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Walter's Hot Dogs in Larchmont (Westchester Co.) has reopened!

Hope you are talking about yourself. No need for you to be rude.

Walter's Hot Dogs in Larchmont (Westchester Co.) has reopened!

I completely disagree. Love me some Walters! Love that they are light and not heavy. Such a unique taste to their dogs. And love their potato puffs and special mustard!

the original pancake house (white plains)

On the website it says "Spring 2014" so there is still plenty of time for it to open.

Good Burger at a Sit Down on LI?

I have been to four different Bobby Flay locations (Mohegan Sun, DC, and two in Jersey) and every time I have asked for them to cook it medium rare it comes out medium rare--a few times actually a little too rare....but it has never been a problem at the at least 25 times I have been to these locations combined to get my burger prepared medium rare...And the fries are big enough for a family to that should lower the perhaps your location cannot cook them rare but at all the times and locations that I have been to, I received a perfectly cooked medium rare burger. Bobby's is one of my favorite in this style of burger joints. Not as good as Shake Shack, but a very close second. And I love the fry sauce and shakes!

Nathan's Yonkers You won't miss me 'till I'm gone

No need to imply that chowhounders do not read newspapers just because we did not know about the plans for the new location. It is impossible to follow all the news of all the papers all the time. Major leap and insulting.

And I also disagree that the food was bad. Some remember the place had good food. Some like yourself feel like it did not. It is all subjective.

Pizza & Brew - Scarsdale

Does anyone know why they closed Spiga's? That place was always packed.....

Best place to watch football in Westchester County

I was going to mention BWW, but I did not want to be "attacked" lol I actually like the boneless wings there and I agree that it is a great place to watch a game. And I'm not sure how they manage to always hire really friendly and down to earth servers at the New Rochelle location (that is the one that I go to) but all the servers are really nice people......

Best place to watch football in Westchester County

Unfortunately the food at Maggie's is terrible. I have been there four times and each time the food was horrible. One time my mozzarella sticks were still frozen in the middle. Bad, bad vibe though.........bring your own food and get some drinks and catch the game

Homemade pottato chips in lower Westchester

Yep, Stew's homemade chips are very tasty!

New Whole Foods in Ridge Hill (Yonkers)

Never said that you said that everyone validates (who's on first.......) Just trying to provide helpful info for the people who asked. I also complained to Yard House and they said, "We are working on it" take that for what it's worth. Not sure about the Brazilian place. I think the whole paying for parking thing sucks--like I mentioned, there are way too many good places in Westchester where you don't have to pay--Westchester is not filled with these type of "developments" anyway--like other cities/states are-- I don't think people around here will take too well to the concept--thus, all the complaints these business have received.

New Whole Foods in Ridge Hill (Yonkers)

Not all stores/restaurants validate--so be aware of that. For example, Cheesecake Factory validates and Yard House does not--much to my annoyance--too many good Westchester restaurants to go to that are not chains to have to fork over money for parking. Dicks only validates for a half hour--no matter how much you spend--which is ridiculous--it should not be a time thing. So check with each store/restaurant.

Yum! Almond croissants from Fairway!

Aren't they great?! Has been my little "secret" the past few months ever sense I tried one at the Westchester store. And the almond cookie they sell is also amazing (the thick one shaped like a croissant).

Sabatino's Coal Brick Oven (Hawthorne, NY)

Maybe all the reserved mobster tables sunk them. Kidding about the mobster part. Maybe. Was weird that they did always have so many reserved tables.....reserved for who?

Five Guys Burger and Fries coming to Cortlandt Manor

It is a coke freestyle machine. I am kinda obsessed with them. So many variations and flavors to choose from.

Spiga (Central Ave Scarsdale)... did it close?

Sorry that your experiences there have been so lousy. I guess I would feel the same way you do as well about the place.

Spiga (Central Ave Scarsdale)... did it close?

I liked the food there. Does that mean that I like "mediocre mainstream cuisine"? Just because it was not up to your standards, does not mean that others who like it have bad taste. Food is all a matter of preference. I liked Spiga's a lot. Went there at least 15 times in the past 5 years and each time was happy with the food and service.

Spiga (Central Ave Scarsdale)... did it close?

Food was great each time I went to Spiga. Great entrees and desserts and service was spot on. It will be missed.

Penzey's Palisades Mall W. Nyack Has Opened!

There are always plenty of spaces at Palisades. Perhaps there was not when it first opened, but no such problem exists now.

I always park by Macys and there are tons of spaces day and night. Even the inside garage is never full.

Not sure what some are complaining about.

Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace to open August 16

They gave you a new burger and you STILL wanted a refund........sigh. It is not enough that they gave you a new burger? That is what you wanted, right??

I love the burgers here. I have visited the ones in Jersey and Mohegan Sun Casino and they were all consistantly good. Not as good as Shake Shack, but most burgers cannot compare to SS anyway.....

Shatila - Dearborn - What to mail?

Hard for me to answer because I LOVE their baklava. Bought some for family and everyone went crazy for it. So maybe it is just you.......something to consider.......

Aug 19, 2011
chloe4ever in Great Lakes

Shake Shack Westport to open next Wednesday!!!

Pure heaven. Was there tonight (braved the crowds) and was surprised at how quickly and orderly the whole process was; especially for all the people that were there. Some high up exec was there talking to people and answering questions and was super friendly and talked about the history of the company and such.....we got free custard while we waited in line from a super-sweet worker (it was awesome). So the big moment arrived, would it compare to the original in the city and it sure did! Actually this one was even more juicy and tasty (they cooked it slightly under-which I really like). So great to have one closer. The best burger. Hands down. Nothing else compares to the taste.

Need a place with a drive up window

Just like ediblover said, not many non-chains will have drive-throughs......why not call a restaurant you like and explain your situation and I am sure some will bring it out to your car perhaps.....obviously some will not be accomodating, but some will....


Thanks for the info!!



Is there one opening in Fairfield?? An Orange Julius I mean.....There use to be ones on every street corner in NYC ages their drinks!!

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

Well, KFC is out and Popeyes is in!

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

Fire and Ice wasn't just needed to eat a lot in order to justify the price....and then it took a long time (especially if it was crowded) to get a second helping because you had to wait for all the others to have their food cooked, so for two times up, you had to be at the place for at least an hour and a half.

The raw food didn't bother me....that is why we have an immune system ~) And they cook it anyway....

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

We have good timing! I am with you about KFC, I am not one who seeks out the place, but if it is an option, I will partake in some of their chicken, especially the extra cripsy. As far as IHOP goes, I like some of their omlettes and I think their pot roast melt sandwich is very good.

I just realized that admitting that I kinda like IHOP and KFC might get me kicked off the chowhound boards......I will have to risk it and the public shame that it will bring.

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

Well, Good Earth Potato is gone. Saw them boarding up the place tonight. Too bad. It was a good choice in the food court.

They are opening up an Ihop soon across from the recently opened Tony Romas.....

Looking for good authentic Polish food??

Hamtramck!! Best Polish food! I am from Milford and I am Polish, and we would head over to Hamtramck at least once a month for some good old fashioned Polish food. We use to go to "Under the Eagle" restaurant. My mom was best friends with the owner.

I am planning on traveling to Denver this June and will check out this bakery. I could really go for some paczkis and pierogis!!!

Mar 22, 2011
chloe4ever in Mountain States

Legal Seafood

It was replaced by Tony Romas.