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Turkey Cheshire?

Thanks to both of you. Looked up a couple recipes for Hot Brown and it sounds spot on. SO simple, but it's frustrated me that my home attempts haven't quite had the wow factor I'm remembering. Looking forward to perfecting this one!

Turkey Cheshire?

Several years ago, my husband and I had lunch at Gadsby's Tavern in Alexandria and I had this fantastic dish that I'm 99% sure was called "Turkey Cheshire." It was in a crock, had roast turkey, ham, and some sort of rarebit-like sauce, then baked. It was fantastic. The fine folks at Gadsby's were kind enough to look thru their recipe archives and came up with no such recipe. I'm stumped. My husband remembers it too. Recipe searches online have come up with nothing. Does anyone know about something like this? I've tried to emulate the dish and it always comes out so so.

Gadsby's Tavern
138 North Royal Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

Desperately seeking Swedish meringue roll cake recipe

Thank you! The meringue isn't hard, but not real soft either. Its thin and pliable enough to roll, yet its slightly crisp.

Nov 30, 2008
Artaud in Home Cooking

Desperately seeking Swedish meringue roll cake recipe

A swedish/finnish friend makes this cake that is out of this world. And she won't share the recipe. Issues with that aside, I could probably figure out the recipe, but the hard part is making the thin layer of yellow cake topped with an equally thin layer of meringue. This cake is then topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit and rolled.

Can anyone help? I've found a lot of meringue roll recipes but none include the yellow cake.

Nov 30, 2008
Artaud in Home Cooking

Toscano Salami in DC?

Anyone know where I can buy this delicious salami locally?

Annapolis/Eastern Shore Restaraunts

I second Out of the Fire in Easton. It has long been shadowed by Inn at Easton. Food is always good. menu changes often...excellent wine selection. I heard, however, that there's a new chef and it's not as good...still worth a try. Another great place just across the street from OOTF is Tanuki's. Great bar, great sushi, eclectic menu...always good. Owners Matt and John General are usually in house and great to chat with.

Julia's in Centreville is absolutely worth the 25-minute drive from Easton. The filet is always fantastic, but always served with something different. Also incredible: the cream of crab (if its on the menu) and the fried calamari. Make sure you make a reservation though.

Sushi on the Maryland Eastern Shore?

General Tanuki's on Goldsborough Street in Easton has great sushi. (I had my wedding reception there, and they kept the sushi coming all night.)

I also heard over the weekend that there's now an out-of-the-way sushi place in Kent Island (somewhere behind McDonalds), but I don't know what its called.