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Best way to showcase gargantuan shrimp.

Make a seafood soup, Mediterranean or South American style. Use the freshest fish or seafood you can find, two or three varieties, and then plunk one of those big shrimpies on top when serving. Yum, and very festive.

Jan 06, 2012
jerosoma in Home Cooking

Are baby octopuses really babies?

I'm serious. If someone can tell me whether the tiny octopuses you can get in Japanese and other restaurants and occasionally in seafood markets for home cooking are a small species of octopus or truly infant cephalopods, I would appreciate it. A friend and eating partner is now refusing to eat them because it seems cruel, and I've found no information online. So I'm appealing to my fellow savvy chowhounds to enlighten me. Many thanks.

Oct 11, 2011
jerosoma in General Topics

What is your favorite hard to find candy?

Chewy Black currant pastilles. Used to buy them in Chinatown in NYC years ago, more recently at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, but never anywhere else, and can't find them online.

Sep 17, 2010
jerosoma in General Topics

Seeking Hudson Valley source for Asian ingredients

Thanks. That's very helpful! I remembered that in Uptown Kingston there is a wonderful place on Wall Street called Kimm's. They don't have fresh produce but many noodles, condiments, etc.

Seeking Hudson Valley source for Asian ingredients

Does anyone know of any Asian grocery stores in or around Poughkeepsie? I would travel further afield even. There used to be a great market where I could find Asian vegetables, noodles, sauces for cooking and I miss it so much. Thanks.

What to do with a can of hominy?

I know the original poster asked for meatless, but in case any of my fellow carnivores are reading this I'd like to share my favorite thing to do with a can of hominy, an idea from my sister-in-law Kristin.

Fry up two slices of bacon until crispy, remove from pan and drain on a paper bag. (I then pour out most of the bacon fat but the original suggestion was to leave it all in). Dump whole can of hominy into pan, juices and all, and cook until heated through and juices make a thick sauce, about 5-7 minutes. Cover with freshly ground pepper and crumble the reserved bacon over. I can eat this whole thing all by myself, it's so good.

I appreciate the healthier suggestions, though, because I love the taste and texture of hominy, good even drained and sauteed in a tiny bit of oil and sprinkled with sliced scallions as a quick side dish.

Oct 17, 2008
jerosoma in Home Cooking

Kingston-New Paltz-Rhinebeck Triangle

The Sheep & Wool Festival that jaune flamme mentioned is actually Oct. 18-19 this year so won't affect traffic the weekend you're coming. So please don't avoid Rhinebeck! I'm hosting the cooking demonstrations and tastings for the Festival, featuring lamb, sheep cheese, wines, etc., and I'd like to encourage people to attend for some lively demos and good food.

I live in Rhinebeck, and regarding your restaurant list, I can personally vouch for the excellence of Le Canard Enchaine and Armadillo in Kingston, as well as Le Petit Bistro (but haven't been in a few years) and our favorite, Osaka in Rhinebeck. I've heard many raves about Calico in Rhinebeck, Serevan in Amenia, the Bear Cafe in Woodstock and Elephant in Kingston, but unfortunately haven't tried any of them yet.

If you find yourself in Saugerties midday Saturday the 11th, stop by the farmers market and see the cooking demonstrations--mine will be apple soup and there will be some other apple dishes to taste, too. Have a great time and enjoy your visit to the area!

Jennifer Brizzi

6 Food Mistakes Parents Make -NYT

Thanks for posting that article. I serve my kids a very wide variety of foods, welcome them in the kitchen to help cook, and do all the things the article recommends, but my seven- and six-year-olds remain incredibly picky, seeming to get pickier the older they get. My son won't even touch any kind of fruit anymore and complains about the sauce on his pasta (that he's been eating his whole life). He would live on chicken nuggets, french fries and cake if he had his way. I have cookbooks for kids full of supposedly kid-friendly recipes for dishes he won't touch with a ten-foot pole. I don't know how to get a vegetable into this kid and am almost ready to resort to stealth techniques like in the books you mentioned--although I don't think it's right to sneak stuff into kids because it doesn't teach them to eat healthily.

Sep 19, 2008
jerosoma in Food Media & News

Traditional Irish/Scottish/Welsh Recipes

I don't know if your reunion has happened yet, or what season it is, but I just put a recipe on my blog for a Welsh lamb stew that's a great hearty winter dish with leeks and root veggies.

Mar 02, 2008
jerosoma in Home Cooking

Jenny's Ma's Macaroni and Cheese

Feb 17, 2008
jerosoma in Recipes