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Sea Rocket Bistro Review

I've been in since the chef changed. I REALLY wanted to like this place as I am a huge fan of local, sustainable and meats you can feel good about and the food sounds really good. I went in for their Monday $10 burger night. It was not great. The bun was so stale it basically ruined everything. I ordered it medium rare on the rarer side. It was almost well done, I asked the bartender and she said, "Oh I thought you ordered medium." ???? I also ordered the uni on toast, it was fine & an appetizer I plain forgot what it was. I don't think we will return. I realize this is not a meat place but, if you have a burger night you advertise in a big way the burger should be awesome and you shouldn't make your guests feel like the cheapskates who ordered the special.

Jul 31, 2011
tabasc in San Diego

Looking for CSA Opinions

Hi - I know there are a few threads on this but nothing too recent. I was thinking of switching up my CSA - the produce has been good but I am looking for more variety. Also the one I currently have packages everything in plastic bags which I don't think is very environmentally friendly.
So I was wondering - what CSA do you get? Do you like it? Which size do you get & how many people does it feed. I have noticed the prices swing greatly - from $17 from a small share to over $50 for a small share - any thoughts on the big swing?
Also does anyone know if organic means that the food can't be genetically modified?


May 28, 2011
tabasc in San Diego

trader Joe's - baking soda in a classic baking powder container

I just did the same thing!!! There was not even any other (real) baking powder. I made some beautiful shortcakes to bring to a friend for dinner & one broke so I had to taste it. BITTER!!!! Now I am so sad and empty handed. I thought I was crazy until I googled & found your post on the way over. So at least you made me feel better.

Mar 19, 2011
tabasc in Chains

Andreas on Thayer rant

I don't know why I went back. Have some fond memories from highschool (15 years ago). Tried it again last night. It took over 20 minutes before we were even asked if we wanted a drink. In the meantime the table next to us got their food, ate and had it boxed. The waiter was the same as ours and he didn't appear to have any other tables. Customers (at least me) will forgive almost anything if I have a drink in hand. At one point we were told bread was coming (it didn't) but he didn't stop to inquire as to drinks or appetizers (I was going to order one but by the time he came over it was so late I was too hungry). The food was beyond mediocre. Not even worth mentioning. I was charged for - but not given - an item I had ordered. My companions got side dishes that were not what they had wanted. At that point we just wanted out so we didn't even argue. How does this place stay so busy for so many years????????

Apr 22, 2010
tabasc in Southern New England

Solo dining- Providence

Sitting at the bar at Bacaro would be fine - but it will be as expensive at Gracie's and I think the Gracie's vibe will be better (and the food is simply the best) the bartender will definitely be conversational if you desire. Do not miss the gnocci if you go.

Mar 01, 2010
tabasc in Southern New England

Best Breakfast in Providence (or close by) RI

Best thing about Modern? You can order half orders of almost everything. Half order of stuffed french and half some kind of hollaindase. Yum. Nick's lets you do that a lot too - side of polenta, half of pancakes with compote. I end up ordering everything!

Feb 17, 2010
tabasc in Southern New England

Snug Harbor- South Kingstown

It's the Matunuck Oyster Bar. It's delicious. Usually 4 kinds of local oysters including the ones the owner grows on the water you are looking out upon. Open for lunch/dinner every day. Brunch on weekends untill 11 - haven't made it. Everything has been outstanding. It was reviewed in the Pheonix last week - hopefully won't become too busy. Service is not great.

Aug 04, 2009
tabasc in Southern New England

deals on different days in/around pvd

I was hoping to consolidate a list - I tried to see if this was already covered but couldn't find it. This is what I know so far, I have some holes and would love to know about more.....:
Monday: Rue de le spoir - $1 apps at bar
Weds: Rue del le spoir - $11.99 burger and a beer
Mon - :? Gracie's Theatre Menu 5-7pm full app/entree/desert $40 with wine $?
Weds: Gracie's - wine flight with treats $15 (not during december)
Tuesday : LJs BBQ: $15.99 Fixed Price Menu - 3 p.m. till closing. choice of wine, beer, or soft drink, soup or salad, selected entrees with sides, dessert.
La Laiterie: Tasting menu? days? price?
Red Stripe - some kind of bar menu (at least in Narragansett)

Providence- Please help me decide

What am I missing about Loie Fuller? I ate there when it first opened and it was spectacular. I have been back a bunch of times since and it was downright dissapointing. The menu NEVER seems to change anymore and it isn't very good - the scallop dish is awful. Even the things that were good had a very sloppy presentation...

Laiterie is my hands down go to place - but I made the mistake of trying to go last year during Brown parents weekend - forget about it!!! You should come visit your son some other time and go. (One side note - they had late summer hours - don't know if they are still in effect - if you don't mind eating late it would work).
You will be fine going to Gracie's casual. Nothing in Providence is dressy anymore. It is fabulous - takes reservations - do the tasting menu (paired with wine for you). But be prepared to spend $100 each (but truthfully, that isn't much more than you would spend anywhere).
Brunch - go ealry to Nick's. There are lots of places you wouldn't think of - LJ's BBQ - all the way down Hope - Chipotle Hollaindaise anyone????

Oct 03, 2008
tabasc in Southern New England

Wine shops in Providence or surrounding areas?

If you are like me and you like interesting selection and a bargain I have 2 reccomendations (both which have been mentioned already.) Both of them have hit or miss staff (once at Wakefield when I asked about roses I was pointed to white zin - sorry, bud - not the same.)
1. Wakefield Liquors - A bit out of the way but they have red and white under $15 tables in the back that are always full of tasty wines.
2. Campus - Blue labels are buy one get one half off.

Kind of disappointing night at La Laiterie

I ate their at roughly the same time as you - but we got there earlier. It was kind of a crazy night - it started raining and they had to move us inside. In the shuffle they never brought us bread for our cheese plate (they picked the cheeses - delish - would've been better with the bread - we ate with our fingers!!!!). Also our waitress was really sick - we kept joking she had the plague - they should not have let her wait tables. As for the rest of the food - from the treats we had the grilled corn with anchovey aioli and cheese - will be absolutely the best thing ever once corn is more in season, and the sardine - yum. We also had the scallops - perectly cooked and the fois gras - absolutely the BEST I have had in the state, reasonably priced and not so huge you feel ill after. It came with blueberry johnnycakes and maple syrup - I can't wait to go eat it again and again and again.....

Comments about Al Forno in Providence?

Yes there is a wait - but give them your cell phone number, go across the street to the hot club, sit outside, have a cocktail (or a soda for your granddaughter - at that time they should let her in even if she is not 21) and enjoy the beautiful weather. It is still good in its own right. Do start with the pizza. If you have time go to La Laiterie too. They will also take your cell and let you wander.

Bars in Providence?

I realize this is not the subject of Chowhound but I figured I would ask anyway....bars have food.....
Does anyone have any reccomendations for some fun bars in Providence....My friends and I (professional females ages late twenties to late thirties) are having a hard time finding somewhere we like.....As background I will say we used to really like the crowd/atmosphere at Tammany Hall but as most of us have quit smoking and most of the TH crowd doesn't seem to be there (either at all or on the weekends - not sure which) we are trying to find somewhere new....

Need A Place To Eat In Kingston, RI Area

Does your vegetarian eat seafood? If yes - try Crave on Main Street in Wakefield. Cheeky Monkey is in the Pier - haven't eaten at CM since they were in Newport but the Mussels and Cheese Bread were amazing. Has any one had dinner there yet? Crazy Burger is delish - and BYOB. At Arturo Joe's they will substitute more veggies for the pasta in the pasta dishes - yum. As for the Mews - drinks, yes, food, no.

Soft Shell Crabs in Providence

How was it??? Tell more about what La Laiterie did...
Also - they had them at Bacaro last year. Call first - we kept calling to have it again but there was a rush of cold weather in the beginning of June and so the crabs weren't molting......(or something...)

One night in Providence, RI

I am "alternative" by your definition. Trust me, that is not why I find it dirty or the staff rude. I find them rude because they have been rude to me. I find the place dirty because I stick to the table and I find the bathroom dirty not because it is unisex (there are clean ones all over - like at Julian's) but because there is pee all over the floor and I have never seen toilet paper. I also was treated rudely by the bartender - my friend wanted a white russian and the bartender didn't want to make it with khalua - he went so far to make all of the other bartenders come over and he got out a drink book to prove to me that I was wrong about the khalua (the book really did have something else) - and I said - can my friend have it with khalua anyway - is that ok? It was not ok. I feel like I have been at an entirely different place then the rest of you.

Anyone tried Edgewood Café?

Just saw the blurb in projo foodnotes and was thinking about heading over this weekend....

One night in Providence, RI

Red Fez is a dirty bar, it has a reputation as being cool but I think it is because the people that work there are so RUDE!!!! For the quality and portions it is expensive. If you like unisex bathrooms that are always out of toilet paper - this is the place for you!!! Also agree on Red Stripe - sounds good, looks good - taste off - like a magazine picture. And there wine is too expensive for the lack of quality.
Stick to La Laiterie. They are so nice and the food is spectacular. Nick's is delicious - little pricier - but they are down with you splitting and getting extra sides. Wine list pretty good and not too maked up. Also if you are going to go out for brunch Nick's should be first on your list.

Business (expense account!) dinner near Providence

Honestly, you cannot beet Gracie's (they are NOT open on Monday). Sit in the bar area, not at the bar, at a table and let Brandon wait on you. Order the five plate tasting menu with wine pairing. (Mention that you will pay extra to keep your glasses full, they will say no and keep them full). Order the fois gras or the gnocci as an extra course. Prepare to swoon. Feel free to invite me :)
FYI - although the mac and cheese is good at Temple unless you want techno and love hanging out with peole from Fall River - STAY FAR AWAY.

Best Burger in Providence?

I LOVE the burger at La Laiterie. Had one two nights ago. Split the burger and the mac and cheese - does not get much tastier. It was $14.
I really can't find any other burger that is close.

Searching for bliss in Providence

Gracie's. Gracie's is so much better then any of the other places previously mentioned. Get the fois gras and the gnocci. Yum. Or splurge and get the tasting menu paired with wine. Go on a Sunday if you can - you will get amazing service because you will be the only one there. You can sit in the bar and have the handsome knowledgeable bartender wait on you.