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Dry Sea Scallops in DC?

This is where I get my dry scallops. Costco. I've never been disappointed. I purchased the nasty phosphate scallops from Giant once and was disgusted. I prefer to sear my scallops and this icky crust of salt formed on the top of them. They are inedible. In fact, I don't know why stores even bother selling the phosphate variety. I don't see how anyone could eat them.

Sep 29, 2010
Sorceress in Washington DC & Baltimore

Visits to El Pollo Rico and Pollo Campero- Overrated!!

Um...So, this guy did a review of EPR without actually eating the skin of the chicken? He doesn't like the "fatty" parts of the chicken? Yeah, this is DEFINITELY not the restaurant for him. For the rest of us who actually enjoy real chicken, the place is the bomb. Love their platanos also!

Jan 01, 2008
Sorceress in Washington DC & Baltimore