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Le Creuset Outlet Sale

Jul 07, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Le Creuset Outlet Sale

The Le Creuset outlet stores (at least the one near me) raised the prices a considerable amount across the board on their cast iron products (1st and 2nd quality) towards the end of the 1st quarter in 2008. While this sale is nice, it isn't as tasty as it would have been in 2007. I will be taking advantage of this sale regardless.

Jun 27, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Le Creuset vs. Staub

Somethings fishy here. For the past few months you have been one of the loudest Staub evangelist and Le Creuset basher on this site. I just went back to check your posting history on the larger LC vs Staub discussions and sure enough, you were pretty high on one and very critical of the other. Anyway, nice to see you back in the LC camp. Let's hope you don't stray away again ;-)

Jun 05, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Staub 8 qt. is Amazon Gold Box Deal of the day

This should clearly please the Staub evangelists around here and maybe even convert a Le Creuset disciple as well at $179 shipped. Hurry though, these deals generally only last a few hours.

Le Creuset Disciple

Mar 08, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Opinions please... Buying my 1st smoker!

What you need is the BBQ Guru for that WSM. Do a google search on it. I have had one for about 2 years now and now couldn't imagine not living without it when I smoke. I admit, it feels like cheating, but it really does allow you to do other things instead of constantly checking the smoker.

The other alternative is to employ the "minion method" (do a google search on that as well) for long cooks. I can get about 12-16 hours holding at 225 for a long shoulder or brisket smoke. Using sand in the pan saves you from having to refill with liquid.

Jan 24, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Le Creuset 2-3/4-Quart Oval Oven, Red - $59.99

Jan 21 - Amazon's Lightning Deal at 6:00 AM PST / 9 AM PST. 800 available.

Jan 21, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Got a $35 gift card at William Sonoma, what should I get?

Where are you seeing these prices? I just checked the WS website and I do not see anything even close to the prices you are quoting for Le Creuset. It could be my mistake and I may be missing something, because if I can get them at those prices, I will jump on it today!

Jan 17, 2008
nooner in Cookware

Talula's Table reservations

Anyone else set their alarms this morning to make sure they were calling at 7:00 a.m. to get a reservation at Talula's Table for the 2nd half of 2008? It took over an hour of trying every few minutes, but I finally got through and booked myself two dates. Whooo hooo hooo!! Can't wait.

Jan 02, 2008
nooner in Pennsylvania