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Couples Resort near Algonquin Park

Is the couples resort called Bear Trail? We've stayed there once and found the place to be a bit pricey (although we were still students or had just recently started working). I ordered venison and my spouse had chicken and recall the food to be mediocre at best. The best touch was the indoor hottub IMHO.

Chinese Wedding Banquet Locations

Firstly, congrats!

I just got married in August and we took a look at many places before deciding. There were a number of factors which affected our final decision: cost, location and presentation of the restaurant (which may or may not be inline with yours). We eventually decided upon "Dun Huang" at Times Square. The restaurant is quite nice, provides a nice view (especially at night) and is not "tacky" with the traditional red and gold motif (the restaurant is mostly dark wood and gold).

If you are looking for hotels, there are a number in the close vicinity: Hilton (just east of Leslie and Hwy 7), two Mariott's (just south of Leslie and 7) a Sheraton and a Staybridge Suites by Holiday Inn close by.

If you are looking for a real banquet hall, there is one at Woodbine just south of 7 called La Rosa. I attended a friend's wedding here and it was quite elegantly done. Although, you will have to dish out a bit more for decorations as nothing is provided.

My sister is having her wedding at Spring Villa, which is quite close to La Rosa but she will be entertaining a small and intimate group.

We checked out other restaurants in Scarborough (New World at VP/N of Finch, the one behind Metro Square etc) as well but they seemed to be a bit older and the cost was about the same, if not a bit more.

I almost forgot. We checked out Diamond Banquet Hall at First Markham and had even given them our deposit but we found Dun Huang to be cheaper so we settled with them. They are quite elegant, new and but the environment is almost too clean and snazzy, lacking a bit of character. Check them out and you'll see what I mean.

I hope this helps and feel free to let me know what you think after you've done some shopping around.

Tak Wor Restaurant - Surprisingly good authentic Chinese food

Speaking of sports, another place that usually has a basketball or hockey game on is Firefly at FMP.

California Sandwiches - North of Steeles

It's funny that you mention Dante's because I used to work there many moons ago.

Best Place to Find Korean Pork Bone Soup....

The Owl's pork bone soup is ok. (despite all the swirling rumors, which I won't mention here) I personally like Nakwon's version because the broth seems to be richer and meatier. Some places will serve you with a watery soup but the one at Nakwon emits homemade goodness.

Nakwon is at Yonge and Finch, on the southwest corner. Try it and let me know what you think.

what's that?!!! kimbap?! what kimbap?

Great post! I was never much a fan of Kimbap but after reading your review, I have no idea that there were so many varieties. I'll be sure to deviate from our usual choice of Nakwon to try out TPR. BTW, do they carry other traditional Korean dishes besides the Kimbap and cold noodles? (ie: Gamjatang, table cooking, soondobu and the likes?)

California Sandwiches - North of Steeles

Thanks for the reply. Driving to Woodbridge is a tad bit far so I guess I'll have to wait until I'm in the area or when my craving doubles in size =P

late night chinese dessert places?

Hui Lau San at FMP is hands down the best late night Chinese dessert place. The only downside is the size of the restaurant. If you hit a busy patch, the wait can get quite long and tedious, especially if you go with a large group.

A couple of my favourites include: "B Jai Lerng Fun" (a mixture of fruit, grass jelly and sago with coconut and evaporated milk), calamari ( I think it's called "deep fried tentacles" on the menu), and rice noodle rolls with peanut and hoisin sauce.

California Sandwiches - North of Steeles

Hi everyone,

I have had the veal sandwich at the Claremont location downtown T.O. and it was delicious enough to a spontaneously generate a craving. So I have to ask the question:

Does anyone know of a California Sandwich location (or a place that does sandwiches in the same fashion) north of Steeles; Preferably in the Markham, Richmond Hill area (although I don't mind driving a bit to taste one).

More Disappointment in Greek Town - MEGAS was awful

Next time you're down on the Danforth, give Mezes (456 Danforth Ave.) a try. It's relatively close to Megas and the food is much better IMHO. We often order the Zinnis Rice Special ($14.95) and Agean Fare (chicken, beef flambeed in Brandy: $14.95). The calamari appetizer is to die for and really hits the spot when you get that craving for it.

Tak Wor Restaurant - Surprisingly good authentic Chinese food

On a lazy New Years day, we decided to try Tak Wor for a quick lunch meal after reading the reviews and replies on this board. We ordered the "Ging Doe Yuk Pah" set lunch (Sweet and Sour Pork Loin), "Jeew Yeem Gwut" (Salty and Spicy Pork Chop) set lunch and a plate of "Gai Laan" (Chinese Broccoli). The waitress was nice enough to point out our interesting choice of meat, which essentially was the same, although prepared differently.

The set lunch came with a choice of chicken corn soup or hot and sour and a bowl of rice. We decided to try both and was pleasantly surprised. The soup came in a relatively large bowl as did the entrees. The meats were quite tasty and flavourful, not to mention the unexpected amount of meat for a lunch meal. Armed even with a healthy appetite, we could not finish the meal and had to doggy bag it.

The service was better than expected and the waitress even suggested the vegetables we ordered. I would definitely go back and try them for dinner as our first experience was quite pleasant.

Best of all, they had the "AMP Winter Classic" hockey game on all their TVs!