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Place to catch hockey game - Good Bar food: Arlington or D.C.

Try crystal city sports pub. It is close to you and has enough tv's to show your game if you ask.e

Bad Banh Mi at Song Long deli

I will agree that there was a lot of filling, they did not skimp on the protein, but I cannot get over wet filling.

Bad Banh Mi at Song Long deli

Was the first time trying this deli that was previously the excellent Song Que. Yelp reviews were mixed but mostly positive. Unfortunately, this was not a good Banh mi experience. I got the grilled pork and the #10 steak. Roll was Ok but not great. The really disappointing part was the filling. It was soggy, so much so that it turned the bread soggy. This was mostly the fault of the radish and veggies rather than the protein. I will stick with Bahn Mi DC sandwich and Four sisters grill which are always high quality.

Ben's Chili Bowl, Clarendon (where Ray's Hellburger used to was) and Guajillo's

Ben's is bad food in a bad location. It might do okay in Clarendon where there are a lot of bars and drunk people who would not care about the quality of the food. There are not that many bars within a close walking distance to Bens in Rosslyn. Sober people are not going to go there to pay for an overpriced and underwhelming hot dog. I'll give it one more year until it closes.

Some help for an Alexandria, VA trip in February, please

FYI, the Majestic has gone downhill a bit in the past couple of years. It is no longer associated with the Restaurant Eve owners. Also, Rustico on Slaters lane is always solid.

Nice Cream Factory

If you eat ice cream every day it is probably too pricey, but is worth it for a once in a while treat. They use fresh ingredients and you can't get any fresher than having it frozen in front of you.

Looking for lamb in restaurants

Zaytinya Baby!!

What are the best restaurant related websights?

Is Chowhound your favorite? Zagats? Which do you visit most often?

Apr 09, 2014
rappel75 in Food Media & News


I have always thought Brooklyn Bagels in Courthouse are pretty legit.


Food wise they are very similar. The atmosphere is pretty different. West end is sleek and modern. Rasika is more traditional and loungy feeling. You can't go wrong either way.

best casual italian in DC?

Went to Osteria Morini a few weeks ago. It was very good. It is probably as good as you are going to get for traditional Italian. Graffiato is goo.d too but less traditional

Suggestions for Sports Bar in Arlington, VA area

Thirsty Bernie's was very good when it first opened but the food is only so so these days. Also, the way the TVs are positioned it is not a great watching experience. I have not been to mr. Days in a while but the last food I had there was pretty poor. Maybe it has gotten better but it has never been known for the food.

Suggestions for Sports Bar in Arlington, VA area

There are a ton of sports bars but not many with good food. Hard times has a sports bar and good chili. Bracket room is supposed to have more refined food, but I have not tried it. I have had some good wings at green turtle, but no sports bar in Arlington that I have tried has really good food. Good luck.

Sign for Ben's Chili Bowl to open in Rays Hell Burger's old spot

I agree that this place will struggle. The chili and half smokes are good, but frankly, not great, especially when sober. It is too far from most of the courthouse/Clarendon nightlife to benefit from the after hours crowd. If I'm going to go out of my way for this stuff I'm going to the original.

Osteria Morini: First Visit

Was there Saturday night. Some spotty service issues (forgot to give us some silverware twice), but food was very good. As a semi casual Italian option, it would be tough to find something better in the city. Highly recommend the pasta. Probably best for small groups, since a lot of it could be shared. A needed addition to the area.

new places in arlington and falls church

I think you are referring to the Red Parrot. I have not tried it yet. It is a local chain from Maryland. The premise is that it takes the most popular dishes of all Asian cuisines. It is very expensive for what they offer. I'm wondering if it is worth it to go there when we have such great and cheaper Asian places in the area.

new places in arlington and falls church

Don't know about kite runner, but Masala Express is pretty decent Indian Food. Takeout only. Also, Asian Kitchen has pretty good sushi and they deliver. I think they may finally be able to make it at the cursed location.

Anyone been to Inn at Little Washington lately?

Save your money and buy yourself a new car or feed 10 starving children for a month. No meal is worth that much money.

Tadich Grill coming to downtown DC.


Outstanding Sushi on NoVA?

Although I have been to some passable sushi places in NOVA, I have yet to find one that could be called outstanding. I feel you like you really need to go into DC for that quality of sushi.

Lamb Burger Quest

I had a good one at Cava in Clarendon last week. It was on the lunch menu. It had some spicy red sauce on top and was quite tasty.

Please help me decide where to go for elegant, yet fun foodie dinner Washington DC between these restaurants:

I would recommend Komi (if you can get in). It different from most of the fine dining you will experience in the U.S. Central would be a nice offset to Komi. Very fun, lively feel with great bistro type food.

Any good sushi in Arlington/Falls Church

I love sushi, but I have had difficulty finding good sushi here in Arlington. I guess I'm a bit of a sushi snob, having been spoiled by living in NY for many years. Does anyone know of any great sushi in Virginia or do I need to wait to return to NY?

Dinner with Kids (Arlington or DC)

Guajillo is not great for kids. I'd only go to Lyon hall for lunch, it is more of a singles scene for dinner. Petes, whitlows, pf changs, silver diner are all good for kids, but food is not great at any of them. Pets is probably the best of the bunch. Clydesdale knows how to treat families. New district taco near metro center is also a good bet.

Pappy van winkle in Alexandria

I'm sure you can find it at jack rose in adams morgan

Ray's Steak and Cheese Redux

I'll definitely give it a go. I did not get a chance to try it the first time around. The comments I heard about it were that it was very different from a cheesesteak, so do not expect that going in.

Inn at Little Washington

It is a great restaurant, but it is hard to live up to the hype. If you eat there and spend a night at the inn you will spend a ton of money. I'm not sure any dining experience is worth it. I also felt a little cramped in the room facing the garden. Still, I might return for a very special occasion. The setting and the food make you feel like you are in a special place.

Mexican in DC

For good tacos and burritos, District Taco in Arlington is top notch. It used to be just a taco truck but now has a real restaurant to go to. Ask for corn tortillas for an authentic experience. The taco trucks still exist and are often present in DC proper. They do not have much beyond tacos and burritos, but they do them well

Fish Tacos?

Try the new tackle shop in Bethesda. The one in Georgetown had a good fish taco.

Driving to Philly : Where to eat lunch on the way?

Try Tony Lukes in Philly. Great Hoagies, Cheesesteaks, and roast pork sandwiches. Only a few minutes from the LInc, the Oregon Ave. Exit.