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DC Hound Looking for Good Eats in Roswell, GA

For some reason, I am not nuts about Greenwoods. However, their place across the street Swallow at the Hollow is GREAT BBQ (particularly Ribs) with awesome macaroni and cheese (which I normally don't like).
For more upscale "Southern" try Miltons in Alpharetta (close to Roswell on Crabapple Rd)..really good food.
Old Roswell is kind of cute historic area with a grouping of restaurants along Canton Rd. If Fickle Pickle is still open for dinner that would be the place. I used to live nearby but haven't in a couple years.

Oct 22, 2009
SusanInSeneca in Southeast

New and good in Greenville, SC

American Grocery is Great.. kind of pricey but awesome. Also Lazy Goat is just a fun place, food always good and since tappas, if you aren't huge eaters (like I prefer quality over quantity), not too expensive and a great vibe overlooking river.
We recently ate at Sassafrass Bistro downtown and had a good experience..maybe not quite as good as American Grocery but not as pricey either.

Need to find nice place not tooo $$$ for anniversary in Charleston, SC

Thanks to all fellow foodies! I knew I could get something good..made reservations for Cru Cafe but will also try Fat Hen for a casual dinner later in week.
And also Marina for breakfast!

Need to find nice place not tooo $$$ for anniversary in Charleston, SC

Thanks to all for ideas!
I ruled out SNOB and High Cotton because we have High Cotton in Greenville and its good but not worth the money. SNOB's menu for some reason didn't appeal to us?? I'm gonna check out Post House. We are staying at Marriott on Ashley River (?) Lockwood Ave so not walking distance to downtown anyways.

Need to find nice place not tooo $$$ for anniversary in Charleston, SC

In a quandry since my husband and I are headed to Charleston next week. We are looking for someplace with a nice atmosphere, not TOO foo foo and not outrageously expensive for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Looked at McCradys (seems to be limited menu), FIG (foo foo) and based on reading blogs was going to settle in on Penninsula. But in looking at menu again with husband is kind of pricey and a tad foo foo also. Any foodies out there got some suggestions? Has anyone gone to Tristan (menu looked good and reasonable)? Since only one of us working, kind of watching our $$ but DO want a nice dinner out. We have previously been to Magnolia (it is one favorite but was thinking of trying something new?) and also Carolina (that was good too but if going back to someplace I've been then it would be Magnolia). It will be on Wednesday. Any good ideas??? Or should I just bite the bullet and go to Peninsula then eat cheap rest of time? HELP.

DC hound moving to Clemson, SC...needs food help!

Greenville has some pretty good food and a Whole Foods right on Woodruff Rd (exit off 85) and across from that is Total Wines for wine. My favorites in Greenville are American Grocery (very expensive but FAB food!), Lazy Goat (tappas and GREAT view), Sobys, High Cotton, Liberty Tap (for wide variety and casual), LemonGrass.
As to closer to Clemson/Seneca, there are some decent places (nothing GREAT) that for most part were mentioned..Blue Herron, the Coronotzes restaurants (Calhoun Corners probably the best, Rudy's, Pixie and Bills). Also Friends cafe doesn't look like much but we had lunch there and meditaranean food (kabobs, etc.) was pretty good, it was reasonable and the owner was very attentive.
Big Johns is good casual food for a whole in the wall but you have to put up with SMOKE. It is slowly getting better..

What's Good in Buckhead?

Thanks! Anis has been around for a while. Antica Posta too! Kyma is good idea although I heard the greek taverna (I think on Chesire Br Rd is really good too!)

What's Good in Buckhead?

Traveling to Atlanta, Ga and haven't been in a while. What's good for dinner (NOT TOO expensive)? Is Nava and Food 101 still good?

Yonge and Eg?

Ivisited Zucca and it was awesome!!! I highly recommend for very good Italian.

Any good Bistros in Toronto-Don Valley

We went to was Italian I have ever had..really wonderful and I have lived in the Northeast in US (Connecticut, New Jersey). Thanks so much.

Any good Bistros in Toronto-Don Valley

Thanks. I have heard of Zucca and the Lai Wah Heen so these are great recommendations!!!

Any good Bistros in Toronto-Don Valley

Near Eglington. It looks like Younge may be close.

Lunch between Charlotte, NC and Greenville, SC

Try the Bohemian..I met my Boss there. Its good.

Any good Bistros in Toronto-Don Valley


Any good Bistros in Toronto-Don Valley

Coming to town on business and looking for good Canadian/European/MidEast Bistros. I like to find where locals go and not so pretentious. Also open to good oriental-Thai, Chinese, Japanese.

Foodie near Clemson for the next 2 months...

One place not mentioned in above is the Blue Heron in Clemson..the best shrimp and grits. Calhoun Corners is slightly nicer atmosphere than BH and the sister restaurant Pixie&Bills (also good). I agree about Villa Novella..have been several times and its pretty good.
Don't agree about any place in Walhalla (i.e., Steakhouse).
And yes..we need more good restaurants in this area!

Rome, GA - Atlanta - Macon

My father lives in Rome and they always like La Scala..high end Italian. Also for more casual, I think is cafe downtown (so is La Scala) called Blue Moon...its good.

Seafood in Anderson, SC?

Anyone know of a seafood place that's good in Seneca, Clemson or Anderson? Has anyone heard of Fin 'N' Filet?
We have been to the Galley and first time didn't like but last time did their small plates and it was better.

Asheville's Best Restaurants

Fig is very good also and should be at least in top 5. I went there at Dana's suggestion with my mom and enjoyed it. However, it was not an inexpensive meal but worth it for special occasion.

Best BBQ in north Atlanta area

Try Swallow at the Hollow in old Roswell. The best ribs and mac n cheese.

Greenville, SC with a 4 year old

I'd try Liberty Tap. Food was pretty good and casual. We ate there last weekend. They take reservations too.
If you want to go more upscale, you might try High Cotton (nice view and good food) but not sure if they have kids menu. Both have websites you can check out.

Atlanta, Marietta, Tasty China. Full Report

TC must be the place my Chinese friends go for authentic food. They mentioned that it is very spicy and I thought near Windy Hill? I like Canton Cooks too.

Best Brunch Atlanta - Party of four please

I lived in Hotlanta for several years and found Rays Killer Creek in Alpharetta (right off 400 on Mansell RD) to be about the best for excellent brunch buffet. Their sister restaurant Rays on the River is supposed to be good also but I would highly recommend Killer Creek. Also, the Renaissance at Galleria has a jazz brunch that is good but we still like Killer the best and they take reservations (you need too!).

Good Lunch places near I-85 between Greenville, SC and Spartanburg?

Thanks guys for all the help. Fortunately, a friend mentioned The Bohemian Cafe and that looks like a winner. I see also this is a favorite of a couple of you!! It is apparently no too far from 385.

Engagement party at 5 Seasons Brewing

I tried to reply yesterday but the site was acting strange. I have been there at least once for a ski club mixer and it was good. My husband and I used to eat there every now and then when we lived near Atlanta. The food is always good and surprisingly good wine list besides the beer!

Good Lunch places near I-85 between Greenville, SC and Spartanburg?

Danna and JB or others..has anyone ever eaten at California Dreaming? I know they opened in Atlanta recently but I never went there. As long as food OK (I am not expecting American Grocery!!), that looks like a good middle of the road and near highway option. Nothing special though.
BTW-keep this quiet but there is an AWESOME Italian rest in Easley Bella Vita. They only have 4 selections per night (only open Thurs-Sat for dinner) but went there with another couple and all had one each which we loved. I'm from Northeast so really picky on Italian food. This place is really small so only tell good friends!!

Good Lunch places near I-85 between Greenville, SC and Spartanburg?

No..don't worry about monopolizing. You are starting to understand the struggle I am going through!! Either the place is not convenient to 85 (like downtown G'ville) or has long lines or isn't open for lunch or just plain stinks!
I moved from Atlanta which I think Doc Chey started and only was so-so on the place. Maybe I'll check that Ellens Deli or bite the bullet and go to 107 Bistro. Thanks again. Are you a professional restaurant reviewer?

Good Lunch places near I-85 between Greenville, SC and Spartanburg?

I actually looked at going to Wades first!! The only thing is Spartanburg showed 1 1/2 hour drive for me. Plus, if lines get long don't want that! I'm thinking some place where I could even make reservations so we can sit and talk. Maybe a chain near Woodruff/Haywood that is one of the better??? I also saw a place in Greer Bistro 107 that looked a little fou fou but might be best because halfway and they probably take reservations. Anyone tried that?

Greenville, SC Rec's

Hey Danna,
Since you do know about Ashville restaurants and the only one I have like for dinner was Limone, could you suggest a place for dinner in Asheville? My mom is coming to town so we were going to do the Biltmore then go to dinner.
BTW-Happy BD. Glad you liked American Grocery. Although $140? I didn't pay the bill but didn't think it was quite that high??

Good Lunch places near I-85 between Greenville, SC and Spartanburg?

That might work. I was thinking of something around Woodruff but not the chains. Maybe something a little unique or southern since my boss is a yankee!