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Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve in Vienna. What to do?

Thank you all, and especially the great Sturmi, for providing me with an overview of the Viennese dining scene. Now I know there are several spots I do not want to miss on my trip, including Figlmuller, Zum Finsteren Stern, Eckel, and Trzesneiweski.

However, the problem is we arrive on Christmas Eve and are here through New Year's Eve. So, while I love the idea of being in Vienna during such a magical holiday season, I am at a complete loss as to where to eat on the days when the city shuts down. We really dislike touristy hotel dining situations, but am scared that is what will happen. My hotel suggested Boheme, Piaristenkeller, and Plachutta, but none of them appeal. Wondering if there might be any local gems that stay open on the holidays where we could have a fabulous, more authentic dining experience.

Also, will many of the good restaurants and coffeehouses be open during the holiday week? I am scared I won't have access

I tried to find a post on the coffehouses of Vienna, which I'm sure exists, but didn't have any luck. If anyone has a link or suggestions on their favorites, I would appreciate it.

Thanks so much! Can't wait to spend the holidays in Vienna.

Oct 30, 2011
slopetoridge in Europe

Need Good Mexican Dinner, Drinks and Lunch Recs in Polanco

Hi GoMexico. Actually, she just doesn't eat meat unless its kosher, but doesn't need to eat a "kosher" restaurant per se, which makes things easy. I know there are countless good restaurants to check out in Polanco, but I just don't know the area to know if things are within walking distance or not. For example, I know Pujol is in Polanco, but the GM of my hotel (Las Alcobas) informed me it was too far to walk from the hotel. I would also like to check out Bondy and El Bajio, but again, don't know if those are close enough to walk to. Regardless, can't wait to eat in Mexico.

Feb 13, 2010
slopetoridge in Mexico

Need Good Mexican Dinner, Drinks and Lunch Recs in Polanco

I am heading to Mexico City next week and am staying at a new hotel on Masaryk. I have gone through all the posts here and have so many ideas! However, I am traveling with someone who keeps shabbat, so Friday night and Saturday afternoon have to be devoted to places that are only within walking distance!

We are both huge foodies and would rather partake in authentic Mexican cooking than, say, a Thai place that happens to be convenient. I know the walking-only issue might be a challenge, but would love any ideas from locals familiar with the area on where to eat and get a cocktail on Friday night, and get breakfast and lunch on Saturday. A scene isn't so much important to us as quality.

Thank you!

Feb 10, 2010
slopetoridge in Mexico

Thanksgiving in Cleveland

Help! I'm going to Cleveland for Thanksgiving weekend and am looking for somewhere to have a nice Thanksgiving meal, whether traditional or a little offbeat. I hate the idea of dining in the likes of a Holiday Inn so does anyone know of any interesting restaurants that might be open? Thank you.

Where to go in NOTL?

Hi there,

I'm going to Niagara on the Lake later this week and have a day and a night to spend there. We are eating at the Charles Inn but need help with a great lunch option. I'd love to go to Vineland, but it's too far out; we need to stick to NOTL on this trip. Also, these are the wineries I'm thinking of visiting. We know wine really well, so not really that interested in the big commercial wineries (except for Inniskillin), but more of the intimate ones with great wines. Where to go for the best Icewine?

Niagara College Teaching Winery






Chateau des Charmes

Favorite Trastevere Restaurants

Hi mbfant,

Curious what you think about Rivadestra? I have two nights in Trastevere coming up myself and have heard good things about it and considering it for one of my dinners. I think Antico Arco will be the other.

Jan 07, 2009
slopetoridge in Italy

Famous Wine Shop in Bologna?

Hi. Does anyone know the famous wine shop in Bologna that apparently can't be missed? I think it also doubles as a wine bar? On another note, does 3 nights in Bologna sound like too much? Probably not considering all the great food I'm hearing about. Would it be too ambitious to do one night in Bologna and two in Florence instead?

Dec 31, 2008
slopetoridge in Italy

Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna in early January?

So, I'm also headed to Italy in January and a little worried about not experiencing the country at it's prime, but I can't change the timing and I am a little thrilled about the absence of tourists anyhow. I've got four nights in Rome and then the other three I was thinking of staying in Bologna as a base and then taking the train to Parma and Modena (we won't have a car). Does anyone know if there is an agriturismo open in the winter, though? I would love that. Any recommendations for wine bars in Bologna?

Dec 28, 2008
slopetoridge in Italy

Weekend in Providence

Thanks everyone. Thanks to suggestions, we've narrowed it down. Itinerary will now feature Local 121, La Laiterie, Nick's, Julian's, Venda Ravioli, Pastiche and Trinity Brewhouse.

Searching for Fragoli Liqueur

They're only available in NY, NJ and Virginia right now. But, I think you can buy online at

Jul 31, 2008
slopetoridge in Spirits

Weekend in Providence

Hi. I'm going to Providence for the weekend and plan to cram those couple days with as many tasty and fresh meals as possible. I'm not really looking for anything super high-end and am open to all kind of cuisine. Here's what I'm thinking so far, let me know if I'm missing anything. Also, please let me know if Al Forno is worth the hype. Part of me feels I really should go, but I also have this feeling that it's overrated. Thank you!

la laiterie-dinner
rue de l'espoir--for brunch
nick's--for brunch

trinity brewhouse-for a beer
blue state coffee- for coffee
pastiche- for dessert
temple downtown-for cocktails
roma-for a cappucino
venda--for some authentic Italian goods to take back

Local Gems on Amelia Island?

I have an upcoming trip to Amelia Island and other than one night at Salt, I'm looking for some other options on where to eat. I'm particularly looking for a good breakfast/brunch place.


May 20, 2008
slopetoridge in Florida

Great bakery in Bay Ridge?

Leske's is definitely a great choice. Just a really nice authentic old-school place. In addition to the stellar black and white cookies others are raving about, the crumb cake is also divine. Another bakery to consider is Ivy on 87th off 3rd Avenue.

May 19, 2008
slopetoridge in Outer Boroughs

40th Birthday Dinner in Park Slope/Prospect Heights?

Hi Cayt,

Unfortunately, not many options in Prospect Heights. I have not gone to Garden Cafe, but I hear it's lovely. And, during the week, they have reasonable prix-fixe menu. I walk by all the time and it looks very dark and intimate. Amorina is tasty for some interesting pizzas and comforting pastas, but it's very casual and not what you're looking for probably. I would definitely recommend Al di La (they're closed Tuesdays though). Applewood is very devoted to seasonal ingredients. Skip Stone Park (major attitude from everyone who works there), and Sotto Voce is terrible and Blue Ribbon is not as good as the Manhattan version. I have not been to Convivium, but hear it's great.

May 19, 2008
slopetoridge in Outer Boroughs

Picnic in Flushing-Meadows Park: Where to get provisions?

If you were planning on having a picnic in Flushing-Meadows Corona Park and didn't want to schlep the food from very far, where would you suggest getting good provisions from nearby? Is there anywhere?


May 18, 2008
slopetoridge in Outer Boroughs

First Time to the Jersey Shore: Where to Eat?

Thanks mschow! I think I will hit a few of the further out recommendations on the way in and on the way out, but will stick to LBI once we're there. Since you are so familiar with LBI, what do you think about the Holiday Snack Bar? Not worth it? Also, the Sandbox looks cute, but I can't find out much about it. Thanks for the Seashell suggestion. I was wondering where to get a drink that was low-key.

May 18, 2008
slopetoridge in Mid-Atlantic

First Time to the Jersey Shore: Where to Eat?

Hi There,

I'm heading to the Jersey Shore for the first time and am eager to hear suggestions from locals. I will be headquartered on LBI, and have heard good things about the following places: Sweet Vidalia's, Uncle Will's Pancake House, Bisque. If you have recommendations, I would love to hear about them. We don't like chains or over-the-top places, but warm, intimate places where the locals hang out for good food and good service. Also, even though we'll be on LBI, we also plan to visit some other nice parts of the shore (any recommendations on where to go? we hear asbury park is nice) So, any other restaurants/bakeries you recommend north of LBI are also appreciated.

Thanks so much!

May 18, 2008
slopetoridge in Mid-Atlantic

Approximations of Grange Hall ambience?

I would definitely have to second the Dressler's suggestion. The atmosphere is gorgeous and old-world and the food and cocktails are really superb. You might want to try Allen & Delancey too. It's very dark and cozy and looks like a house full of antiques. Try and get the window seat near the bar for a really comfy experience.

Jan 02, 2008
slopetoridge in Manhattan

Bourbon Street Gourmet Kitchen and Pantry

Has anyone been to this place in the West Village? I didn't know they were a full-service restaurant, but apparently they have great fried chicken and pulled pork sandwiches. Has anyone tried? I'm curious about dinner.

Jan 02, 2008
slopetoridge in Manhattan