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Okonomiyaki: SFBA Dish of the Month August 2014

Kenta Ramen in Foster City has it. I only had a version before in Whistler, BC at Jeggs, which makes it at the farmers market. I'd love to hear what people think of the version at kenta. I had the corn and pumpkin, very different from the cabbage version with mochi bits, wrapped in a thinly fried egg one at Jeggs.

How to use a bag of frozen mixed seafood so that it isn't chewy as gum.

I've made Korean pancake Hae Mul Pa Jun, with the trader joes version.

Jul 31, 2014
peppatty in Home Cooking

Cabbage Preparations That Kids Like

Try Okonomiyaki, cabbage fritter/pancake. You can put anything in it, bacon, minced kale...

Jul 02, 2014
peppatty in Home Cooking


Just saw some at whole foods in rwc. Maybe they have them in sf? They were helix brand.

Boba Milk Tea - SF stepping it up!

Tried Share Tea last Saturday during the soft opening. Boba not cooked properly, slightly hard in the middle, milk tea watery. We waited a long time for it too, after we ordered. I always wondered why Tpumps has such a following, their tapioca is consistently cook right, but they are also cheaper than any other place. I do like Ocha better because their tea is stronger, the tapioca isn't always consistent though.

Favorite Ice Cream 2013

Last week I tried Tin Pot in the Town and Country Shopping Center in Palo Alto. Since it was last week, I think the flavor I had was salted butterscotch. The ice cream as I remember was very thick and creamy, my guess is a very rich custard base. Would be worth hearing what other people think.

Organic strawberries?

Any sightings of organic strawberries at farmers markets? I'm in the peninsula and so far none at the Belmont FM

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay Thread - 4th quarter 2012 [old]

These are awesome! Nay on the korean seaweed salad. Too slimy.

Oct 06, 2012
peppatty in Chains

In search of cantonese style fried squab around Chinatown

Empress of China has it. I've had it during small banquets (not the big room upstairs, but the one in the back of the regular restaurant) and it was pretty good. I assume the regular restaurant has it.

Fried Chicken South of San Francisco

I love the chicken karage at himawari, san mateo. Crispy and juicy, not overly marinated like some, and it has a light batter with crispy skin. I've also had the fried chicken at Piccadilly Catering & Restaurant in Foster City, not bad, but not the most convenient location.

Kelp noodles are a food made from kelp... Sources?

Hankook Supermarket in Sunnyvale had a refrigerated case of different kinds. The seaweed konjac noodles looked good. I didn't check the prices of the kelp noodles, but they had some large packages.

Mercadito Latino Redwood City - Churros Rellenos... Do Not Read if You're Avoiding Sweets!

I tried to go there the other day at 2 but apparently they are open 3:30-8pm. Bummer for me.

Where to eat near San Francisco State

I really liked Fresca in West Portal. Peruvian, good cervice and good service.

Roli Roti roasted pig knuckle?

Does anyone know if they have the pig knuckle at the San Mateo Farmers on Saturday?

Seeking Chinese bakery in Oakland or Millbrae, long hours a big plus.

For Millbrae, Broadway Bistro is open late, not a bakery, but worth checking out if you can get there in the morning may have Bolo Bao, Gai Mai Bao, and Baked Char Shui Bao that are decent but more expensive than if you were in Chinatown. I also would recommend their Milk Tea. There's also a bakery on El Camino, next to Sun's Market, but I haven't had anything there.

Biscoff Spread aka Speculoos [moved from Food Media and News board]

Trader Joes has a Speculoos spread for $3.69. I picked up a jar as I was on the last swipes in the Biscoff spread jar that I got from Cost Plus. I tried them side by side with apple slices. Biscoff is smooth, and very reminiscent of the cookie itself, more spice is noticable compared to the Speculoos. The TJ's Speculoos spread is thicker, and actually has a very similar texture of peanut butter that sticks to the roof of your mouth. There are grains of sugar that crunch in it too vs, the very smooth texture of the Biscoff. I think I prefer the Biscoff, even at $4.99 a jar, but the TJ's is so convenient. TJ's also has their own brand of Biscoff cookies in the cookie aisle.

Dec 13, 2011
peppatty in General Topics

Dungeness crab prices for '11

Marina Market San Mateo on Monday, they were $3.69 or $3.89 a pound live (I was so excited to see it below $4 a pound I don't remember) I got one over 2 lbs, very feisty and really tasty! Today I saw Whole Foods San Mateo $6.99 lb cooked.

Cooking Papa (Foster City)

Thanks for a great report. I was a fan of Joy Luck when they were in San Mateo. I loved the black sesame balls. I hope they have them here. Since I work in Foster City, this sounds like a promising addition to the lack of good cantonese here. Can't wait to try it.

Joy Luck
327 8th St, Oakland, CA 94607

NEW: Panda Dumpling (xlb, noodles, etc) San Carlos - any reports?

I actually ate there two weeks ago. The XLB are house made. You can watch them rolling out the dough and pinching up the dumplings. I tried the pork not the crab ones. They were good, though I'm not an expert. They have thin skins that didn't break and loose all the soup before you could get it on your spoon, but not too thick that it was all you were chewing on. The green onion pancakes are crispy fried, a bit thick for me, maybe needs a bit more salt, or I'm used to really salty ones. I had the chive turnovers. They were decent, but I still love the ones at Joy in Foster City better. They make these steamed buns with shredded pork in them which they shape like a really cute hedgehog. The Shanghai noodles were good, not greasy, not too salty, nice chewy noodles. I asked if they had weekend special dishes, but she said they were going to make their own soy milk, but are waiting for more business before expanding the menu. I would definitely go back for the XLB since I won't have to drive to San Mateo. Definitely a good value meal too.

Best ice cream 2011

Harmony in San Carlos is now serving an organic soft serve ice cream. They use Strauss. Only chocolate and vanilla but those are the best flavors any way unless I can get to the east bay and get my hands on Tara's flavored ice creams. It's very good, not tooth ache-sweet and definitely crave worthy to me. For comparison, I thought that Bi-Rite ice creams are too sweet for me.

Chicken chorizo sausage ?

I can't say that they have it all the time, but Whole Foods San Mateo had it this week. Maybe you can buy some and freeze it? I think they also take special orders and will make it for you if you ask ahead.

Anyone seen Semifreddie's Challah dinner rolls for sale?

I'm on the peninsula and would love to know any local market that sells the dinner rolls.
They are the best for sliders and sandwiches as they stay soft rather than the brioche rolls.
I just bought the larger challah buns, but I'd prefer the smaller rolls.

Where to find Demerara (raw) sugar in Berkeley, Oakland?

Berkeley Bowl?

Berkeley Bowl
2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

Where to buy small buns for sliders?

TJ's had these wonderful Challah rolls, the are smaller than the brioche ones, that made perfect slider buns. Unfortunately the discontinued it. I'm hoping lots of people complain and we can get them back!

Lead in Slow Cooker Inserts?

I never could find an acceptable answer to the lead question either. My slow cooker has been used only once or twice once I learned of the lead issue. That said, I still love the convenience of the slow cooker, but I have found myself feeling better about using the pressure cooker as my time saver for stews and the like. Has anyone sent their rival crocks to be lead tested? Mine are white liners from the 90's.

Jan 17, 2011
peppatty in Cookware

ny foodie moving to peninsula. looking for best food events big or small... need shopping sugestions.

Mi Rancho by Target Redwood City just opened and it's pretty impressive.

ny foodie moving to peninsula. looking for best food events big or small... need shopping sugestions.

I'm in San Carlos, in the center of the Peninsula. There's Bianchini's in San Carlos and Portola Valley, Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry in San Mateo for seafood and poultry. Sigona's Redwood City, across from Costco is one of my favorites for produce and grass fed beef (although there's only a limited selection.) College of San Mateo and Palo Alto Farmer's markets, both on Saturdays are great community events with great vendors.
There's also a small farmers market in Belmont on Sundays and in the summer, San Carlos does a Thursday evening farmers market which is a big community event.
It is worth going up to the city to the Ferry Plaza, it's not too far and you can take the train. I finally made it to Fatted Calf in Hayes Valley, SF and I think I'll be doing a trip at least once a month to stock up...
Also, Nijiya and Suruki (Japanese) Takahasi (Japanese/Hawaiian) all in San Mateo.

Fatted Calf
644-C First Street, Napa, CA 94559

College of San Mateo
1700 W Hillsdale Blvd, San Mateo, CA

brown rice flour...

On a whim I bought a bag of brown rice flour. Other than using it for "flouring" meat for pan frying and thickening sauces, what else can I do with it? I was wondering if anyone has used it for desserts as well. Maybe asian style, instead of white rice flour?

Jan 09, 2011
peppatty in Home Cooking

Has anyone seen the Cuisinart Soup Maker & Blender? Would you buy it?

I saw this in the Williams-Sonoma catalogue and was curious. I know you can make soup in the Vitamix, but this has the saute function. Anyone have it? Beside the obvious creamed soups, smoothies, what else what you do with it?

Jan 09, 2011
peppatty in Cookware

Baker in need of South San Francisco good eats

If you can get to Burlingame Ave. the Burmese restaurant Mingalaba is pretty good and they are open all day.

1213 Burlingame Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010