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Guanciale in Baltimore

There's an article about it in the NYT today.

Manor Tavern - Monkton

I've been there a few times and they catered my best friend's wedding. Never had bad food there.

paczki and pierogis

The pierogies at Polish Treasures are fantastic. You could also visit the Polish Home Club on Saturday night (from 6:30 to 10:00, they have live music) and ask around. Everyone is super nice there and it's a great place to get a cheap beer and dance to some polka.

Decent Dining in Towson

I had the worst service experience of my life at One World. We waited over an hour to order despite repeated pleas to take our order. When the food finally came, we had waited 2 hours total and the food was cold. they have good food, but I would never go back there.

lunch suggestions in Edgewood, MD

Here's their website.

lunch suggestions in Edgewood, MD

Havre de Grace isn't too far from Edgewood. I suggest MacGregors. It's on the water, and has pretty decent food.

Baltimore Italian once again.

Squires in Dundalk on Holabird Ave. My favorite eggplant parm and the best meatsauce pizza ever.

Vegetarian Lunch In Fells Pt, B'more

Second for Liquid Earth. There's also Brick Oven Pizza on Broadway and the Indian Restaurant Listed above in the buffett discussion!

Mehek's Indian buffet in Fell's Point

I don't know the name of it (I believe it's Al Saheen), but the Indian buffett in security square mall is awesome. It used to be in this hole in the wall place a little ways away from there. It's more expensive on Fridays, but during the week, for lunch, it's around 7 bucks.

Fish 'n Chips in Baltimore ?

Best are at Slainte in Fells Point. Closest I've found to those in Dublin.

Woodberry Kitchen

We ate here last weekend for our anniversary and loved it. Our only complaints: The bottom roll of the burger was soggy when served (but it tasted so fantastic, it didn't matter to me), and the kitchen pickles were not really pickles so much as onions and cauliflower in a jar.

I had an Alexander to drink and it was perfectly prepared. The burgers and fries were excellent, and pretty cheap. The pear/cranberry sorbet was amazing.

Next time, I'm going to get the chocolate flourless cake as it looked great.

The staff there were all super nice and very attentive. We can't wait to go back.

Grocery Shopping in Baltimore

COSTCO is the best.

For everyday groceries, you cannot beat Wegman's. I disagree that some of their meats are subpar. Everything has always tasted fantastic from there, and they have amazing vanilla muffins for a treat. Plus, their prices on everyday groceries rival that of Mars.

I live in Columbia, so our choices here are kind of slim. BUT, we are getting a Harris Teeter down here soon, and a Trader Joe's just opened.

You are lucky to be in Baltimore with all the wonderful farmer's markets!

Homemade Meatsauce in Baltimore

Squires in Dundalk.

Anniversary Meal in Columbia-ish Area?

We like Sushi Sono alot. It's down near Clyde's.

We went to Iron Bridge last year for our anniversary and were disappointed. The plates there are too big for the tables, they cram people into the space, and the food wasn't as wonderful as the prices made them seem.

That said, I have alot of friends who love Iron Bridge.