just always stuck with the familiar Asian and European dishes.

I have eliminated Vietnamese, Georgia Pig, and BBQ since there's so many choices on the list, and so few days, and tweaked some of the other restaurants per the great suggestions.

Happy New Year's; Great eats and health to all!

South Beach or no for foodie/Chowhounder


Is the location really that is a new hotel.....

South Beach or no for foodie/Chowhounder

Thanks Lax2mia. I think I found a pretty good place and location: SpringHill Suites Miami Arts/Health District 1311 NW 10th Avenue.

South Beach or no for foodie/Chowhounder

Dear Chowhounders,

I will be visiting Orlando for 6 days, Miami for 4 days, and Ft. Lauderdale for two days, in January 2010, coming from San Francisco,

I booked a hotel at the Riviere Apart Hotel on 1400 block Collins Avenue for three nights. My wife and I are in our mid thirties, and mostly will do lots of eating while we are in Miami. We are not really into the beach or partying/clubbing at all, but I booked the hotel in South beach because it was a fairly good rate, around $120/night, and I did not know where else.

My question is, since we're mostly going to drive all around Miami (Little Havana, Coral Gables, etc.) for the food, would it be better for us to stay in Downtown, or in some of the other neighborhoods? I know parking is not great at all at the beaches, and i'm afraid the parking lots don't have in and out privileges. We'll be going out to eat/snack at least 3 times a day.

Some of the places I'm researching, in no particular order:
El Palacio De Los Jugos
Hy Vong Vietnamese
Islas Carnarias
La Estancia Argentina
Cuban Sandwiches (Enriquetas, Los Olas Cuban, Sergio's, etc.)
Tom Jenkins or Georgia Pig in Ft. Lauderdale

Thanks all!

Does good butter matter? If so, what to get in San Francisco?

How about recommendations for butter to put slather on plain ole bread, toast, crumpets, scones, etc.?

2009 Eggnog sightings

I've bought "Buds" about a week ago and have been using it instead of half and half in my coffee. The calories for one serving is 230, and saturated fat is 40% of daily value.

And the serving size is 1/2 cup; yikes!

Where to get good, fresh uni?

Not available at Nijiya when I went there 10-10-2009. I was home alone and craved some Uni with rice I made. Drove down to J town and did not find it at Nijiya, headed across the street to the market next to San Wang but there were closed at 7:45 p.m.

Went to the Korean store on Fillmore and obtained some cucumber kim chi and dried anchovies and mixed it with rice....

Will try the supermarket next to San Wang next time...

Two reasons to love Lers Ros

One negative dish so far for me at Lers Ros Thai, and only one so far out of the six times I've been there. The salt and pepper rabbit. I went with my wife, mother and sister in law this time and we ordered around five dishes: papaya salad, fried rice (excellent), sea bass (good), salt and pepper rabbit, soup shrimp tong yum. Everything was prettty good. I have never ordered the rabbit or sea bass before, and probably would not order both again. The fish was good, but I'm partial to Cantonese style steamed fish...

Onto the rabbit...deep fried rabbit chunks fried in oil with no batter. Problem was it was a over cooked, and dry, kind of like eating chicken jerky. Other than that, I'll make my usual twice a month stop to this place.

I still think their fried rice dishes are top notch, and if we "can" make a comparison with Chinese fried rice, it is better than 80% of the fried rice dishes I had at a Chinese restaurant.

Modern Thai

No comparision to Lers Ros, Osha, or Sai Jai Thai. The decor is nice but why go if you've already got Lers Ros? I've been to Modern Thai twice, since I work near Van Ness and California. Have not been disappointed with Modern Thai at all, but nothing spectacular. Nothing different or unique about the place, similar to most other mediocre Thai places in the city.

Lers Ros Thai - SF - Report

I've been to Lers Ros multiple times and loved all the times I've been there. I have never cared too much for Thai House Express, Osha, etc. The other day, I think it was Labor Day, Lers Ros was closed; so we headed over to Sai Jai Thai around the corner (on Ofarrell, btwn Larkin Hyde). I've been to Sai Jai a few times too, and liked their Pork Neck. This time we ordered the pork neck, fried rice, and papaya salad. Everything was good and fresh--but the fried rice was exceptional; I think even better than Lers Ros. I don't recall what kind of fried rice it was, I think it was just a basic fried rice dish with beef and fried egg/scrambled hard eggs. The rice was done right, had great flavor, was not too soggy, or hard, just right. The beef was out of this world--It was quite flavorful, sweet in fact, and tasted a bit like very soft soft abet sweet beef jerky. I don't know how to describe it--its like they baked it, then quickly fried it in oil. I also like the fact they slice and dice a raw thai chili for you to mix up with the rice. Yummmmmmm

Red Crawfish in the TL

We were there tonight, Sept 10, 2009; nothing really special. We got the 2 person special for $45 (w/o tips): 2lbs crawfish, garlic bread, garlic noodles, fried sweet potato, plus dessert (scoop vanilla ice cream and two pieces of fried dough (with a very small piece of banana inside). We got there around 7:30 pm, and the place was half empty; by the time we left it was almost full.

There's really nothing great about the side dishes. Garlic bread and noodles were mediocre at best. The garlic bread look like it was sliced from a small baguette, slathered with butter, and topped with some garlic. Noodles was garlicky but was smothered with oil and lukewarm when it arrived. Sweet potatoes tasted fresh and crisp.

Crawdads were okay, very small pieces. The "mild" sauce/broth/soup was excellent. I don't think we'll go again....

Bear Republic Brewery in Healdsburg - Any good?

Wife and I went to this place during the labor day weekend, 2009, ordered a black and blue (blue cheese, avacado, bacon) burger, fried calamari, and a beer sampler. Total came out to $41 w/o tips.

My medium rare burger was very good, no complaints. Tomatoes, onions, avocado, blue cheese, and lettuce was very fresh, as well as the meat. The calamari was excellent; not burnt/overdone, and the calamari was fried most excellent--batter coating was light, and they used was some type of crispy/crunchy corn flour/meal.

I did not experience the "bad" service that some reviewers mentioned on Yelp, because we just ordered our beer and food at the bar, watched some colelge football on the LCD, and everything was good. No other service needed. Beer review: we're beer lighweights so we had a mild buzz after finishing off most of the samplers. What I did not really like were some of the higher alcohol beers (7.5 to 10%)--including the famed Racer 5--too much poison for us. The black mamba was okay for me though, reminded me a bit of a Guinesss.