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If you had only one lunch in Montreal...

Tremendous thanks for these great suggestions! You guys are fantastic! I just wish I had more time in your city.

Jul 04, 2006
Paul K in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

If you had only one lunch in Montreal...

I have never been to Montreal and I will have only few hours in the city at lunch time between planes. Could you recommend a place that has fantastic food, a wonderful atmosphere, is open for lunch, and will leave me in love with your fantastic city. Am I correct in thinking that a bistro would be appropriate for my one and only meal?

Tremendous thanks for your help!

Jul 03, 2006
Paul K in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Boston hound does London

I am visiting London for a total of ~2 weeks and would like to carefully plan my chowhounding, so as not to waste any of the oh-so-precious calories. I would tremendously appreciate if you could help me with my planning. I will be staying around the London Bridge area but, as a true chowhound, I am more than willing to travel. I am looking for the best places in the following categories:

* your favorite whole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop, or shady joints. If the topic of whole-in-the-walls was already covered, I would greatly appreciate a link. Either ethnic or not is fine, but I will probably stay away from chinese and mexican (since I have had enough of these cusines at home). I already have the shady pubs mostly covered from the "Worst pub" link below.

* the best place for puddings (steamed, sticky date?), steak and kidney puddings, meat pies, fish and chips, and other very traditional British food items (I already found


* adventurous eats: offal meats, not your usual meat and potato stuff. I already know about St. John. Can I try haggis anywhere in London?

* beer pubs with a fantastic selection of English beer (preferably on tap: real ales, imperial stouts, Imperial IPA, etc.; I already know of the Market Porter @ the Borough Market)

Of course places that satisfy all four categories would be ideal. Since I am a lifetime student ;-) I am looking for reasonably priced locales.

Many thanks in advance, guys!

P.S. This is my list so far:
1) Brown's for afternoon all-you-can-eat tea
2) Market Porter @ Borough Market for great beer
3) Borough Market for Neal's Yard Diary, the crazy chili pepper people, Monmouth coffee shop, clotted cream fudge, the meat pies; see the cathedral
4) St. John for offal
5) Gallery pub on Lupus Street in Pimlico (shady pub)
6) The Rising Sun in Cloth Lane (shady pub; near St. Bartholomew's and the Smithfield Market)
7) Geales (for fish and chips, fish pie, toffee pudding), Sea Cow, or Sea Shell for fish and chips
8) Canteen for traditional English grub (
)9) launceston place for a neighborhood restaurant
10) The Lamb for a beautiful historic pub
11) Lamb and Flag for great traditional jazz and blues on Sunday night
12) The Grenadier for a country pub-like gem
13) Sam Smith's pubs
14) Dog and Duck for a tiny and beautiful Victorian pub

Jul 01, 2006
Paul K in U.K./Ireland