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Baby Shower in Annapolis Area

Paul's Homewood Cafe on West St has a (semi) private space upstairs that will handle about 20 max.

Royal Mile Pub Wheaton, I heard that it is re-opened?

Thanks for the info!

Royal Mile Pub Wheaton, I heard that it is re-opened?

Anyone visited it under new owners???

Knife sharpening

I have posted this before --- look up $3.00 per knife (2 or more) and they will turn them around in a day or two. They are a commercial knife sharpening machine co. that has a service for restaurant trades. About 20 years ago I experienced the same thing and took my knives to a well known kitchen store in the mall.... a week and a half later they came back in worse shape than ever (they even over heated them and blued the blades! Tru-hone corrected them! Great service. (the comment of $1.00 per inch? -- that would pay for a handful of good knives to be shipped to FL.)


Agreed... is a shame. It has not been so long since it changed hands. Hopefully the old owners are holding a note and may consider reopening it after all the legal things are taken care of.

As a source of haggis try Canned haggis is available on line. Buy the lamb version. Now this is not MacSween's of Edinburgh quality, but a reasonable substitute for a Highlander yearning for a taste on this side of the pond. (I won't get into the stupidity of the USDA banning the import of good Haggis. Or certain cheeses! )

Undercover Boss: Kendall-Jackson CEO Pours it On

Am I gullible enough to believe that all these workers don't suspect something when this dude comes on the scene with a film crew? This show failed with the very first episode in my book. Fact-- reality shows are not real!

Jan 30, 2012
JRCann in Features

Best lunch choice on Kent Island

I have become rather partial to Kentmorr Marina. There are a lot of good choices on Kent I. but Kentmorr is consistent.

lookin' for fried crab claws in DC/VA/MD

Most of the crab cakes that are so highly touted by "foodies" and Chowhounds actually bear only a slight resemblance to the authentic Maryland crab cakes of my youth. I was raised in a Chesapeake Bay waterman's family so my tastes goes way back.

First, those "jumbo lumps" of crab usually raved about on here, come from imported portunus pelagicus crab, or from imported Venezuelan crab -- not our local callinectes sapidus or blue crab. For the most part I find that those big Asian lumps are rather tasteless, but eye-catching in presentation, nevertheless. And of course much more affordable compared to Maryland processed crab meat.

A proper Maryland crab cake is historically made with mixed Blue Crab meat -- ie, "regular" or body meat, "claw" meat, and if its upscale, a little backfin mixed in. The regular and claw meat add a distinctive sweet crab flavor. In fact that somewhat brown, stringy claw meat can be the star of the show!

Secondly, "filler" should always be included and only crushed Saltine crackers! Yes, there should be some filler in there! Also Maryland requires that crab meat to be sold commercially must be steamed only with water, no spices. In my childhood all of our crab meat for our cakes was handpicked from left over steamed crabs from a crab feast -- lots of spice and, invariably, some of the "mustard" and guts that becomes part of the mixture and inhancing it 's intense flavors! So, a bit of spice needs to be added to kick up any store bought crab meat. But nothing beats crab cooked in the steaming pot with spice.

Thirdly, broiling a crab cake is a bit of a mistake. I know, there is that "fear" of all that fat is the motivator. Believe me, try them fried The flavor of the crab comes out best when lightly pan fried (in butta) or even deep fried. Those monster "jumbo lump" cakes tend to fall apart in the deep fryer too. So restaurants tend to avoid that and prefer to offer broiled.

Fourthly, those great big "no filler - soft ball sized" cakes with all jumbo lumps are difficult to cook. The mixture needs to be rather "wet "for it all to stick together and often because of their size, the interior is left gooey and mushy while the exterior is well done. I have had a couple where it seemed like they had a cream of crab soup center! I'd much prefer two smaller crab cakes to one huge one!. When I make my own -- 4-5 oz is the max! Just right to serve on saltine crackers. BTW, no "tarter sauce or cocktail sauce" -- naked -- is just right if its a good proper crabcake.

Xmas morning Challah emergency

now that's an ecumenical solution... a Jewish bakery open Christmas day, to save a Christian holiday with challah ! You gotta' Love this world!

Country ham -- how to cook it?


Dec 14, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking

Country ham -- how to cook it?

cmonty, read all of the above posts!!!

Smithfield's is part of a large "corporate group." Not to say that there is a lot wrong with that. However, there still exist a few small independent artisan cured ham producers.

My source for ham and bacon -- RM Felts, Ivor Va, 757-859-6231 - no website --- you have to call. nice people, wholesale prices, quickdelivery via Fed Ex. This is classic VA Ham at its best.

Dec 14, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking

New Bad to the Bone Smokehouse BBQ Restaurant in Gainesville, VA

dcbbq.... you jest?

Quick veal shanks question (for Osso buco)

there are many that will argue that the bone marrow is the best part!

Nov 11, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking

JalapeƱo-Corn-Beer Quick Bread

I make a similar corn bread. However I think that Miller High Life or PBR adds no more yeasty flavor than water. I use a real English style Ale, like Bass or Newcastle. Also I use a 12" skillet which I preheat on the range top with some butter and drop in the batter for a quick sear, and then pop it into a preheated oven. Also I see,s a like a bit much corn kernels, they add a lot of liquid to the batter. I use just a couple of tablespoons of canned "niblets" well drained.

Oct 29, 2011
JRCann in Recipes

Help with Restaurants for Business Dinner in Inner Harbor

I would look into Rusty Scupper. Knowing what "international business clients" are looking for they will enjoy the views with the aquarium and downtown just across the water.and ambiance of the harbor. Food is more than just decent but not the primary thing. A walk around the harbor and/or a water taxi ride should be included as cheap entertainment.

Rusty Scupper
402 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230

USDA replaces Food Pyramid with new "MyPlate" guidelines

If the admin really wanted to spend tax dollars wisely they would return "Home EC" classes to Middle and High school curricula. As I recall in the 50's that's where we (both boys and girls) learned about general health issues such as nutrition, obesity (and how babies happened); also how to keep and balance your checkbook, how to create a budget (Congress must have skipped this class) and how to clean up a kitchen properly and not poison the family in the process. Also important stuff like how to make chewy brownies! I will blame the feminist movement for destroying Home Economics.

Jun 24, 2011
JRCann in Food Media & News

USDA replaces Food Pyramid with new "MyPlate" guidelines

all part of, and more of, the dumbing down of America!

Jun 16, 2011
JRCann in Food Media & News

Mirliton/Chayote Squash

it's also known as christophine ... can't tell you where to go but I have seen and bought on numerous occasions. H mart being one

Maryland Crab Puffs/Fluffs

mine of my youth were always made from live crabs

lookin' for fried crab claws in DC/VA/MD

I come from a family of Chesapeake Bay watermen that goes back many generations. My mother used to make fried hard crabs as a specialty. Basically they consisted of a big Jimmy crab, while alive take the top shell off and clean out the gills and guts and pack in some more, well spiced crab meat (kinda like a crab cake mix). Then you dip the whole thing in a cornmeal batter (white flour yellow corn meal, baking powder and soda water) -- then deep fry. Think of it as a corn dog (or Corn crab) -- as a kid i thought they were fun to eat and pick out all the meat. My mom's were very spicy with lots of cayenne and I loved it ! The "Come here's" (that's city folk) probably will never understand. Come to think of it I have't had a fried hard crab in decades. It will be on my list to make this summer.

Fun/First Date

I would recommend the Balto Art Museum and lunch or dinner @ Gertude's which is very nice restaurant in the museum. It's all first class!

Side dish for duck breast....

Interesting since we had duck breast just last night with a port wine and dried cherry reduction. Southern style grits and steamed broccoli were wonderful with it! Nice buttery grits (option: add some cheese and a dash of hat sauce to it)

Mar 21, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking


Scottish (or Normand) style -- shallots, garlic white wine and light cream. Top with copious flat leaf parsley. A splash of Pernod and and or fresh chopped tarragon is wonderful on it to.

Mar 21, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking

Why no cast iron on cooking shows?

I would die to have a wood fired oven in my kitchen. That's all my grandmother ever had... you haven't lived until you have had bread, biscuits or a roast chicken made in one!

Mar 07, 2011
JRCann in Cookware

Country ham -- how to cook it?

sounds like a winner --- just leave off the brown sugar glaze part. It's already pig candy...

Feb 24, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking

Quick veal shanks question (for Osso buco)

last time I made Osso Buco it had a faintly sweet berry taste.... thanks now I know where that came from.

Feb 19, 2011
JRCann in Home Cooking

Where to buy country ham in the Baltimore area?

My source for ham and bacon -- RM Felts, Ivor Va, 757-859-6231 - no website --- you have to call. nice people, wholesale prices, quickdelivery via Fed Ex. This is classic VA Ham. --- ypu will not get a better price or a better country cured ham. it's about 1/2 the grocery store price BTW (including fed EX) Bacon is unbelievable!

The Perfect Sapphire Martini - Recipe Please!

I am really conservative (fussy) with my Martinis. I prefer regular Bombay over Sapphire. The higher alcohol content of Sapphire does nothing for the flavor, except to hide the familiar gin aromatics. But I will give your SO a pass, here. I buy the really big queen olives (not stuffed) in a jar and drain them. Then, I fill the jar with Vermouth and store it away in the fridge. So all the recipe needs is some well chilled Bombay strained into a glass and three olives. No measuring, no fuss, no muss. Damn I want one now!

Dec 30, 2010
JRCann in Spirits

Guiness Foreign Extra Stout in Millersville/GB/SP/Crofton/Annapolis

Dawson's in Severna Park... best selection of beers around.

kitchenaid artisan stand mixer: will it help me bake!!??

I'll have the Balvenie ready!

Dec 04, 2010
JRCann in Cookware