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Just Watch Me Drink

Worse for me is hosting an alcoholic for dinner. (Like, for example, my MIL.) We see her once a year, either on her Coast or ours, and either we open the wine for her and start pouring at about 4:00 or we have to be willing to start the "You do know you're an alcoholic, right?" conversation. I'm not crazy about either option but I love my husband and at this point in her life she's really not going to change. And this is why we only see her once a year.

Incidentally, I'm a convert to Islam who does still drink lightly and my roommate is a recovering alcoholic who doesn't mind at all a bottle of wine on the table at a gathering of friends.

And a final thought, I was raised to think that when you have a guest to your house you do things so that they're comfortable, rather than insisting that they do things the way you prefer.

Jan 12, 2008
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CHOW Root Beer

Patlican, have you tried the Alberta Co-op on NE 15th & Alberta? They carry all sorts of herbs-- many more than New Seasons.

Jan 03, 2008
happy_hana in Recipes