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Good bagels in Queens?

I totally agree on Utopia Bagels. I used to shop at Annamarie's Bagels on Franny Lew - but they closed. I could not find any good bagel stores in the near by neighborhoods. I was so sad. Then someone informed me of Uptopia Bagels. I almost kissed their feet - I am hooked

Jul 10, 2008
charliebluesun in Outer Boroughs

Southern Fried Chicken

I do appreciate your sugestion. Not to sound like an elitist but Popeyes - come on. Yes I know they serve fried chicken but to me they are just like KFC - oily and over salted. I am looking for (again) Flushing / Bayside area that serves fried chicken. Any suggestions - pls.

Apr 14, 2008
charliebluesun in Outer Boroughs

Southern Fried Chicken

Could anyone recommend a place where they serve (good) Southern Fried Chicken in the Flushing / Bayside area? Would like take out if possible. Please no KFC (double yuck).

Apr 11, 2008
charliebluesun in Outer Boroughs

Pier 25A-My Sad Goodbye

I have to agree and disagree with you. I have been to Pier 25A many times over the years. It is not an "inexpensive" meal. On the other hand you do get a decent amount. However, I do agree the quality of the dishes have been getting worse and worse. The last time I went there (I will no longer go back) I was extremely disappointed and could not get the bad after-taste to go away for hours. I ordered raw oysters (app) - they were not opened properly and the connector muscle still attached. My "sea" scallops looked like bay scalops and were very gummy. My husband's sole was watery. For $110 (for two people) I expected at least edible food.

Jan 15, 2008
charliebluesun in Outer Boroughs

Where to eat on City Island?

I am looking for a good restaurant on City Island for dinner for two people. I have never been there before and have been told mixed reviews from friends. Price is not an issue - company is picking up the check.
Thanks - charliebluesun.

Jan 02, 2008
charliebluesun in Outer Boroughs