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Tacolandia 2015 Announced: June 6, 2015 3-8 PM

Hope the mods don't take this down but I bought an extra ticket for a friend that just flaked. Does anybody want a GA ticket for this Saturday?

Jun 03, 2015
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

Why do so many people tolerate noisy restaurants?

Because I am Chinese. Chinese restaurants are notoriously loud. In a Chinese restaurant (especially dim sum in the SGV) If you want to carry a conversation, make sure the table next to you can you hear you too.

Sep 01, 2010
AndyGanil in Not About Food


Say I wanted to cook/sell waffles on the side of the road like street food. I need a cooking surface and portable electricity that I can plug my waffle maker into.

How would I go about doing that and about how much would it cost?

Jul 16, 2010
AndyGanil in Cookware

Should a great Shanghai soup dumpling / xiaolongbao contain oozing soup from the pork filling (directly), or via a congealed gelatinous spoon of soup inserted?

Debates about how food *should* be and how they are *supposed* to be are pointless. This is like the Mozza pizza debate about how their pizza isn't really pizza.... Someone should ask Ah So "Does it taste good?"

May 25, 2010
AndyGanil in General Topics

Arcadia Japanese restaurant owned by Mirai Nagasu's parents?

It is Kiyosuzu but the sign is rather obscure, covered by a tree. It's tucked in the middle of the plaza north of Fairview.
Very cozy inside. Decent Sashimi, good tempura.

Feb 24, 2010
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

Push Up Pops

Has anybody seen Nestle Scooby Doo push up pops? Where can I get a box?

Nov 03, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

What is wrong with my Chinese Dumplings?

Yes that is the method for soup dumplings.

Aug 16, 2009
AndyGanil in Home Cooking

Eat Nopal's Mexican Recipes

Hi Eat Nopal

I want to thank you for your rec on that Birrieria La Barca in El Monte.
Went twice, first time had the birria - delcious, and second time had molcajete a la mexicana - was sooooo good. and those mayocoba beans tasted buttery and oralgasm like tastiness.

do you have any recipes for the soup they give you in the beginning?
one green soup, i think they were lentils and the other one was a red soup? got any ideas? anything would be much appreciated!

Thank you again for the recs, I'll be going back again very soon.

Aug 13, 2009
AndyGanil in Home Cooking

Best Fried Rice in LA!!!

Yang Chow Fried Rice at Full House Seafood Restaurant in Arcadia

Aug 06, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

What is wrong with my Chinese Dumplings?

In addition to all these suggestions you could add some pork gelatin. It's quite laborious but the result is just like restaurant juicy style!

Boil 2-4 pork feet, add salt, one star anise, and some pepper and boil for a couple hours and then refrigerate overnight and the morning after you'll have a big pot of delicious gelatin!

softens up the meat and adds moisture + juice. in chinese when we eat dumplings we always say "you tang" or "mei tang" (has soup or none). prefer the former.

hope this helps!

Aug 05, 2009
AndyGanil in Home Cooking

ideas for gai lan- besides stirfrying it and serving it with Oyster Sauce?

when you make a pot of rice, throw in a couple stalks of gai lan along with some taiwanese sausage (available at sin bala in Arcadia or any 99 ranch/chinese grocery) also some salted meat, you only need a few pieces.

that could be a whole meal right there and prepare a chicken stock/soy sauce blend. almost 1 to 1. and pour it over your rice before you eat.

although a rice cooker isnt as tasty as the "sa guo", the stone pot restaurants use, its alot more convenient. This dish may not seem low sodium, but it sure is tasty!

Jul 29, 2009
AndyGanil in Home Cooking

Must try for visitor from SOCAL

I'll be driving up to Boston from DC next week and I'm looking for some recs for places that are quintessential to Boston or just great food!

Not looking for anything in particular and I'd like to avoid tourist traps that serve signature mediocre dishes at extraordinarily high prices.

Also not looking for any ethnic food in particular, just want great relatively cheap food that locals eat at; little jewels in Boston. I'm from LA so I'm pretty experienced with Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mexican cuisine but not much else.

$20/ per person (without tip and drinks) and under would be great!


Jun 19, 2009
AndyGanil in Greater Boston Area

Best cheesesteak

The grease, the messyness. the informality of the sandwich is what makes the cheesesteak so good.

Mar 20, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

Best cheesesteak


Mar 18, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

Philly's Best - Santa Clarita - For Valley folks - you gotta go

I just shed a tear of joy. SOOOOO HAPPPY

Mar 16, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

What have you given up trying to cook?

choux pastry, the pastry of cream puffs and eclairs . i can never get the temperature of the egg step just right.

Mar 02, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

I bought a durian!

In my hospital durians are banned because of one incident. Emergency personnel was called in hazmat/firefighters/ etc because of that horrible stench. Turns out someone left their lunchbox of durian open.

Feb 21, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

Is there anything bacon DOESN'T go with?

imagine bacon wrapped corn ..............

Feb 21, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

What would your last meal be?

If you knew that this meal would be your very last what would it be?

Mine: japanese rice and mom's beef curry. indian frybread. and a coke.

Feb 18, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

What makes "American" food distinctive?

If one thing unites America it has to be the burger.

Feb 16, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

What is "Americanized" Chinese food?

In Taiwanese cuisine there is an omelet type dish that consists of egg batter and oyster covered in a sweet sauce, but egg foo young? nope

Feb 16, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

What is "Americanized" Chinese food?

Huaqiao <-- LOL i know what it means.

anyway i live in LA in the SGV. seriously the biggest chinatown outside of any large city. and i wanted to know. would you consider shanghai xiao paigu as american chinese or authentic. it was totally ketchupy and sweet and sour but what i think is that. that dish is appealing to both Chinese and American palates.

Feb 15, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

What is "Americanized" Chinese food?


Feb 15, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

Gin Suckshi?

My family and I went to Gin Sushi on Colorado in Pasadena today for lunch. The reviews on yelp were fairly good. Always wanted to try Gin Sushi as around dinner time it always looks crowded and busy, but never got the chance until today and I'm glad I've never gone there before because I'd be a fool to give it another try.

My family had a party of six and the service was terrible. The waitress was very inattentive, basically took our order and we never saw her again.

The food was like the Panda Express of Japanese food. Quasi sushi crap.


1. Salmon Teriyaki - The salmon teriyaki comes with rice and salad and a tiny filet of salmon on a huge bigger than your butt plate. Expecting great soft melt in your mouth great salmon, I got instead a dry flaky mess covered in overly sweet sauce. The piece of fish was WAYYY overcooked.
- Bowl of white rice: Dry. lukewarm. tastes like last nights rice. Seriously?! they can't even get a bowl of rice right? At home, we eat rice every night and I'd say it tasted like microwaved rice from two nights ago that sat in the fridge soaking up fridge flavor. For a japanese restaurant that fails at making at least decent rice, its an automatic F in my book.

- Salad was just okay. Nothing special. Romaine lettuce doused in a sweet and sour juice.

2. Rolls: The rolls were just dreadful. They fell apart at the touch of my fingers, some of the pieces not completely rolled up at all. They looked like the failed creation of a high school cooking class. We had their tuna roll, california roll and spicy tuna roll.
- California Roll - Very poorly put together. Six pieces stuck together. the touch the rice in the mouth was like rice straight from sitting in the fridge overnight- dry and crispy. They were also very poorly put together; rice not even reaching 360 degrees around......with their tiny bit of imitation crab leaking out...................... . .... By then I was pissed.
- Spicy Tuna and Tuna Roll - Much of the same like the california roll. oddly shaped and very poorly put together.

I like the cozy ambience and friendly ness of the sushi chef/owner but the food and service was just terrible. Absolutely not going there ever again. If a sushi restaurant can't even get its rice right, then...I don't know what to say. It was really really bad.

Rating 3.0 Out of 10

Maybe I got them on a bad day but seriously rice? cmon now.

Feb 15, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

I loved the spicy fish fillets with peppercorn at Szechuan best...where can i find a similar dish?

Most Chinese restaurants serve a mix of both Sichuan and whatever their specialty is. Just ask if they have Sichuan Yu Pian .

Feb 09, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

Special Chili Ingredient


Feb 07, 2009
AndyGanil in General Topics

Korean Food in K-Town

Whats AYCE?

Jan 25, 2009
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

Tamales in Monrovia

I'm a tamale virgin looking for great tamales in and around Monrovia. Thanks

Dec 13, 2008
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

ISO Orange Chicken NOT Panda Express

i really dont understand whats the big hype about Chang's Garden. It was one of the worst Chinese food I've had in a while. No comparison to its neighbor, May Mei or even better for Shanghainese dishes. HK Cafe on baldwin and las tunas

Dec 05, 2008
AndyGanil in Los Angeles Area

What's The One Thing You Can't Eat, even for money.

Capers, why ruin a perfectly great baked salmon with vinegar soaked capers? making it all sour and caper juice running down the filet instead of salmon fat.

Dec 01, 2008
AndyGanil in General Topics