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Frank Pepe Open

Is this where the old Ricky's was located?

Move over Sal's, All ' Antica Pizza in Scarsdale!

All 'Antica is our 2nd place pizzeria in the area. Roma still remains #1 in my heart. Both places do not offer delivery so when we have a hankering, we usually do Roma. But they are closed on Mondays so All 'Antica is where it's at. A little pricey, IMHO, but still delicious AND very friendly...which is rare in Scarsdale.

CHAT American Grill- 2 thumbs up!

I'm trying this place on Saturday. I'll post after.


How about Flames in Briarcliff? I've always enjoyed it (but haven't been in over a year).

Meritage Scarsdale NY

So, I'm a year behind. I actually meant Moscato, not Meritage.


Dinner before movie in White Plains

What's the best quick, yet great place to grab a bite before a weeknight move? Not a huge fan of Peniche and that's all I could think of!

New Year's Day Brunch- Westchester

I have always enjoyed Spiga's regular Sunday brunch. That price includes unlimited champagne, mimosas, or bloody mary' can not beat that!

Need a good italian restaurant....

I love Bice. I don't find it stuffy at all (I've eaten there in shorts and flip flops...yeah, maybe a little underdressed, but no one gave me a second glance). It's pricey but so is everything in NYC.

Or, on 55th between 5th and 6th Giovanni's. Excellent service and delicious food.

Jun 30, 2008
kamcc12 in Manhattan

What is THE best steakhouse?

Definitely Del Frisco's if you want the full NYC atmosphere (power lunches and dinners, right in the heart of midtown, a wine list to die for) true favorite....and I really do think I've been to all of the "high end" steakhouses in NYC, Keens Chophouse. Pure mastery!

I don't know about the butter, but I'm sure your dad won't be disappointed.

p.s. Lugers is so over hyped. I've been there a hundred times and yeah, it's great....but it's not the best.

Jun 30, 2008
kamcc12 in Manhattan

Meritage Scarsdale NY

This place has won me over. I went there a few times and left with just an OK taste in my mouth and a huge hole in my wallet.

However, a business associate of mine was visiting Scarsdale and when the Eastchester Fish Gourmet was closed (Monday..lunch) I opted for Meritage. It was excellent. I'll try it again for dinner.

Best Diners in Westchester

Village Cup and Saucer in Bronxville is great. Some may not call it a diner, but I think you can order breakfast any time...

Bronxville & Yonkers Buzz

Scalini was incredible. The service was great and the food was to die for! We had appetizers, two pastas (they offered to let us try half plates when we couldn't decide between two), and entrees. Then, we finished with espressos and blueberry creme brulee. It was AWESOME. Very excited about this addition to the scene

Blue Moon Cafe in Bronxville

I had one too many bad Blue Moon experiences myself and haven't been there in at least a year. Rancho Grande was pretty good (only tried it once) but now I've resorted to making my own Mexican at home!

Westchester Magazine. What’s a Review Really Worth?

Totally agree about X2O. Three Tootsie's at best.

Jan 03, 2008
kamcc12 in Food Media & News

Bacon, Sugar or Applewood,Maple Smoked?

Can I assume you are in NYC or surrounding? Any meat store would have this.

Jan 03, 2008
kamcc12 in Manhattan


Arriba Arriba. Hands down.

Jan 03, 2008
kamcc12 in Manhattan

Bronxville & Yonkers Buzz

I am just catching on to this site, but these reviews are great. We recently moved to Scarsdale from Bronxville and boy do we miss the restaurant scene (even though we still go to B'Ville almost every week).

I went to Sammy's (not knowing that they were the same owners as Rosie's) when they first opened (it was their second full week of service) and it was not good. I usually have a good Rosie's experience, but the second I walked in I said, "What is this? An imitation of Rosies?" I actually know the people that did the interior and was going to call and say, "What, you liked your work at Rosie's so much you copied it here?" The decor leaves something to be desired. Even my husband was embarrassed by some of the pictures hung on the walls!

The food gets a solid "meh" and the service was horrendous. It always annoys me at new restaurants when a staff of 10 (servers and bussers) stands around looking at the patrons. I blame management for that. Why should I wait for or need to motion to ask for water refills or more bread when the staff SEES that I don't have any?

I am trying Scalini next week and I am SOOOO relieved to hear it's not another Sammy's.

p.s. I love Kraft. Yes, it's pricey, yes, that bar thing is obnoxious (but never happened to us and we've been there at least 20 times...eaten at the bar about 6 times) but the ambiance and the food is always good.