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Clevelanders East AND West: Fave Ethinic place?

The Best Indian I have had is in London, but I can't exactly jump on a plane today(also spouse just flew this am to the West Coast and it trying to figure out how to bring some Columbo's Sourdough home without security going nuts!)

Cleveland has some decent Indian places and it also depends on what you are looking for. Northern or Southern and then get into regions...I lived in London for a few years as did my spouse and we are both fans mostly of Northern Cuisine. One of my best friends is from Madras and makes excellent food, but that it southern. She came to visit me this summer with her children. We went to India Garden in Lakewood which is pretty good.Northern cuisine. The owners of the restaurant also have a little grocery across from The Beck and are most helpful to offer home cooking advice for people adventurous to cook Indian at home

I keep hearing Udupi in Parma is good.

Just moved to Cleveland...where are the good eats?

Oh geez. you're from here...Well the place I am sure has changed. Yes, I too LOVE ethnic cuisines. My spouse and I went to and met at OSU so I can relate to some background...don't know Hound Dog's..must be after or before I was there(1988-1992) but I lived at home in Bexley with my mom, so I pretty much ate Rubino's Pizza in Bexley. I too love thin crust. not crazy about most local places And I have 4 kiddos so we have been trying to perfect our own crust.

Lakewood has many great aspects. We call it mini- Berkely as we are both SoCal transplants.
Lots of People like Angelo's pizza on Madison. Not me I find their sauce way too sweet.
If you can get Italian Creations to make you a single pizza they are terrific. I know the owner and he catered a friend's wedding. Nice and thin.
Peppers on Detroit is also a little Italian place and has pretty decent pizza. one thing we HATE is a sweet sauce and overly thick crust( Unless your in Detroit and eating Pizza Papalis, but I digress.)

Stupid here but for chain pizzas I will eat Donato's thin crust. I like the flavor of their crust, sauce and their use of veggies above all chains..Lakewood is getting more chains ( We needed them to stimulate the economy)

Do you like Middle Eastern? We have several good places. La Pita Express on Detroit has really great home made Lebanese, but seating is minimal, it's more take out. Aladdin's is a local chain that is not as good as La Shish in Detroit , but pretty decent quality across the boards. they have many locations around Cleveland. There are also some independantly Middle Eastern owned places in the surrounding area. We have great Indian place called India Garden which is located near the Beck Center for the Arts. It is pretty much Northern cuisine.
As for a great hole in the wall there is the Coffee Pot Restuarant on Madison with THE BEST Home Fries at Breakfast.

The Restaurants mentioned by the other poster I hear are great. Fire I know the most about. It has 2 locations one in Shaker and 1 THINK in Westlake, but don't quote me.

I used to be a chef in Columbus in my life before "marriage and diapers". I apprenticed under Harmut Handke, Jack Cory and Brian Henshaw before returning to OSU to switch careers. I really love to cook an experient at home with my kids a lot, although these days I wind up eating out at many places I would rather not! Cannot drag me into Burger King or McDonald's though, still have some standards LOL!

Hope some of this helps...

When do you plan on moving to Lakewood?

Ps, Do you remember BG Salvi's? Only dumb recipe I want is for the PastaSalvi! It was located right next to Handke's on High Street in the Brewery District

Clevelanders East AND West: Fave Ethinic place?

To Clevelanders on BOTH sides of the Cuyahoga LOL!

What is YOUR favorite Ethic Eat in the Metro area?

Shuhei sushi catastrophe (heartbroken Cleveland hound)

Hi there,

I am a West Sider, but not native, moved here from SoCal.
Have you ventured Downtown to Sushi Rock on 3rd?
Also i have hear the same thing about Aeoshi in NO and Sakura in Lakewood on Detroit is pretty good.

Sushi Rock is my fave local though...Love the Ebi, Toro, big smoked Eel fan and they have great American entrees as well.

December 2007 Cookbooks of the Month: Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook AND Martha Stewart’s Hors d’Oeuvres Handbook

Is this a NEW Martha Hors D'oeuvre book?

I have one from about 10 year's back and I still use it and love it! I used many recipes for entertaining this past New Year's

Jan 03, 2008
GoddessofEatin in Home Cooking

Ealing Tandoor?

Does the Ealing Tandoor still exist?

Jan 03, 2008
GoddessofEatin in U.K./Ireland

Just moved to Cleveland...where are the good eats?

Here there. I just joined today. I live in Lakewood. Actually the best pizza in town is the winner of a Food Network Pizza Challenge. It happens to be on the West side and If I recall it's a privately owned Sports Bar... I will try and see if I can relocate the name and post it later.

What do you like to eat? single location high end, quality chains, European, Chains or certain ethic foods. It's easy to post restaurants at a whim. It helps to know what you're looking for.

Being new here you may or may not know that we are home to the newest Iron Chef: Michael Symon, owner of LOLA, which originated in Tremont, but is now downtown next to the House of Blues. Great guy, lives down the street from my sister ( but I am not sure for how much longer LOL!)

The great thing about being in Cleveland (really!) is that there is a great deal of Ethinic cuisines and not just around the University Areas. You can find just about everything you can find on either coast AND the Chef's Garden is here in Ohio too.

You may want to start at Borders books and pick up a current copy of "Cleveland Ethnic Eats" by Laura Taxel. It was a great book to have when we first moved here from San Diego. It has all the little hidden Ethinic dining gems you may not hear about from friends or coworkers.

Cleveland does have a Little Italy and a small Chinatown, but we have a multitude of cusines from the nearby regions.

There is also a Slow Food convivium here if you are interested in the slow food movement( and I am not referring to the service you will find at most fo the local Popeye's chicken stores! LOL!)

Let me know!

Welcome and Happy New Year!

cleaning professional cast iron stove top?

G'day all!

this is a quick post to find out if anyone here has a professional stove with a cast iron top and what is the best way to really clean to built up sticky goo and spills. I have had the stove for about 3 years but I only ever seem to get it half way as clean as I would like. I can remove them. I used "Bam!" on the pull out tray and that does a good job but it is stainless. Iwould love to get them really clean after the big cooking holiday!

thanks to all!

Jan 03, 2008
GoddessofEatin in Cookware