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Custom decorated cakes for kids

Joanna Lo does amazing cakes. She can be reached at
Her Flickr forum is here:

Private Dining with Wheelchair Accessibility

I'm hoping someone out there can help me...

My SO and I are looking to host a celebration with about 30 people. We are ideally hoping to find something in Toronto with ample parking and wheelchair accessibility (specifically a bathroom on the main floor). Distance from parking to restaurant is also important as we have some elderly guests that struggle with the cold and too much walking. This is for a special occasion so we would like the venue to have a nice atmosphere; good food and wine is equally important.

Thoughts so far include Canoe (parking underground and direct elevator access) but apart from this we are really struggling.

Would appreciate any and all insight.

Many Thanks!

Need Fabulous Cheap Places Downtown and in Thornhill

Center Street Deli in Thornhill for lunch. Dinner is pretty poor in that area, with the exception of Terra (but personally i think the price point is too high for the quality).

Utopia is pretty good quality for sub $15 lunch and dinner (college street west, little italy).

Casual/Delish Apps for Muskoka Cocktails

Best to my knowledge there are no serious pizza contenders in the area.

Your best bet is to get your cocktail event catered to. Below are some ideas. I can't attest to any of them personally but i have heard their names thrown around before...

BlogTo, Charles Yu:

Feb 18, 2009
sydandsys in Food Media & News

Highway 61 Southern Barbeque

excellent news. Thanks for the update!

OTTAWA ~ Byward Market questions?

Benny's Bistro is amazing for brunch. There is a lovely bakery at the front of the building and the restaurant in the back.

have fun!

Best Fish & Chips (and Gravy) in Richmond Hill area?

that is excellent news!! Thanks for the update!

Unionville restaurants?

Livingwater isn't the greatest. Il Postino on the main drag is okay. I've heard that there is a very good place on the main drag of Markham proper. I will see if i can find you the name...

Winterlicious - Majority terrible, why people still bother going?!!

Maybe its just me but given the economy is in the shitter, don't restaurants have a vested interest in upping the anti? Most of these places are a lot more full than they would be in Licious wasn't on.

I hardly think people choose Licious expecting bad service or wanting to rant and rave about it.

The fact is, with the economy in the dumps, a lot of these places are at a very high risk of going out of business and bad service for a lot of diners is the last straw.

Mom Friendly Restaurant Downtown Toronto

I agree, Weezie's is wonderful.
I also really like Toba (
)Crush might be cozy and motherly!

North44 Wintervicious

In response to legourmettv, i write letters to all companies where I experience inappropriate service. I run my own business and know the value of hearing feedback, both good and bad, from customers.

I agree with Millygirl, my rationale for posting my experience on Chowhound is so fellow chow's don't make the same mistake. Equally, as i stated, I am curious to know whether this is just a problem I have had with MM restaurants or whether others have had similar experiences.

North44 Wintervicious

Hit North 44 last night and thought I would share the experience.

The food was excellent. Small portions but the quality was fantastic and for a woman of my size, it was ample. The men at the table were a tad disappointed but needing to lose a few inches anyway, it was for the better.

The olive bread to start was excellent. For starters, 2 of us had the pork belly and scallop, while the other 2 had tuna seared with jalapeno. Excellent. Two of us had the salmon and the other 2 had the braised short ribs as entrees. Fabulous. The desserts were all wonderful with the pavlova being my particular favourite.

While the food was wonderful the service was well below par for a restaurant of this stature. If the waiter said 10 words to us the entire night i would be surprised. Examples of this:
a) rolled his eyes when we asked for more bread
b) didn't ask us if we wanted coffee/tea before serving dessert
c) didn't engage us in our wine selection when ordering or pouring
d) didn't ask us if we were enjoying our meal, if there was anything else he could get us while eating our entrees.
e) didn't thank us for dining or say goodnight when giving us the bill.

All in all, as said before, if he offered up 10 words the entire night I would be shocked.

Anyone else experience this at North 44 in the past? I didn't like my experience at One when i went last year and this proved to be equally poor. Again, the service or lack thereof.

Perhaps this is a winterlicious/wintervicious thing but i'm of the school that when you're at a restaurant you are the patron whether you spend $50 or $500. (Keep in mind the tab for the entire table last night came to $300).

Regardless I think I'm finished with the Mark McEwan restos.

Best dinner out near Intercontinental Yorkville?

Splendido, Opus for something nicer, more formal.
Harbord Room for a laid back, casual night out.

For drinking, Lobby Bar is on your doorstep and while the food isn't much, it is a place to keep in mind for a nightcap.

While Queen Street West isn't too close to your hotel, you may enjoy checking out The Drake Hotel, Gladstone, Ossington area for some fun places to drink and get some casual food. Given your in the media industry, you would probably enjoy the flavour of the area.

Quiet coffee shop/bar for a business meeting downtown

Oro Cafe in Distillery. Free parking, lots of space, good food, near the Gardiner.

JK's new coffee shop, Hank's, Anyone Been?

So what's the feeling on his new coffee shop? Haven't been but am intrigued...

Amaya's 'Ino...Anyone Been?

wow--im going to check this out tonight. Did the menu look different?
I agree, i can't really understand what they are trying to achieve, apart from dominating the Leaside resto scene...seems a bit odd

Oro Cafe, Liberty Village

Place seems to have had a bit of a revamp...maybe changed hands?

Went for lunch today and had amazing grilled veggie pizza with chickpea and rapini salad. The sandwiches looked amazing. Price was good $17.50 for 2 people who shared salad, both had pizza and both had tea.

I don't know if they are open weekends or weekday dinners (i doubt it) but for lunch i thought it was very reasonable and incredibly tasty!

Les 3 Brasseurs

anyone else see this in MartiniBoys?

not that i'm a great fan but interesting regardless...

A resto w/ a great selection of appetizers?

i don't work downtown anymore but i used to frequent Trevor's afterwork. You can check out their bar menu online at their website...

Its changed a little since i was last there but the tempura shrimp, nachos, and mac and cheese were always great, as were the fries!

A resto w/ a great selection of appetizers?

Trevor's? Ki? Nota Bene?

Lounge bar party help needed!

i'm planning a 25th birthday party for my brother. I'm looking for venues whereby we can drink, have a few nibblies/appetizers. I don't want a sit-down dinner, nor somewhere where we have to sit at tables. He's not into nightclubs so that won't work either. Any lounge bar or pub recommendations would be most appreciated! Anywhere in the city is suitable.

Thanks in advance.

Dinner and Drinks Toronto

agreed with visualhornet

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

i forgot to mention, JK wine bar should be on your list as well. While the service can be hit or miss the food and wine is always excellent! Emphasis on Canadian food, and would definitely give you a great 'poutine' experience!

Jamie Kennedy
9 Church St, Toronto, ON M5E1M2, CA

foodie honeymoon in toronto??

For your trip to Niagara on the Lake (NOTL) I highly recommend Peller Estates. Fabulous wine, fabulous views, fabulous food. Also, Vineland Estates is very cosy and intimate. Treadwell is certainly amazing as well. The best wine tasting/winery is Stratus. The wine maker makes some of the finest wine Ontario has to offer, its also a LEED certified winery (one of the few). Its hard to get your hands on their wine but its very tasty. I have had to ship some to my European friends in the past.

Although its slightly out of the way, you should try to visit Langdon Hall on your trip from NOTL to Toronto. Langdon Hall is a Relais and Chateaux property and boasts an amazing restaurant.

In Toronto I would say Canoe is a true 'Canadian' experience, and the views are lovely too. For Indian, Amaya, in the neighbourhood of Leaside is a very good Indian restaurant. Only one in Canada that surpasses it would be Vij's in Vancouver. George is intimate and cozy. Crush is fabulous for wine and a more casual bar style dinner. Starfish is excellent for Canadian seafood (oysters especially).

If you are looking for a day trip Eigensinn Farm (2 hrs north of downtown Toronto) would be the thing to do.

Apart from chowhound another good resource for you would be Toronto Life. If wine is really key, try to check out James Chatto's blog.

Best Wishes!!

54th Floor TD Bank Tower, 66 Wellington, Toronto, ON M5K 1H6, CA

100 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C1K9, CA

1701 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, ON M4G 2C1, CA

Langdon Hall
1 Langdon Drive, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8, Canada

Crush Wine Bar - duplicate
455 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

About Cheese on Church

this place is great. Warren is so helpful!

Mercatto for Dinner

Hit Mercatto on Saturday after not being able to get a table at Terroni on Adelaide.

Had an absolutely lovely meal, far better than Terroni. I've hit Mercatto before during the lunch hour and while the dinner menu is not that different the atmosphere is so much nicer. There wasn't an empty table in the place, the service was tops, and the food was just as good as ever. Came away totally surprised. Apparently they are open for dinner (Thurs through Sat).

Amaya's 'Ino...Anyone Been?

i finally made it in.

David Gaunt (ex Rosewater, Eagles Nest) is now the chef at the cafe...must have some sort of equity stake cause it doesn't really make sense to me why one would go from fine dining establishments to a mainly lunch cafe?! Furthermore while we were eating he was very loud, took more interest in bragging about his past achievements to diners and some quasi investors. Given the dining area was only 10ft by 20ft he was very brash.

Food was good but nothing that knocked my socks off. Paninis were nice but at $9/$10 they should be. Given there are a lot of sandwich shops/bakeries in the area I haven't really figured out how this place will manage to survive.

I agree with Peppermint Pate, i think the Italian isn't very consistent with their branding as being the guru's on upscale Indian. Seems confusing.

Place inside wasn't very clean. Walls were painted terribly, again not in typical Amaya fashion.

Overall a 5/10

Mildred's temple kitchen?

beautiful photos...
menu looks great. Can't wait to give it a go!

Coffee Shop with Free WiFi (Downtown Toronto)

Dark Horse has free wi-fi...amazing coffee and amazing muffins!

Starbucks now has a deal with Bell that you get 2 hrs free, but you have to have a Starbucks card.