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Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

Ok 2 things: maybe I was biased because I recognized the guy working there from a place down in Haverhill, and secondly, I think it's fair to say it's better than Chipotle. No?

Is there life after Strange Brew?

I've been living in Manchester, NH for a few months now and I've become and huge fan of Strange Brew's outrageously good pub food and extensive beer list. But seriously, I've fallen in love with how cheap the appetizers and beers are during happy hour.

Are there any other quality restaurants/taverns like Strange Brew in Manchester that have happy hour specials like theirs? Milly's pub food does NOT cut it. It is cheap, but it is gross.

Thanks in advance for any input at all.

Dole Whip in northern MA / southern NH?

Being lactose intolerant, Dole Whip is my ice cream shack love affair. It is a lactose free and fat free soft serve. Rumor is that it's big down in Disney World and out in Hawaii. I've only seen it around here in Dover, NH at Golick's.

Does anybody know where to find it in the Manchester, NH area? Or northern MA?

Lunch in Newport, Rhode Island?

Rhode Island Quahog Company ( has GREAT fresh seafood and very reasonable/downright cheap prices.

Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

Tell your friends to go to the Big Bean in Newmarket. It's an excellent diner that does everything homemade, including their bread and biscuits, and they always have new and original breakfast dishes.

searching for great seafood in southern NH

What part of southern NH? Metro-Manch or seacoast. They're two worlds apart.

Bobs in Kittery - Sadly Can't Recommend Anymore

Thank you for coming out and saying it. I'm new to the area and my first visit to Bob's was with my wife this past summer. After what I've read about it here, I was expecting a lot more. It strikes me as an overpriced tourist trap. The lobster meat that was in my roll HAD to be frozen, and my fries were soggy, stale, and brutally disgusting - and there's not way that slaw is homemade. I think that most people that have a high opinion of the place may be recollecting on years past before Kittery turned into the commercialized MA annex that it is today. I'm happy that I'm not the only one who has noticed it because when I went there I thought I was on crazy pills after hearing all the buzz prior to this post.

What gives with the line? There's a McD's down the street that will serve you prefrozen fried food for a fraction of the price.

2 Buck Chuck . . . @ Trader Joes

Thanks for all the feedback everybody.

Dec 08, 2008
bigduddyd in Wine

2 Buck Chuck . . . @ Trader Joes

Any opinions on this stuff?

Dec 07, 2008
bigduddyd in Wine

portland me restaurants

Concurred. Duckfat poutine for life.

Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

Yes! I've been to Las Olas many times since it opened. I tend to be a burritophile, so you asked the right guy. In my opinion, Las Olas is excellent. The meats, especially the roast pork, are excellent. The cilantro in the rice is super fresh. The salsa's are excellent...especially the corn salsa. One thing that they do that is perfect is before wrapping everything up, they give it a squeeze of fresh lime. To me, it makes all the difference in the world.

I get the sense that the staff, who you can sneak a peak at when paying at the register, really take a lot of pride in their work. You can tell that this isn't their first rodeo, and I know that at least one of them commutes up from Haverhill everyday to bless this small town with his skills. I know this because I recognized (and verified) that he was a former employee at Tacos Lupita down in Haverhill. Actually, here he is on their website:

The place is really clean, like painstakingly clean (which I really respect in a no waiters kind of restaurant) and the quality of the ingredients are great.

If your'e looking for a quick lunch or a super casual dinner with only $6-7 in your pocket, I'd highly recommend this place. It's FAR superior to the Chipotle/Dos Amigos scene.

Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

I actually ended up going to Steve's for one simple plate of hash. It was good. It was homemade, but part of me was bummed by the fact that it resembles the canned stuff so much. What do I mean? The corned beef is cut up into little tiny pieces along with the taters, and it was compacted into this nice convenient rectangular block that totally gave me the prepackaged jitters. BUT to be fair, it was delicious. The best hash in Exeter. No doubt about that. And the waitress was very friendly as well. I'll be going back.

Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

SNL, Sorry for the delay in the response. First off, the Loaf and Ladle and the Green Bean are both on Water Street, right downtown, and both are very inexpensive lunch places that serve up quality homemade soups and chili's which rotate daily. As for dinner, I'd recommend 11 Water Street (that's actually the name of the restaurant) ( and The Tavern ( I'd have to give the nod to 11 Water Street. I just feel as though that everything there has a better twist to it, though both places specialize in typical american cuisine. The Tavern serve up these homemade flour nachos which make up in cheese for whatever they may lack in flavor.

I've been to the Holy Grail. Honestly, it's a dive. They have good burgers and steak tips. But considering the humble culinary area of Eppin', it's the best of what's around. I'd give it a try. I personally have a hard time getting over the fact that it's a church and it looks as such from the street, it's spooky. Like the rectory is still there and everything, yikes. But they have great beers on tap that may just help you see God.

And of ya, I tried to meet some friends there with my wife two Fridays ago for dinner and drinks around 7pm. Absolutely packed. No place to park but WAY WAY down the street. I'd let you know how long the wait was if we'd even attempted to wait it out-but we didn't. We were horrified. Like I'm not kidding. It seriously was insanely packed.

Puritan Back Room, Manchester NH

The fried pickles are excellent as well.

Lewiston/Auburn on a Monday: no Fuel, so where?

Chopsticks is the best chinese restaurant in town. That will go undisputed by most.

Lewiston/Auburn on a Monday: no Fuel, so where?

Take this for what it's worth, but when I was back in college up there Davinci's down in the mills was always a solid Italian place.

Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

I wonder if their gyro's are the real kind...meat cut off of a rotating spit...not those spam slices that you find everywhere else up here.


Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

That's a shame. For a town with so many great little holes in the wall for lunch and dinner (33 Water Street, Loaf n Ladle, The Tavern), I can't believe how subpar the breakfast/brunch scene is. I'm waiting for somebody to move in that can make legit homefries and hash in the AM.

Anyways, I found somebody's review of it here on youtube:

Steve's Diner (Exeter, NH) in the old Pizza Hut?

Has anybody been in here? I've passed by it many times but I have to admit, the building sketches me out thoroughly. The parking lot is always packed and I'd love to hear what anybody has to say about it. Exeter is in need of a good diner because I believe that Rogan's certainly doesn't cut it.

Puritan Back Room, Manchester NH

Edina and Gryphonskeeper, I respect your opinion, but in the humble world of boneless, skinless chicken tenders, i firmly believe that these are the best. If you believe otherwise, could you recommend where I could go to get chicken tenders that are better? This is an honest inquiry, because I'm interested.

Best Poutine in New Hampshire?

Julie, if you consider BVI and Michael Timothy's "decent", trust me, don't even bother looking in Chez Vachon's or Suzie Q's direction. They're both greasy spoons. No post modernist gastronomical epiphanies going on in there. Just good honest working class eats.

Puritan Back Room, Manchester NH

As far as I'm concerned, the menu really only needs two items: chicken tenders and mudslides.

The chicken tenders are the best. They're known in Manchester for them. When you walk in you'll see that almost every table will have at least one order of them. They obviously marinade the tenders in something, I want to say that whatever it is must have pineapple in it. Ask for extra homemade duck sauce. I could drink it through a straw. It's real thin, and not like the duck sauce you'd come to expect from a chinese restaurant. The meal includes a salad. I always get the greek, and sop up the remaining homemade dressing with pita bread.

The mudslides are made with their own homemade vanilla ice cream. They're pricey, upwards of $9-10 but they are large and stiff. I'd recommend getting chocolate around the inside of the glass.

Lee/Lenox Area - Suggestions?

Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA has the best breakfast ever, according to my wife. I just checked it out on google maps and it has a cornucopia of positive feedback. We intended on going there when we were out there for the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but the wait was way too long for us to stick around for. They must be doing something right.

If you go, do me the favor and let me know what you think of it.

best italian sub nashua

I should add, w/ oil and vinegar, or else you'll screw it all up.

best italian sub nashua

"The Esposito" at the Nashua Garden on Main Street. Best subs I've found in my many years of living in NH. It's huge, cheap, and has excellent quality bread, meats and vegetables. View the menu here:

help: food stops in NH off 93 this weekend!

On the way up, I'd recommend checking out Ultimate Perk in Andover, about 2 miles off of 93. They have the best bagels I've ever had north of Manhattan.

Ultimate Perk‎
96 Main St
Andover, MA 01810
(978) 470-1401

A week in Newport RI with a kitchen--need food shopping and farm stand ideas

A great farm stand is Schartner Farms in Exeter, RI. Great pies and harvested produce, and awesome spiral fries.

Recommendations for Southern NH, Merrimack Valley, Monadnock, etc.

Gould Hill just outside concord has the best view and cider.

This is in Hollis, no festival, but huge.

The best consistent apple festival is at Applecrest...not in the Monadnock region, near the seacoast, but excellent. Free bango music etc.

Rte 89 through Vermont.

Does anybody have any favorites from White River Junction to Waterbury?

Ashland, NH

Great! Here we go:

1. The Common Man right in downtown Ashland is a great place to eat. I love it there. They have this cottage cheese spread / crackers complimentary appetizer bar which is oddly addictive. As far the food is concerned, it's good, unpretentious, American fare, everything that you would expect from the best restaurant in an old fashioned NH mill town. The meatloaf and prime rib are killer. The Common Man has a few other locations in southern NH, but this is the original. The building itself is awesome, I love it. It's tucked right into down town. The floor boards creak incessantly but I love it, especially on the stairs to the 2nd level. This may be the best place to eat in Ashland, it's a classic. The menu is on the website here:

As you know coming from NH, if you're in Ashland, you're about 5 miles away from Plymouth, NH.

Plymouth has a great Italian restaurant called The Italian Farmhouse. As far as the menu is concerned, this place is essentially an authentic, privately owned Olive Garden done right. They have all the Italian staples, my life loves the alfredo, and I love the classic meatballs. Their marinara is great stuff. I could just spoon it on bread and call it dinner, I swear. They have a wood burning brick oven for pizzas, and they also have a complimentary self-serve bread/oil/freshly grated parmesan cheese bar. It's off the beaten path a bit, which is nice because it's away from the craziness that is known as Plymouth State University downtown.

Hope this helps. I love spreading the news about places hidden away in NH, though.