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4 girlfriends Sept trip to NAPA

Oakville is back selling wine- selection is good. Dean and Deluca is good for cheese and meats - best deli sandwich to go in the valley is Genovas Deli in Napa down on e block from Wholefoods - ge there early and you will be happy true Italian Deli.

Bar side @ Auberge greta for champange and apps.
Bar @ Martini HOuse for meeting people and apps.
Bottega on the patio for dinner one night Yountville
REDD the patio is great and more refinded food
Bouchon if you sit at the bar and love raw bar -
Angele if you are staying in Napa - great Patio and food great bar inside.
If you can the tour up at Schramsburg is really great and you cover the champange in one swoop.

Help me find a Napa Valley restaurant for this weekend.

Press has great food and lots of seafood options. Not to mention hearty portions ( you can split things for sure.
Fresh veggie side, Lobster Cobb for lunch , great shrimp cocktail and amazing scotish salmon.
House made bread basket and great spot. Very High Quality.

It will be tough to mfind many entrees below $20 most are about $22- 25 here in the valley.
Angele may be another option here in the valley they are on Main street in downtown Napa great patio.

Where to find Padron Peppers?

Just found some Great padrons up at Dean and Deluca only $8.00 a pound and grwon at scully ranch. Larger than usally are but very tasty. Much better than the $24 a pound peppers at Ox Bow market from Happy Quail Farms - what a rip off. Will have to get over the hill to Tierra this weekend.

Napa/Sonoma-area restaurant picks?

REDD is pumpimh on all cyclinders right now call and get a table outside - great food. Try the Melon Salad with Procutio and padron peppers - great! Also the pastas are hand made in house!

Bardessno for breakfast and reading the paper.If you get a Spa treatment there you can use their roof top pool pretty cool and the same cost of spa appiontments at Villagio- also the food at BArdessno is from Mickale Minna former chef - great local sustainable ingredients.

Bouchon Bistro - eat at the bar great raw bar items and french fries.

Both Bistro Jeanty and Bottegga are great - Bottegga can be busy I would go later in the evening.

Angele in downtown Napa has great food and patio more of a locals spot but worth the trip into downtown Napa.

As for staying in Yountville there are some deals to be had check online BArdessno is new and not filling their rooms but great spot.

Have fun!

Where to find Padron Peppers?

Just had some great padron peppers at REDD in yountville - anyone know of a northbay spot that sells them fresh or sells the plants?

FARM or Redd in Napa??

I would second Redd or try Angele in downtown Napa

"4-Star" restaurant with only a few weeks notice?

I would try Cavello Point in Sausalito - very cool spot.

Dinning Mid week lunch for large group Santa Fe?

What about Santacafe ? Any thoughts?

Jul 14, 2008
napawinegirl in Southwest

Dinning Mid week lunch for large group Santa Fe?

Looking for some suggestions for a mid week lunch spot close to City Hall in Santa Fe. From the bay area and love great food & atmosphere? We have a large group about 15 people celebrating a wedding. Any suggestions?

Jul 14, 2008
napawinegirl in Southwest

Irish Food Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner?

Johnny Foleys had a great private room / bar downstairs. Also if you are looking for great food try Libertys out in the Mission - great food and smaller venu.
Liberty Irish Bar & Restaurant
998 Guerrero St
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 282-6789

Alternative to French Laundry?

I would go Redd or Martni House - both have Chef driven tasting Menus.

San Francisco To Napa From SFO........

If you are getting bags and then renting a car - I would stop in SF at the Stevenson Street Yank Sing for dimsum - great food and very quick - then get a move on to Napa.
Should take you about an hour 25 from SF

Polenta w/Kale and Mushrooms

I would drizzle truffle oil over the scallops or I have made this dish using spicy italian turkey or pork saugae out of the casing sauteed and then top the polenta with the kale mushroon mixture.

Jan 03, 2008
napawinegirl in Home Cooking