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Good Food That Freezes Well?

I am due to have my first baby sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to make some dinners to freeze so my husband and I don't have to cook for the first few weeks at home with our newborn. In my search to find recipes that freeze well, I've only found things that call for pounds of ground beef, butter, cheese and condensed mushroom soup.

We are used to eating somewhat light, but very flavorful meals. We're big on seasoning with herbs and spices, not so much butter and fat. We also like lots of whole grains, beans, and veggies, but aren't total health freaks. Mostly, we just like good food.

Anybody have any recipes or ideas for make-ahead or freezable meals that a Chowhound could love?

Mar 11, 2009
amynew in Home Cooking

Ricotta Gnocchi with Wild Boar Ragu

This recipe is lovely, but I have two suggestions to make it even better.

First, once the gnocchi dough is well mixed and shaped into a ball, let it rest for ten or so minutes. This will allow more time for the flour to absorb the moisture from the cheese and potatoes and results in a more tender gnocchi.

Second, when boiling the gnocchi, do not wait four minutes to remove them from the pot. They are ready when they float to the surface, which may take only a minute or so. Remember, these gnocchi are made of cheese and will turn into a melty, gooey mess if left in too long.

BTW, I substituted pecorino romano cheese (half the price of Parm, one third the price of Grano) with great results. I just halved the salt in the recipe to account for the romano's extra saltiness.

Good luck!

Jan 03, 2008
amynew in Recipes