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Korean Noodles Near Wilshire/Western?

My favorite neng myun place is INSIDE california market (5th and Western). When you enter the market, pass the cash registers, and you'll run into it. when in doubt, ask for "neng myun jip" and somebody should point you in the right direction.

And yes, you must get the pancakes on the way out.

Jul 01, 2006
Porky Yorky in Los Angeles Area

Help me find Korean street food

One of my favorite childhood snacks! I actually had some for lunch today at MARU in ktown. mmm... It's called Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes on the English menu (or you just ask the waitress for Dduk-bok-ki) & it's very authentic.

356 S. Western Ave. #201

Located in the Cosmos shopping plaza, which is on the Northeast corner of Western and 4th. Entrance to the parking lot is on 4th street and the restaurant is on the second floor by the elevator.

Wish I knew how to add the link to David Kahn's review on the restaurant, but I'm just not sophisticated enough. :(

Jul 01, 2006
Porky Yorky in Los Angeles Area