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Bistro Jeanty vs. Bottega?

Bistro Jeanty is much more consistant than Bottega from our experience. We were disappointed with the food and service on our last visit to the point we will most likely not return.

Bistro Jeanty
6510 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

6525 Washington Street Suite A9, Yountville, CA 94599

Providence full tasting vs Melisse 10 course anniversary

Providence did not live up to our expectations at all. We have not tried Melisse however.

Feb 02, 2011
links42 in Los Angeles Area

Dinner at EMP - A disappointment

We agree with rrems. We waited fer a while to let the new format settle in. The once very good service was very "off" and unsteady. But the food was so uneven and almost poor we couldn't believe it was the same restaurant! It seemed like an experiment gone wrong that you get to pay alot more to experience.

Feb 02, 2011
links42 in Manhattan

Blue Hill/Stone Barns OR Basement Bistro

Agree with Bob G. Not hard at all to get reso at BHSB. Dosen't live up to the hype in our opinion. Basement Bistro tough to get a reso but in it's own league and worth the wait.

Blue Hill Stone Barns--Good God was that an amazing meal...

Thanks for the report. We too have made several vists to BHSB and were always disapointed with the bland food and combinations that didn't work. We actually took it off the list! More reports like this and we'll have to give it another try.

Boston rec's...

Oleana? Hamerslesy's Bistro? Pigalle? No. 9 Park? Blue Ginger? L'Espilar? Looking for somthing special...

Oct 21, 2009
links42 in Greater Boston Area

Blue Hill, April 2009

We've tried 4 times & have always come away dissapointed with the poor execution. The food is just not well prepared. They adopted the Basement Bistro method of no menu choices last Summer & the last time we went many of the choices were inedible! With all the hype & attention Blue Hill gets, you should be "blown away" every time. We don't plan on making a reservation anytime soon. (Although it seems they are quite easy to come by unlike before)

Question re. Blue Hill at Stone Barns

There seems to be a much larger selection of ingredients in the Summer/Fall. That being said, we have been very disapointed with our trips to Stone Barns in general. The food was very poorly executed. Many of the offerings were simply inedible! Hope your experience is better. If you're expecting a French Laundry or Basement Bistro type of experience, you will not get it at Stone Barns. Good Luck!

j. t. baker's in greenwich (near albany)

We can't believe this place lasted as long as it did! (A year or so?) What a poor attempt of so called "molecular" cusine. Food was inedible! No ambience! Poor wine selection & cheap wine glasses. We still would like our money back! P.S. This place was about 45 minutes from Albany at best! Glad you had a better experience than we did.

Who needs Babbo when there's Convivio?

Agree! They are TRYING to be Babbo. We found Convivio very ordinary. Love when people make these sweeping statements when the place has been open for a few weeks. Time has a way of changing these opinions. After all, why did they change name & concept?

Sep 05, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival

We too thought there were not as many "garlic" options as promised. We are not motivated to return.

Fleur de Sel, Cafe Boulud, or L'Atelier Robuchon?

Try Fleur de Sel....C.B & Robuchon we found very over hyped & not as enjoyable. Good Luck!

Aug 28, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

Five Guys Burgers & Fries - Anyone Been?

The Burgers & fries were O.K. if you can get past the less than clean dining room. (The one we visited anyway)

Aug 28, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

Is Per Se worth it?

Per Se is not true French, but you should try at least once! American French & worth the splurge at least once. Enjoy!

Aug 28, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

Hudson, NY Help

Fyi- Aubergine closed nearly 3 years ago...bankrupt. Local 111 is best for breakfast sandwiches.

Hudson, NY Help

Swoon is terrible...absolutely terrible! & Madalins table is not worth any kind of trip (our 2 experiences there were train wrecks! Go to Tanzy's for a sandwich Wasabi for Tempura & call it a day!

Hudson Valley Legends, Basement Bistro & Stone Barns

Absolutely! Blue Hill only "very good" & thats a stretch especially after our most recent visit. The combinations & execution were lackluster at best. They have adopted the same style tasting menu for the summer (Meaning a set menu that changes every day) as The Basement Bistro & I have to say it was our worst experience ever at Stone Barns. One of the charcuterie tasted like old Bologna, the courses were either too salty or under seasoned & the combinations just didn't work,tomatoes in6 or 7 of the dishes, the desserts were basically inedible (olive oil beet cake?? yogurt foam was very unpleasant to say the least) & the whole experience left us unsatisfied. At 125pp w/o wine etc. we'll wait a while before returning. Thanks for the Rebecca's suggestion. However we too like to crack a smile when dining out.

Degustation 10-course menu?

We agree, this is why we stop going to these places... When the Chef isn't in the kitchen, the food basically stinks!

Jun 15, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

The best Hudson River Valley Farmer's Markets?

Yes, with the Rhinebeck Market being the so called "Best" in the area, there are still new one opening all the time. Athens & New Baltimore will be opening this weekend & the Catskill Point is only a few miles away I understand. I've never had any positive experiences at any of the Adams locations... Ramps are only in season for a few weeks... How much produce from Calif & South America do we need? They actually had a big display for blackberries from Chilie a few weeks ago... 7000 miles is local? I didn't buy them!

Mezza Notte - Albany

Don't go. Hopefully they will get their act it together soon. Very strange ambience, the odors from the kitchen fill the dining room. Food was very uneven.

Dinner in Hudson NY

This place may be regarded by YOU as the best in Hudson & I'm glad you enjoy it. However after wasting lots of time & money and having all of the guests we've ever brought to this place be actually angry with the poor experiences, we have to give up. We did our part to try to support a new business, they didn't come through (Esp. at the prices they charge). We are staying away from the Hudson dining scene for a while. FYI- Tanzies has some nice soups & sandwiches.

Dinner in Hudson NY

Would avoid Swoon first & foremost. Very expensive, amateur service & most important...Poorly conceived & executed food.


Per Se we feel is at a much higher level in both food & service. We no longer go to Daniel because of the stuffy service & ambience, standard food as well as the ego of the chef. He just can't stop telling us how great he is... Per Se has missed a few marks here & there but always remains wonderful.

May 09, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

Depuy Canal House... Any recent experiences?

Thanks. Sorry to hear the mediocre reports. The lack of response also tells me maybe a re-visit isn't in our plans. If we do go we will surely report.

Hudson Valley Legends, Basement Bistro & Stone Barns

Looking for amazing places like The Basement Bistro (unbelievable) & Blue Hill Stone Barns (very good) in the Hudson Valley. These two places are so hard to secure a reservation at. Any suggestions? Xaviers Reataurants (all) & Valley Restaurant in Garrison as well as Rhinebeck & all of Columbia & Ulster & Dutchess counties were major disapointments. Help!

Northern N.J. Great Resaurants...

With Ryland Inn closed, any idea's for a great experience? Seranad?? Chef's Table??

Herb Farm New Chef?

Is Herb Farm still worth the effort with new chef? If not, what would be a good choice for a taste of nthe Pacific Northwest.

May 05, 2008
links42 in Pacific Northwest

Chanterelle... Recent experiences?

Years have passed since we've been to Chanterelle. Any recent reports? Thank You.

May 05, 2008
links42 in Manhattan

Woodstock/Kingston Area

Fresh if "SyscoFoodservice" is your idea of fresh. This place is disturbing! All "Fuff" nothing real.

really good place in hudson valley?

rrems... I wish we had your experiences at the places you mentioned. But we didn't. We gave multiple chances & $$$ to let them fing their way. Columbia & Dutchess have many restaurants that are all doing basically the same thing & doing it poorly. Let's hope the next wave of places to pop up do it better!